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Bad Mama Day Confessions: spill your guts!

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Today is a bad mama day. I don't feel very good and I've pretty well given up.

As I said in another thread, I'm having dh pick up Happy Meals for the kids on his way home. I've also set my younger daughter up with an iPad and I've downloaded a bunch of silly apps to keep her busy. There's some serious screen time going on here today.

Do you ever have bad days like this, and if so what do you give up on? What stuff that wouldn't happen on better days happen on these kinds of days?
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I'm having a bad mama day too. We had houseguests last weekend, and I'm worn out! I've been feeding, reading to, and cuddling the kids, but that's about it. I did exercise, but I haven't showered, and I just now finally got up to do the breakfast/lunch dishes because it stressed me out to see them sitting there. But there are still throw blankets rumpled on every couch and teacups perched on every side table because I keep changing my lounging place. Dinner is hubby picking up burgers. The kids are watching 2 after-school shows instead of 1. Oh well, I'll do better tomorrow.
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yes. awful day yesterday. for me, it's that I am so exasperated with my kids that I am mean to them. it's awful and I feel so guilty. little one fell asleep from 3-5pm in the car and then didn't go to sleep until 10pm last night, so after awful day, awful night of musical beds and mommy yelling. hoping today will be better.

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Yeah, unfortunately, when I'm having my worst mama days, I tend to zone in on work and find ways to avoid giving my daughter attention.  The house gets clean, we probably end up with a lovely supper, but DD usually ends up crying a lot while I tell her I'm busy, or I let her watch waaaaaay more shows than usual.  Had one of those days a few days ago, actually.  She was DYING to do a craft, but the house was a disaster, freezing, I couldn't get the darned fire to go, and I just kept ordering her to watch more Curious George.  We did eventually do the craft :) 

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I had a bad one yesterday.  My two year old has been refusing to nap all week (still all wired from having a ton of family in town last weekend.) She kept getting out of bed and doing everything she knows she is not supposed to.  I yelled,(which I hate doing) and she would just giggle at me.) I yelled some more.  Nothing worked.  Finally I put her in the stroller and took off on a jog.  She fell asleep, I felt better, and it was a lovely day outside to enjoy.  Of course, as soon as we got home she woke up and was cranky because she hadn't napped enough.  I let her watch The Great Pumpkin and some other shows, but then it was dinner, bath, books and bed.  Thankfully she passed out fast and I was able to make myself a nice dinner.  Toddlers can really test you!!!

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Not an entirely bad day but the flat tire on my way from work to the school Halloween parade did me in. We're skipping DD's tennis class tonight and watching cartoons now. I'm tired from all the Halloween prep and just done with anything except resting before I have to gear up for trick or treat later. Leftovers for dinner.
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