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Does an active baby in the womb portend the same thing out of it?!

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I have nothing to compare my baby's movement to as this is my first so I'm hoping you ladies can weigh in here. I feel like our baby is very active already -- I felt her move for the first time at like 11 weeks. I know it sounds crazy but I felt it like flutters and they gradually intensified over the next few weeks until there was no doubt it was her I was feeling. By 20 weeks I could see and feel her movements on the outside of my belly and so could DH. Now at 23 weeks it feels like she's doing full-on acrobatics in there to the point where sometimes it even hurts me! My whole belly moves and jumps.

I have no baseline for comparison so wanted to know what movements have been like for everyone else: is this the norm? And also for those who are already moms -- does an active baby in the womb portend an active baby out of the womb?!
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My daughter was so vigorous in utero but just average in terms of her physicality after she was born. She spent the first month sleeping, which I now understand is normal, but at the time I'd look at her and be like "THIS is that baby who was climbing the walls in there?" Even now her verbal development tends to outpace her physical--she is on a fairly normal curve physically but way ahead verbally.

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2cents.gif I am expecting baby number seven so I have something to compare it too. :energy Baby number three was crazy active in the womb. I could have sworn he had 8 arms and 8 legs! :dizzy By nine months old he was not only walking, he was running and climbing. His physical abilities surpassed his cognitive abilities so he would often put himself into dangerous situations. He has participated in and excelled in multiple sports. He started speech therapy in kindergarten, and became eligible for an IEP under specific learning disabilities (dyslexic) in second grade. When he was 10 he was diagnosed with ADHD and sensory processing disorder. When he was 12 he received the additional diagnoses PDD-NOS and anxiety disorder. I strongly feel that the hyper activity and the sensory seeking were noticeable in the womb due to him being such an active fetus.


My DS with hypotonia wasn't very active as a fetus and he is more laid back with a chill personalty. Due to his low-tone he didn't sit up by himself until he was 9 months old and he couldn't walk until he was 18 months. He has a severe articulation disorder that is partially due to low-tone with regard to oral motor. He also has learning disabilities and sensory issues but likes passive input as opposed to his brother needing active input. This all makes sense to me since he didn't move much as a fetus.


The four other children were what I considered to be average fetuses with typical movement. They have met all developmental and academic milestones on time or early but not early like reading at two years old or anything astounding.


I have no idea if there have been any studies relating fetal activity and childhood traits but it would be interesting.

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My first child was fairly active in the womb (the sonographer at our 20 week appointment jokingly asked us to "control our child" when he kept bouncing around, making it hard for her to get decent shots), but nowhere near as active and *strong* as this baby! DS has a huge personality, but isn't much of a physical risk taker, to our relief. I'm thinking we had better up the baby-proofing around the house with this baby, and be prepared for very early climbing/crawling...
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