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If you have an item for this FIN, please contact Queen of the Meadow.


What is your family situation? I am a single mom/grandma working partime and going back to school to get my has been rough and the government shutting down and freezing everything directly involved my job and classes....Hopefully all the government stuff will get going again so I can stay on track..I have been raising my 6 year old granddaughter since birth..I have worked hard to take care of her and I after loosing everything years ago to pay lawyer fees and I am happy to say that hopefully next year things might get better with finishing the first part of my degree..Until then we do the best we can with what we got which is barely/not enough to pay everything each month..I am so proud of my 6 year old little girl..she works hard in school and has been really good and can't wait more Christmas just like all the other kids..

Which holiday(s) does your family celebrate? We celebrate Christmas with Santa..

Any allergies or sensitivities in the family (e.g. cat, dog, smoke)? She is allergic to Gluten,Dairy,Soy and Apples..



Female age 6

1. Clothes...she needs warm winter clothes..size 5...Tops and jeans...She needs socks and undershirts..she gets pneumonia easily and needs the extra layer under her shirts in the winter.. dress shoes/Mary Janes size 10.5 toddle items sent :o
2. Boots and Hat and mittens...she needs size 11 toddler boots(pink or purple to match her coat would be great)...She needs a good thick winter hat(not toddler size because it is too tight for her head)and water proof winter gloves(we live in the North and the knitted ones aren't warm enough)...she would love these in pink or purple also if possible.. items sent :o
3. Fairies and Horses...She loves them..Anything to do with them she would love..she isn't picky... item sent :o


Needs for Family...

1...Christmas Candy/Cookie girl has a lot of allergies and doesn't like chocolate so that  narrows down a lot of things she can/or will eat...She loves Surf Sweet gummy worms,Watermelon rings and Creme gummies..She also would like to decorate Christmas Cookies...A box mix and sprinkles from Whole Foods would be great...The mix would have to be a sugar cookie mix with no gluten,dairy or soy...And a couple containers of the India Natural colored sprinkles so she can make her cookies pretty like everyone else...Also Whole Foods mini marshmellows...She doesn't like the ;big ones...She would be in Heaven if we could decorate Christmas cookies....I don't have a Whole Foods available near me to be able to buy this kind of stuff for her...  item sent :o

2. A giftcard to Chucky Cheese...My girl loves going there to play..We can't afford to go and she always asks so I know she would love to do this as a family.. item sent :o


Top 3 needs as a whole...

Things for my girl...I am an adult and don't need anything...Christmas if for the kids...