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Anyone else have to go trick-or-treating with the ex? 

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Yes, I do. I'd rather not but I do.


Since he's willing to come over, I feel I can't say no. At least he gets to see the kids dressed up and be a part of it all.

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I used to, until our kids got older and my ex and his new wife had younger kids.  My ex's parents and new wife - even her mother - used to come over, to see the kids in their costumes.  They usually wouldn't stay the whole evening, just go to a few houses with the kids.


Halloween is also my birthday.  So, it's a good thing I get along with everyone!  I can imagine it would be pretty annoying, if you don't.  I took a "the more, the merrier" approach and just looked at it as a big holiday party, since my whole family would be at my house, too.  Not too bad.

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