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Furniture needed in Chapel Hill NC area

Will Ship To: Nowhere -- local only

Just throwing this out there to the mothering community, in hopes something might happen. We (hubby, toddler & I) just moved in to a new place. Due to lead contamination in our previous home, we had to toss almost all our furniture.

LO has all she needs. However, our house is loaded with things in boxes, because we do not have much furniture. Try having a 3 year old *not* touch things, when everything is piled on the floor like toys. We have no book cases, no couch, no storage devices like dressers, no kitchen table& chairs, no desk for my sewing machine (I'd love to start a home-based crafting business!), nothing but an air mattress for me & hubby to sleep on. It's humiliating to ask for help from people IRL. We're strapped with medical debt, and struggling enough just to make ends meet.

Our car cannot fit any large furniture. I'm sending a prayer to the Universe right now that someone reading this might be able to help us with some freebies & maybe make some friends in the process. I know this is a long shot, but we're desperate.

Peace <3 Love <3 Light