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TTC thread?

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I thought I saw one. Or just saw some comments from ladies who are thinking of the younger sibling already. We DTD and I started having preg symptoms. Must have all just been in my head because testing this morning proved negative. After the initial "oh shit we aren't using protection," I kind of wouldn't mind (to be modest) kids close together. 


Who's with me?

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I am already ready for another one! But I'm committed to a full year of breastfeeding for nutrition (I'll let him keep nursing after pregnancy, but I know my milk supply will drop), so we won't try again until he's a year old. 

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I started pumping just so I have a stock for the 3rd tri taste change. sadly thats not helping my fertility bahaha

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I'm with you! We're letting nature take its course, so to speak. But even though everybody knows someone who got pregnant while nursing, the science says that it is 98% effective for the first 6 months. I have a little boob monster who doesn't use a pacifier, so I'm feeling pretty confident that we've got another few months before anything happens. Still taking my prenatal vitamins just in case, though....

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With how often we have sex now if we simply let "nature take its course" this one would me moving out for college by the time I got pregnant again :grumble:

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That's a good point about pumping... I suppose that could move our plans forward a few months. :)

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LOL, inconditus. I think we'll start actively ttc when Clover is between 6-9 months. I am fairly sure I'm not ovulating yet based on cervical fluid. I am not sure how else to tell? How many hours of sleep do you have to have for temperature to be reliable? 

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breastfeeding is only 98% effective if used correctly. That means no more than 4hrs between feedings at night and 2hrs during the day. That's what the midwives told us anyway

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The official "rules" for the lactational amenorrhea method are no more than 4 hrs day, 6 hrs night; no pacifier use; no pumping to replace a nursing session; baby younger than 6 months. We're fitting these criteria so far :) 

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I'm not here yet, but thinking about TTC when DD is 9/mo. That would put them at least 2yrs apart in age, and I think that's as close as I think it's good for my lady parts to recover fully. The real make it or break it factor is my husband's career. If his startup gets a big investor this year, we can afford me to stay home until kids are older and then go back to work just once. If not, I have to go back to school and work ASAP, split the kids up more, and then take time off again for LO #2 later. 


Anyone happen to have networking connections to College Board? LOL. 

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I've gotten pregnant while breastfeeding four times! The only rule we didn't meet was that they were a little older than 6 months (though not that much older for Weston and Amelia). I would trust it in the early months but not after 4 months or so since I know that's when I usually get my period back.

We are waiting a lot longer than usual. Ruby will be at least two before we try again!
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We are trying! Well, we are letting things be, and looking forward to getting pregnant again. With me already 42, we figure we don't have the leisure of spacing them out the way are older ones are. :)
I have already had a period last month, but nothing yet this month (should have been around the 22nd) I tested last week and it was negative, though. 
I might have to poas again if nothing shows up by another week from now...

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DH is starting to get the feeling that I am plotting considering the only time I ever ask to DTD is when I was a teenager/early twenty, TTC or TTGTBO (trying to get that baby out)  

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How's it going, ladies?

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Originally Posted by zeeohee View Post

LOL, inconditus. I think we'll start actively ttc when Clover is between 6-9 months. I am fairly sure I'm not ovulating yet based on cervical fluid. I am not sure how else to tell? How many hours of sleep do you have to have for temperature to be reliable? 


I think it's 3hrs uninterrupted sleep. 

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We are still up in the air. Benny's startup has finally started getting revenue, but it's dismal in comparison to the expenses so far so.... who knows if we can even afford another. We are already priced out of any place we really want to live around here, and I need to graduate with my degree first. Just 10 more credits!!! 

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I bought some condoms last month even though I still have no CM or period. 

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So, to do the temperature, mucus thing ( name? Natural family planning?? My brain isn't working) anyways, to do it all accurately, do you have to be having a period or can you do it without?
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Actiasluna, it's pretty difficult to do Natural Family Planning (you had it right!) reliably without all of the fertility signs.  if you've noticed a pattern to your cervical fluid (I haven't yet), that's probably the most helpful part, but you can also pay attention to the secondary signs if you notice them too.  and regarding the question about how many consecutive hours of sleep you need to get a reliable temp, I thought Taking Charge of Your Fertility said six, but I lent my copy to a friend so I can't check.  I also think that's referring to the sleep you get right before taking your temperature (in other words, if you get up shortly before taking it, it wouldn't matter how many hours you slept before that anyway).  I haven't tried taking my temperature yet either, but maybe I should after Oliver's long sleep just to see if there's any consistency.  at any rate, if you really don't want to get pregnant and you haven't gotten your period yet, I wouldn't rely on NFP exclusively to prevent a pregnancy.  personally, we've been using condoms every time all the time since Oliver was born.  I still haven't gotten my period, but f--k me if I'm going to get accidentally pregnant again.  even so, I've been kind of paranoid about it, and I've taken a few pregnancy tests now and then just to be sure I'm not. 

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If NFP threshhold for temp is 6 hours, I'm screwed. I haven't gotten that more than 3 times since June. I really want off the mini-pill (which I shouldn't have started in the first place except I was paranoid as hell) and I'm worried about the pre-period gap. That said, we're mainly practicing abstinence right now since we all keep getting sick and are permanently tired.


Have any of you used an app to help do NFP?

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