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Are you going to find out your baby's sex?

Poll Results: Are you going to find out your baby's sex?

  • 42% (8)
    Yes, we can't wait to find out
  • 42% (8)
    No, we're looking forward to a surprise
  • 15% (3)
    Not sure yet
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I'm one of those people who could never imagine not knowing what I'm going to have, but when I started this pregnancy I realized it made absolutely no difference in our planning if we knew the sex or not. This is our third child, and so far we've only had girls, but we've got a bunch of nephews, so either way we've got hand-me-down clothes. The kid's room is already gender neutral, and most likely the baby will be in our room for a while anyway. All of our baby stuff is gender neutral, and I really don't have a preference for one sex or the other. A girl would probably be simpler at this point, but a boy would be awesome too. So we're not going to find out. 

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I found out with our first(boy), kept the surprise for the second (boy) but now we are really hoping for a girl, so we are going to find out. I need to mentally prepare myself if its another boy. 

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We did not find out with the first (boy), though I felt like it was a boy during the entire pregnancy. I would like to know, but my husband likes the surprise factor, and I figured it wasn't worth getting bent out of shape over. All of our baby gear is gender neutral, as is the decor of the nursery. Not sure if we'll find out this time around or not. 

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I've never had an ultrasound further than 9 weeks along, so it's never been much of a decision. My boys were both surprises and unless we have some reason to do a screening test like Maternit21 or Harmony, this one will be too.
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I definitely want to know... for so many reasons. That day is going to be special enough to need an additional "surprise"...it's a whole new life we're going to meet and be first time parents! Also I don't want to play the guessing game with everyone and their mother until the day the baby is born. We're going to try to stick to mostly gender neutral but I get really sick of yellows and greens.... and we aren't setting up a "nursery". Honestly I can't stand the color pink AT ALL so if we're having a girl..I'm going to ask people go with red instead of pink :p Also blue is my favorite color so either sex we better have some blues...


DH wants a girl because I'm not girly and he wants to be dress her up and do her hair.......


I want a boy... Personally I've always just gotten along and had an easier time with boys than girls my entire life... if I end up with a "girly" girl god help me... seriously I've been a tom boy my entire life...stick me in the mud and hand me a ball and I'm happy...put me in a dress (except my wedding dress cause that was awesome) and I'm miserable (at 5 years old I refused to wear a dresses and at 4 years old I cried when my mom made me a Minnie costume because I wanted to be Mickey). I even would ditched my girl cousin cause I hated barbies so I could go out and play soccer or video games with her younger brother. I hated the pre-concieved notion that girls had to be dressy/proper/ditzy/and weak.... I wanted to be strong/smart/rough and tough...I wanted to be the HERO.... from a very very young age...


I would want my girl or boy to be whoever she/he wants to be but I'd have a hard time... helping a girl if she was inherently a "girly" girl... just cause I don't get any amusement in that type of thing....

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I had always thought that I would want it to be surprise, but now that the decision is in front of us, I'm on the fence. For now my DH and I have decided to wait until after the first trimester to even make the decision. It is our first child, but I'm not sure whether or not that will play into our decision. There is definitely a part of me that wants to know because I love planning, however even if we were to find out, I would like to keep colors as gender neutral as possible. We have a few more weeks anyways before we have to decide...so we will see what happens!

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We found out with our first and I NEEDED to know. We weren't able to find out at our anatomy scan, but I had a gift certificate for a "for fun" ultrasound place, so we went there and found out.  This time I -reallllly- hope they can tell us at the anatomy scan, because I can't see myself paying for the for fun ultrasound, especially since I'd rather limit ultrasounds in general. 


But. I'm a huge planner, and the thought of not knowing the sex makes me dizzy with worry (Yes, I have a touch of ocd), and so I guess we'll cross that bridge when it comes to it. 


Right now we have a mix of clothing for the first 2 months, but after that is is very girly and only girly. I'd like to start picking up sale pieces here and there as soon as we can. 

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My most favorite part about giving birth is finding out our baby's gender!  I absolutely LOVE making that discovery together with my husband as we stare at our brand new baby together in my arms.  It is by far, so much bigger, and greater, and more wonderfully special than what we ever experienced finding out from an ultrasound with our first child.  Sure, curiosity is hard to not want to know, but we make it easy by just not doing any ultrasounds anymore.  So, it's just not an issue.  Anything less than that amazing moment at birth, is just not even in the same realm of awesomeness for us.  Personally.  :)  

I had a friend who's provider accidentally told her when she wasn't supposed to and ruined it for her.  She was SO upset!  I would have been irate, if it were me.  It's just that big to me.  

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I have been back and forth on both sides of the fence. For my first, I was sure I was having a girl, and the ultrasound told us it was a boy. This time, DH and I are probably going to find out because we are way too excited, and this is DH's first baby. We plan on having one more after this, so for my last baby I definitely want to wait and find out at the birth. What an amazing surprise--a beautiful experience unparalleled by nothing else in this life, I am sure!! 

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We wont be finding out.  With my first we didn't have any u/s and so it was as simple as that.  I was so sure the whole pregnancy it would be a girl.  Low and behold, boy!  One important bit in our birth plan was that DH announced the sex.  That was a special moment for us when he told me we had a son and I said his name for the first time. :heartbeat


My mom was disappointed  that we didn't find out the sex the first time, but this time she told me she loved it last time and is happy we aren't finding out.  

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We won't be finding out. I just love the surprise! With both of my girls I thought I was having a boy, oops! It was so fun not to know until they were out even though I was so curious the whole time. This time we are hoping for a boy. wink1.gif
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Yes! I will be finding out the sex hopefully at the 20 week scan as I did with my first. It's just not a question for me, I want to know asap and start getting used to the idea of having a boy or a girl.


My 10 year old would prefer it's a boy, for him I would prefer it's a boy too plus I still have most of his old clothes which I could use as hand-me-downs and save a lot of money. It's also been great raising a son, I'm so glad my first was a boy. But the other part of me thinks it would also be lovely to have a girl this time because then I will have one of each, it will be a novelty to buy girl clothes etc and daughters often have a closer relationship with their parents when they are adults -than sons sometimes do. I'm really not sure which I would prefer.

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We will (probably) be finding out, if we can at the anatomy ultrasound.  HOWEVER, we won't be telling anyone until after the baby is born.  My DH loves having surprises to tell people, and I already know that I'm going to be too excited to wait and tell people about the surprise of the actual pregnancy for much longer.  So...this was our compromise.  


Plus, I really really hate all the boy-specific, girl-specific clothes people give at baby showers.  I have 2 showers already in the works (I have amazing friends and family who are sooooo excited for us), and I can just see being overloaded by pink or blue, and not liking it one bit.  


Plus plus, maybe this will encourage people not to buy so many darn clothes at all!  I never been to a baby shower where I wasn't OVERWHELMED by the amount of clothes that the mom got.  I'd prefer not to have that problem horrors.gif 

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As awesome as I bet it'd be to find out at the birth, I don't know if I could wait. I've always known...and I've always been glad that I did. Maybe we'll try something different this time around...

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We're definitely going to find out, assuming baby cooperates during the ultrasound.  I don't really feel a compelling reason to wait and have always felt if I was pregnant I would definitely want to know.  Also, I'm a knitter, and I want to get going on some knitwear before baby comes that will probably have a seriously gendered angle to it.  There's this little old man sweater that I want to make if we have a boy.  I made it for my best friend's son and it's adorable.  Then if it's a girl, there's all this floofy girlie stuff I would love to make.  :)

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I didn't find out with my first 2. After having 2 boys, I really wanted to know with #3. Now with 3 boys, I'll definitely be finding out again.

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We've always though that we'll find out. We both like to plan etc etc


DH has started to like the idea of a surprise though, so I think we're not going to truly decide whether or not we'll find out until we get closer to that scan date.


It's great to hear everyone else's reasons to find out and not to find out - thanks for sharing!

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DS, ahem, exposed himself at the anatomy scan, and there was no question I was having a boy ... this time I think we'll do the same thing: wait and see how we feel when the opportunity arises, and keep it secret as long as possible if we do find out.

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