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How long will you work?

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For those who have a job other than SAHM, what are your plans regarding how long to work and when to return? 


Since I'm part-time my mat leave is unpaid, so I want to save my vacation time as long as I can. I'll work right up until my due date if I can, and hope he shows up not too long after--and I might think about picking up last-minute cover shifts if I'm still pregnant after my due date and nothing seems to be happening. Then I plan to take the full 12 weeks I'm entitled to by FMLA. I should be able to take 3-4 weeks of paid vacation and then we have some savings to cover the lost income for the remainder of that time. 


A hazard of the way my job is structured is that for those who float (which I do) we routinely get sent 1+ hour out of the area during the first part of the year, but I already talked to my scheduler and she agreed not to do this to me this year. So I don't have to worry about going into labor an hour from home. 

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I currently work 7 shifts every 2 weeks and plan to keep working until I'm in labor - since the labor and delivery unit I'll be delivering at is directly across the hall from me, I think I'll make it :)  I'm anticipating 12 wk leave, but I have to use my vacation/sick pay for it, which I think is awful (not like I'm planning on taking a vacation again anytime soon, just seems wrong).  I'm worried I'll get restless since Feb. is the most inclement in Minnesota, and it feels like spring takes forever to get here.  Hoping my friends come visit often so I can keep my sanity!!     

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I work full time and will work right up until I am in labor too. But two weeks before my due date I will switch from working in the office to working at home. We get 6 weeks paid maternity leave (not deducted from PTO/vacation time). I may use some of my PTO/Vacation time to extend my time off for a couple more weeks. I work for a company with less than 50 people so FMLA does not apply to me. I will pump when I return to work and baby will stay home with DH.

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I also work full time and barring any complications will be working up until the moment I go into labor. I work for the federal government so I'm in the same boat you are erigeron -- no paid maternity leave. I'll be combining vacation days and sick days to string me along until the 6 week mark and may take a 7th of unpaid leave just depending how I feel. And like you pattimomma I'm not eligible for FMLA either since I'm a contracted employee -- but my agency is amenable to giving me as much unpaid time as I need -- how very generous of them!

I'm sad about not being able to take more leave but both DH and I are prepping for job changes and a move to the astoundingly expensive NYC this summer so we need all the extra income we can get as a cushion. At the same time though we currently have some advantages to our situation that makes going back to work that soon much more doable: we work just a short walk away from our house so I'll plan to come home at lunch to breast feed and then pump the rest of the time; and we'll also have a full time nanny so I won't be faced with putting my newborn in daycare or taking her out of the home.
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Sounds like a lot of us are planning to squeeze all we can out of our post-baby time, as opposed to pre-baby time!  That includes me.  I work FT and am hoping to work as long as I can so I can spend all/most of my time off the with baby.  I have talked to three coworkers (with kids under 2) and they have been very helpful by offering me advice on how to use FMLA, PTO/Vacation time, and state maternity benefits to stay out as long as possible.  I'm hoping for 12 weeks, even if it means some of that is unpaid or at 60% of normal pay.  I am nervous about the money, but figure it will all work out in the long run as long as the mortgage gets paid.  I'm pretty sure the pregnancy hormones have made me way more chill than usual!

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This is a timely conversation for me....I'm having an initial conversation with my boss next week to feel out some part-time options. In a dream world, I'd take 12 weeks (which is what I'll do anyway) and then work 20 hours/week for a couple months and see how I'm feeling. Then bump up to 30 for the long-term. I'm currently full-time, but I'm just not sure I can manage that / want to manage that once the baby comes. 20 hours, then 30 sounds much more reasonable. We're still figuring out if we can financially swing it, but I'll be really curious to see what my boss says next week. She's a relatively new mom (1.5 years ago) and pretty understanding/flexible on other aspects of the job, so we'll see. I'm still nervous that she'll say she definitely needs me full-time and that will be that.....

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I don't plan to go back to work, so I hope to take at least one full month before baby to get all my little projects done. I will get short term disability, but hardly any vacation or PTO, as my job only allows you to use what you have accrued for that year. If only my HR guy would call me back, I could start making plans.
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This is pretty timely for me as well... I have a 5 year old dd who I stayed home with till she weaned (2.5 yrs or so) then worked at night bartending so she could be home with dad. When him and I split up she had started preschool and I went to work full time. Working full time now and really really wanted to take February off to do last minute prep for the baby (like cook a freezer full of food). However because of insurance and my company not "having" to offer me maternity leave (under 50 people) I will try to work till Feb 14th. Hoping like a pp said they want to work with me about creative scheduling like telecommuting or working part time or commission only after the baby comes. If not I don't plan to go back and will probably pursue becoming certified as a lactation consultant while I am at home and start my own business when this baby is a little older... Really trying to figure out how to talk to my boss (has no kids in an office of people with no children) this guy is super nice but wanted me to give him the day the baby would be here I was like ummmm well would love to but that sort of happens when it happens.... Any tips some of you ladies have for opening a dialogue would appreciated.

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It is going to be tough with twins to predict when they will arrive! I mean, almost half of twins are born before 36 weeks, but that means that half are born after and some twins are even born past their 40 week due dates. I am a teacher and our semester ends the last week in January. I'm hoping to work at least until then and then see what happens. I used all my sick time to take a paid maternity 2 years ago when our DD was born, so I only have about 15 paid sick days right now. I'm planning to take the full 12 weeks that I can through FMLA though, and then cobble together some child care for the last 6-7 weeks that remain of the school year. Summer will be here pretty quick though, and my husband and I are looking at finances trying to see if we can swing me taking a leave of absence for next school year. 

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I'm due 2/26 and planning on working as long as possible. I'm a Licensed Massage Therapist with my own private practice and that means no work = no pay and definitely no maternity leave, lol! We've started some savings to get me through when I'll be out, but as this is my first, I have no idea how long I can work and how long I'll need off. Best case scenario, I work until the week of, then take 6 weeks off afterwards and be back to taking appointments by mid April. Luckily I only take clients three days per week and one of those is Saturdays, so we will only need childcare two days/week as DP has weekends off.

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@pp I'm also due 2/26 and am also self employed with no benefits

To answer the original question, last time I worked until 39 weeks and that was too much. It was especially hard because I'm small (5'3") and don't carry well plus my office is on the second floor and no elevator so I found it really challenging. I also went back to work when ds was only 3.5 months and it was basically hell. But the birth was awful, super traumatic, and my job is "high stress".

So this time I'm supposed to stop working at the end of January, 36w2d. But now I'm thinking of going in for just 2 days the next week to make a bit more money. Ill go back to work in August. I got super lucky with my business and got an extra contract in September and have saved all the money to pay for my leave, so I should hopefully be okay for the whole 6 months.

It's really hard when you're self employed, and kind of BS that the govt doesn't help at all.
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hi I'm due feb 26 as well! I was working full time preschool all summer, I was working for a non profit private school... the enrollment was low for fall so they decided to cancel all our insurance plans... I found this out a week before I knew I was preggo! but I thought, okay, I'll figure it out.... then they cut my hours in half almost overnight as the new school year had started and enrollment was still low... I tried to work with them, as I was planning to work all through my pregnancy, but they couldn't budge. since it's a non profit school, they weren't required to pay into state disability, but rather have a private company who pays... so long story short, by me quitting because of a huge layoff in hours, I'm collecting unemployment insurance through April.... it's not a ton of money, but it helps. I'm also babysitting/driving 7 hours a week for a great family who I've been in relationship with for a decade... I plan to stay with them as long as I can, and then continue on after baby's born.... my DH is self employed= no benefits... his pay is completely unpredictable and constantly fluctuating... so frustrating to plan ahead.... pretty much winging it after my unemployment runs out! it's a bit nerve wracking.... but we've always managed to make it somehow together all these years... 11 married now.... so I'm trusting in faith that it will be ok.... I really don't plan to go back to preschool anytime soon.... after 15 years of taking care of other families, I finally want to get the opportunity to pour myself into my own!!
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Im planning on working up to the very last day....hopefully i dont go into labour while at work. I have 14 weeks leave and would like to spend all the time with my baby so im going up to the very last day!!!!

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Meh. If I want any more shifts for the next 2 weeks, I basically have to be prepared to be on-call or find out like a day in advance. She doesn't want to put me into anything too far out. I can understand but it's kind of irritating. 

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