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Vote on Moving the Group to a Private Site - Page 6

Poll Results: Would you like to move to a more private platform on a different website?

  • 0% (0)
    No, I want the group to stay here on MDC even though it will likely never be private
  • 35% (6)
    Yes, I absolutely want to move to a site with privacy
  • 64% (11)
    I'll go whichever way the majority votes
17 Total Votes  
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Originally Posted by TalkToMeNow View Post

So should we go for it?




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DH tested out ProBoards.com and said the forums there are great. He was all eager to check things out. He loves this stuff... but I told him it sounds like you guys really like the freeforums one? I want to see it for myself!
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Amanda is PMing people the link.  We've spent a large part of today trying to customize it and see how things work.

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I think I will pm the link to everyone tomorrow morning. I'm going to shut down the laptop in a second so I won't be up to approve people! 

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Okay, I think I PMed everyone. :) If you didn't get one from me, PM me! Sorry! I went off the roster.

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Okay guys I hate to do this because you've worked really hard on the current forum, but I'm wondering if the Proboards one may be more user friendly and easier on the eyes...... Anybody willing to check it out? It seems easier to navigate and more of a look that we're used to with the MDC. I haven't looked at the Freeforums site on mobile yet, but on the computer I'm having some concerns about it. :duckI was having navigation issues right away. I consider myself well-versed in discussion board usability, and the Proboards site made more sense immediately when I logged in and I was like "oh this is so familiar." I'm not sure if it's a theme issue on Freeforums? DH is looking at both right now. He said visually speaking that Proboards is way more user friendly. 


I just want to make sure everyone is happy with things before we completely switch over. Will check back in shortly.

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Okay so one thing I'm observing is that the Freeforums site looks way better and is more user-friendly on mobile than on the computer. I assume it's just a theme issue on the computer then?


DH is doing code stuff and adding emoticons to Proboards just to see how it looks. The mobile site looks good so far too. There is a mobile app you can purchase for $2.99 but I'm not sure why that's necessary because just going to the desktop site thru my cell phone brought up what looks like just a mobile site anyway. Maybe you get something extra by purchasing the app.

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Joanie, I don't care much about switching. It was only one day of work. I'll look at it later this afternoon once I reach my parents. And I appreciate your dh's help. I totally do. I do want to make sure the site is completely set up by us either way, though. Thanks for your advice. I'll post later about pro boards. Let me know what your dh thinks.
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Wait, I totally forgot. I spent a while last night looking at forums on proboards. I personally don't like the set up. Too much junk on the signatures and member info area. I think it looks cluttered and hard to read. People put so much crap in their posts/sigs that you get like 4 posts to a page. I'm sure there are settings to control that... That was just my immediate take on it.
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I haven't seen that feature but the signature thing shouldn't be an issue since we aren't growing our group to outside members and I'm sure we can all agree as the small group we are to just limit our sigs.


There are calendar settings, news feeds, shoutbox (this is cool!), private messaging.... There is no chat, though. I'm not sure how big a deal that is. We're used to chatting through threads.


I'll PM Amanda and Jaimee shortly.

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Joanie, can you PM a link to the site your dh set up so we can take a look?

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Joanie, I think you're right.  I really like the look of ProBoards better and it is easier to navigate.  I think we should have everyone join both and we should vote.  I want Amanda to take a look first, though, and see what she thinks since she set up freeforums and will set up a proboards for us as well.  I do think it's important that we know how the setup works so we can adjust as necessary.


But some of the pros of ProBoards so far: profile titles, nicer looking avatars and messing set up, preview mode for posting (so you're not looking at bbcode), we can change the color/theme and upload a banner, we can change the icons for pretty much everything, keystrokes work for formatting (like bold, underline, italics, etc.)...

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Jaimee, I'm good with pro boards. If it's ok with you, I'll create a board there later today and send the info to you
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Originally Posted by TalkToMeNow View Post

Jaimee, I'm good with pro boards. If it's ok with you, I'll create a board there later today and send the info to you


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Okay, we are working on the new new forum and will send out a link when it is ready. :thumb

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Great! :thumb You ladies are awesome. Thanks for all of the time you've been putting in! 

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I'm finding that posting to three different forums with the same people is pretty entertaining.....


Where you at now, Sara?! :wink

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I know, me too!  It's hard keeping up!

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Lol. Well, we can ignore freeforums. Everyone can chat here until we get this one looking good, then we can shift over. :)

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Okay this is funny: this thread is the second most active on MDC right now. Lol! :rotflmao

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