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Cluster feeding/fussy evenings strategies?

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I want to cross post this on the baby forum too but thought to consult my DDC mamas also.

L is a FUSSY hungry little thing in the evenings, usually from like 4-8pm. My older daughter is 3yo and it's become problematic trying to get her taken care of during this time. I haven't even been able to leave the recliner. I was in tears today thinking about how I can't even make my 3yo a snack. I just have to hope she can reach something in the fridge or pantry.

I am not having any success with nursing in a ring sling or the moby. L is 9 weeks now and so fussy every time I try any kind of babywearing during this time.

What are you ladies doing during this time?
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Every day 3-11pm cluster feedathon this week!!

At the end of the evening babe has a hard time latching on even when she's crying to nurse, she unlatches after a couple of swallows and screams. This lasts 15-30 minutes before she falls asleep. I think it's just over tired and processing the stimulation from the day so it's hard to settle.
Nursing in the Moby and walking around is handy for getting her to relax and nurse and fall asleep for the night (of course she stirs and needs to nurse at least twice during the night but lights stay off and we don't get up)! The combo of the relaxing effect of breastmilk, distractions of seeing moving objects go by as we walk around, and soothing movement of being walked around is usually too much to resist and she settles and nurses/passes out.
When you notice ineffable evening fussiness and difficulty latching& staying latched when baby is clearly tired and wanting to nurse but screams when latching/unlatching constantly, then I recommend trying this! I use the wrap cross carry position quite tight, then to nurse I take one arm out to loosen baby down and angle her to nursing position and support her head to get/maintain the perfect latch with my hand and then the other hand is totally free to do other things like housework. I've even done grocery shopping in this fashion with previous kids.


I know you said you were not having luck but keep trying to get the position similar to sitting but  recreated in the wrap....? practice makes perfect.......

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We are going through this too for the past couple of weeks... growth spurt I guess? Plus just general fussiness & gassiness, and yes overstimulation! We usually have 2-3 hours of extreme fussiness in the evening, same time 7-10p. It's like clockwork! I haven't had any real consistent success with anything, I tend to just avoid making plans for that time (eating dinner ahead of time, for example) and spend that time cycling through nursing (with the unlatching/screaming/relatching of course), burping, diaper changing, walking around/swinging/bouncing/patting her, and Dad doing the football hold which sometimes works wonders. I know this isn't realistic for most mamas, especially with other kiddos! I love the idea of wearing baby to soothe, but Nora hates the wrap and gets pissed when she is wrapped/swaddled too tight... she wants to SPREAD OUT. 


Tonight I had a small victory with gripe water producing a massive burp & then reintroducing her white noise app on the Bose which seems to have knocked her out. Not sure why we ever stopped using this - it was constantly on in our room for the first couple of weeks... then we kind of forgot about it. 

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When Layla is fussy and having a hard time going to sleep, we lay her face/belly down on our legs and bounce our legs up and down. Her head will rest in between our legs, facing down. It works like a charm.


Other than that, it's a whole lot of walking around my house because she likes it when I do that. If I even think about sitting down, she'll cry. Even if she's in a completely relaxed state of sleep... Sitting down wakes her up. LOL

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Some strategies we use or have used in the past with our first-

go outside even if just for a few minutes.  it seems that a change of scenery and maybe the cooler temps seem to help my babies to stop crying or at least pause for a bit

turn on music and dance while holding/wearing baby.  at least it makes me feel better and i hear something other than the crying

go up and down the stairs

bounce on the birth/exercise ball

swaddle baby once sleepy


car ride

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