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Cloth diapering

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Are any other mothers planning on or have used cloth diapers?
I have been passed down different types of diapering systems and was curious what worked the best and most efficiently for you all. I'm super excited to be welcoming my first little boy in this world! I'm due November 6th! smile.gif hope all is well with everyone!
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Hi Lauren!! Welcome and congrats :)


Many of us are using cloth and have used cloth previously. We had a thread a LONG way back with details about individual preferences and experiences http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1379011/cloth-diapers-nappies/20#post_17325704 


Like most things, everyone likes something a bit different and often for different reasons. Much of it, I assume, is based on your own baby and how certain types and brands of diapers fit him/her. Good luck, mama!!

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Hello, I'm a FTM and plan to cloth diaper as well. I took a class in my local natural birth center and decided to invest in a mix of newborn and AIO (all in one) sizes. My newborn stash consists of about 20 newborn diapers of the following brands:

- Grovia newborn AIOs

- Thirsties Duo Diaper (pocket-style) size 1 

- Tot Bots Tini Fit AIOs

- Swaddlebees Simplex newborn

- Bum Genius newborn AIO


I also got some one-size AIOs:

- Bum Genius 4.0 (pocket-style)

- Bum Genius Freetime

- Rumparooz G2 One Size


I know what I have is not enough but every baby is different, so I'll wait until the baby arrives and see which one fits the best.

You can read a few reviews here:











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Sounds like a great plan, blueteapot! I used Kissaluv newborn fitteds and then Motherease One Size and Sandy's from ~6 weeks though the end of diapering, around 24 months. I LOVED them with DD! I bought a few Kissaluv newborns this time and some custom, super cute organic cotton newborn fitteds from Etsy (like this) https://www.etsy.com/transaction/139860162?ref=fb2_tnx_title  After the NB stage, I have Motherease One Size (they fit a huge size range, very well) http://www.mother-ease.com/cloth-diapers/OneSizeDiapers and Sandy's http://www.mother-ease.com/cloth-diapers/SandysDiapers  (for nighttime, made for heavier wetting). I was not a fan of AIOs,  pocket diapers or anything hemp, wool or fleccey with DD. But again, everyone has different preferences.

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All our cloth diapers are still too big!  :)  The baby just had his first more-breastfed-than-meconium poop, and it was all the way down his pants leg...  Good thing they were camo pants.  :P

My favorite diapers were the organic BumGenius 4.0 all-in-one one-size ones, with snaps.  I love them because they have internal flaps, so they wash and dry better than other all-in-ones, but you don't have to stuff them (I don't like pocket diapers).  They've stopped making them, though.  :(  There might still be some available on ebay and such, I guess.  I'm reusing the same ones, but I think they may be a little stretched out for a newborn.  We never had trouble with them leaking the first time around. 

I should probably try a prefold and cover, we have some tiny preemie-size prefolds. 

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Haper-are they nb size dipes? Try the prefolds till he fits the others sounds good smile.gif

I have some nb fitteds like Sparkle that I made from terry & flannel. They're supposed to fit till ten pounds. Also about 15 nb prefolds and going to order infant size ones. Trying wool covers for the first time, and giving the prefolds/fitteds an honest go. I do have a bunch of pockets though that I picked up at a great deal early on. They worked with the others. I know there's not supposed to be rash with prefolds, but I swear soon as my kids had a wet prfold for ten min they got one, and why I started using pockets. I'm trying a lavendar, teat trea, witch hazel, chamomile spray at changes to see if it helps.
The aios took too long to dry for me. Same with hemp, though I do have a handful of hemp inserts this time for overnight. I figure I can toss them in a second dry load.
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Mostly they're one-size, but old enough that they've probably lost some elasticity.  :)  The prefolds and wool covers are working better, though. 

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My favorite diapers have been the Sustainable Babyish Snapless Mini's. I have six, I wish I could have more!

We do mostly fitteds and wool, but we have some AIOs, too.
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Hapersmion-glad that's working out better.


Wanted to chime in that I ordered the green mountain fitted prefolds-so far they are Awesome!!!  I ordered newborn and smalls, our guy fits both, the smalls are a tad big, but great for night time.  Though the nb size worked too, but I'm saving the nb size for daytime-only ordered 10. I'm using them with wool covers pull, so far so good.  The fitteds have a sewn in doubler too :)  Anyhow, right now the organic fitteds are on sale till Fri or Mon, not sure.  

  I haven't put the fuzzi bunz on him yet, since the cotton/wool is working out so nicely.  I may end up selling them later, will let you gals know if I do.  I was using the fitteds that I made, but they aren't working now, he wets right through them :(  Sigh, all that sewing.   

 Oh, so far no rash.  I'm using witch hazel, tea trea and coconut oil too though, so not sure if that's helping.  I'm so excited these prefolds might just work out long term.

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