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A new "my kid had a shot with no serious reaction" celebration thread

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I'm not sure we're allowed to post in "Selective and Delayed" anymore, and a bunch of relevent threads ended up getting left over there when this forum was set up. 


One was the "my kid had a shot" celebration thread - a place to celebrate the successful getting through of vaccinations with no serious reactions, as experienced by most people who vaccinate kids, but as rarely discussed online. 


So I thought I'd start a new thread here. The old one in "Selective and Delayed" is at http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1373531/the-my-kid-just-had-a-shot-celebration-thread

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Started the thread, because to my surprise we got another vaccination. The NHS is rolling out flumist vaccination to all 2-3 year olds (http://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/vaccinations/Pages/child-flu-vaccine.aspx).


My son is in this age group, so we went for flumist yesterday. Was great to get this without any needles - he found the spray up his nose a bit wierd, but clearly didn't hurt him. So far no reaction - a slight runny nose this morning, but I have a cold, and it's cold season, so may not be related. :) 


I like that the rest of the family may be slightly exposed to the weaker flu virus through this vaccination too. Our daughter may get the vaccination soon as well.  

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Yay! DS had Flumist vaccine as well, and made a great face when it shot up his nose. :rotflmaoI got a Hep B booster, Hep A (recommended by the CDC for our Christmas trip to the Caribbean), and the Flumist before I found out I was pregnant. No reactions all around!

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Love this thread! My son got all his recommended vaccines at both his 12 and 15 month appointment. I know it included MMR/hib/chickenpox and he did great. No reactions other than a slight fever, which I was glad about. It means he was having an immune response to the vaccine... working as intended! 


He is getting all his 18 month shots next week and am not worried in the least :) 

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I started the old thread! But I likely won't be posting in it regularly anymore, since my son won't be getting many routine vaccinations again until he is 4. We usually get the flu shot; haven't gotten around to it this year yet.


He, however, had the full round of infant vaccinations with no serious reaction, or actually, no discernable reaction at all. No fever, no tiredness, no crankiness, not even any redness around the area for more than a few hours. At six months, he didn't even cry while he was getting the shot, and he watched it go in. While I know it's a bigger deal for many kids, it can be this easy.

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My baby had his 2 month shots last week... and this week started laughing.
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We are very slowly catching up. DS is now "event free" for two years, meaning no encephalitis or meningitis or encephalomyelitis (he has MDEM). It is now safe to vaccinate. He had his chickenpox vaccine (UK doesn't do it, he received his in Germany a few weeks ago while on holiday). No side effects. 


Next will be flushot on Tuesday, though I dread the Dr Office and the mingling of healthy and sick people. Will be taking antiseptic and have him touch nothing and no-one. He has picked up nasty stuff in Dr Offices before that resulted in hospitalisation. 


For him, receiving his shots will be HUGE. My big kids, DH and I are all up to date with everything, it is just him now.


Have to say, I am anxious, but not anywhere near as anxious as I am when he has a common cold. 


I am now 34 weeks pregnant and will get my whooping cough vaccine on Tuesday which I am very grateful for. Whooping cough is nasty! Hope it protects baby well enough. DS hasn't had it yet, and he goes to school, so I am scared he would bring it back one day as whooping cough is flaring up in this area in unvaccinated children. 

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Good luck with it all EineMutti. Sounds like you have a lot on your plate. I'm sure getting safely through the vaccines will be a great relief. :) 

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He had his flushot. They were not comfortable giving him the mist which is fine by me. No reactions at all, apart from a wee bit of a sore arm. Whole family had it done!

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Not my kid but me- I got a flu shot last week. The spot was sore for a few hours and then was fine. Here's to hoping they got the strains right this year wink1.gif
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Originally Posted by Katie8681 View Post

Not my kid but me- I got a flu shot last week. The spot was sore for a few hours and then was fine. Here's to hoping they got the strains right this year wink1.gif


Yeah, let's! Day five. No reaction in any of us. For DS, this has so far been the healthiest October and November since his birth. And that is with vaccines! 

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My daughter had her first flu shot on Friday. I'm only irked that I couldn't find the nasal mist for her. I could have moved heaven and earth but I just don't have that kind of bandwidth right now, so I got the shot for her instead. She barely cried at all. The flavored tongue depressors at the doctor's office take the edge off a lot of things. No signs of any reaction. 

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My son got his flu shot a couple weeks ago and he cried for about 4 seconds and then forgot about it after they gave him a sticker :)  No reactions whatsoever. Not even crankiness or fever. 

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I got my flu shot and TDaP a week ago. My arms were sore that night. That's it!
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My son got his DTAP Polio Hep B and Prevnar last week.  He didn't have any sort of reaction other than a small knot at the injection site.  This week he started walking full-time!

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Daughter got flu shot on Tuesday. I was hoping for flumist but they preferred the shot. No serious reaction - no fever - she complained of a sore arm for a couple of days.

They said she should go back for a second shot in 6 weeks as this is first time she had one as far as they know. I'm being lazy asking this here and will research properly, but..... She got one at 1 yr in USA. Does that mean second shot now not needed? Any opinions?
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My understanding is that they need to have 2 a month apart in the first year, and if they don't, then they are supposed to get 2 a month apart in some subsequent year. This applies up to the age of 9. 


I don't know what your guideline is in the UK though. 

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DS just turned 8 and had his last week. We haven't been told to come back at all???

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Has he had 2 in a year in some past year? Do you have that guideline over there?

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I never thought I would post here but I gave my 3 year old a Daptacel (DTaP) this week in anticipation of a newborn, after deep consideration & discussion with several providers.

He *was* irritable & it is weird how it seemed slightly nueroactive. However, I had to look up if it is even doing anything if there is no fever or swelling @ all. (Answer seemed to be yes & that BF babies are less likely to have a fever reaction, he is still occasionally BF).

I was very nervous, especially considering recent DTaP press & also press that Vaxes can actually be more reactive later in life. However, ultimately I concluded that an asymptomatic carrier is better than a symptomatic carrier in a situation, like a family, where quarantine is impossible . . .

In any case, MUCH less eventful than I had feared & he seems now, a few days out, to be the 'same old G'. He was pretty mad @ me tho! lol.gif
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