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Scanning in early stage of pregnancy-Low harmone level

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I am 6weeks pregnant now and the urine pregnancy test resulted in weakly positive.I mean the line was not dark and doc said my harmone level was low.They asked to come for scanning in my 8th week.I am so scared due to low harmone level is there any kind of harm to my baby? i am given mcbm,zincovit,progestrone tablets for 30days.Can u please clear me why am i asked for scanning.Is there any harm to my baby due to low harmone level.Please clear me..Please




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I would really recommend calling your doctor in the morning and asking for clarification. 

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My doc doesnt get in contact over the phone

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I'm sorry you have this worry and can't talk to your doctor.

Did you have a blood test which indicated a low hormone level or was this just based on a faint line on the pregnancy test? If it is just based on the faint line, I wouldn't be too concerned. That is not a very reliable assessment of your hormone levels. However, since you have been prescribed a progesterone supplement you are doing what you can to improve things.

The ultrasound at 8 weeks is probably to check the baby's heartbeat. If a heartbeat can be seen on ultrasound the risk of miscarriage drops quite significantly.

As Phathui5 said, the best thing would be to clarify all this with your doctor. Is it possible to get another appointment with him/her before the ultrasound? Or can you talk to the practice nurse? He/she should be able to explain your test results and medications.

All the best. It is hard not to worry but it sounds like you are doing everything you can.
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HI katelove,


Thanku for the reply.Its not a blood test.It was a urine test which resulted in faint line.Lab person reported as weakly positive but doc said it is very mild and cant take it into consideration.That made me so worry

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I am due for ultrasound scanning in  6-11-2013. I had sex on 3-11-2013 and after sex i was bleeding  mild. It was not red in colour.But was bleeding from 3rd evening.Bleeding wasnt continous either.Only after urination a small spotting was there.I went to hospital for checkup and doc said sac size s 9mm and baby heartbeat is not found.This is not healthy growth.She also said to wiat for few more days and come again for scanning on 15th.She asked if my husband accompanied me to hosp.She asked him to come in and said to my husband she cant go ahead and giving tablets for abortion and can plan after 3months for healthy baby. I was totally shocked.First she said lets wait for few days and see.Immediately when my husband came she said i need to abort.My in law is saying to go for second opinion.Can anyone please tell what are the chances of baby growth.Should i go ahead for abortion or wait or should i take a second opinion.

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I would definitely wait and get a second opinion.  I don't know enough about your dates and so on, but it's seriously problematic that your doctor is telling you one thing and your husband another.  More importantly, for something as serious as ending a pregnancy, your doctor should make sure that ALL your questions are answered.  I would try to get more clarification from both your doctor and from a second practitioner.  And then maybe switch doctors for your next pregnancy. 

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I am still spotting. When does this stop. i am planning to go for second opinion in my home city where i planned for delivery.I need to travel for 6hours and the roads are clear without any ups n downs.Can u please help me out if its suggestable to travel in this time and when do this spotting stop

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I can't tell you when the spotting will stop. Some people have spotting on and off throughout their whole pregnancy, some only in the early weeks.

Travelling at this time isn't going to make any differs fence either way so if you want to go to your home town for a second opinions you should.

How many weeks were you when you had the ultrasound showing a 9mm sac and no heartbeat? If you aren't sure but can tell me the date of your last period and the date of the ultrasound I can work it out. Ultrasound measurements are only as good as the operator so if you had an inexperienced person doing the scan that can make a difference.
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My last menstrual date was 17-sep-2013.I have gone for u/s  sonography scanning on 4th nov.By 4th i am 6.6weeks pregnant.The doc was a senior but what made to go for second opinion is at first instance she told me to wait for another 10days to have a 2nd scanning.Immediately when my husband came to doc she said to go for abortion.When there is a chance of waiting why didnt she suggest the same to my husband.Also i have gone thru reviews that heartbeat would be clear at 9weeks.So i thought to go for 2nd opinion.When she was scanning she asked me if there is any pain in abdomin or stomach.I dont have any.She said yolk sac is irregular and in report she wrote yold sac not visualised.I am already totally upset and what she said was not the same in the report. 

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Sounds like a second opinion is definitely warranted if you're able to see someone else.
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What about the report? is the sac size normal. I mean is there chance of increase in size and shape to get normal and heartbeat to sound good in 9th week.Pls clear me

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At 7 weeks there should be a measurable embryo. You won't necessarily see a heartbeat at that stage though, even if everything is fine.

I really think a second opinion would be the best thing if you can manage it. I can provide general information but I can't tell you anything about your situation specifically.
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I am bleeding still and loosing all hopes.Left everything to god and travelling tomorrow to my home city for second opinion.Thank u for the suggestion/guidance

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I'm very sorry. I hope you have a safe trip and some good news when you see the new doctor.
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