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Recruiting mothers for an online survey

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Hi everyone,


I'm a graduate student researcher at the University of Texas. I'm part of a research team conducting a study examining the relationship between infant feeding and mothers' social behavior. In particular, we are interested in how infant feeding may impact mothers' relationship behaviors and sexual functioning (e.g. sex life).


We are currently recruiting women who are over 18, heterosexual, and are either (1) currently breastfeeding their children, (2) currently formula-feeding their children, or (3) have breastfed or formula-fed their own children in the past.


The survey is brief (we expect it to take you no more than 20-30 minutes) and completely confidential. You're also free to skip any questions you are uncomfortable answering for any reason. Additionally, all participants who complete they survey will have a chance to win a $50 Amazon.com gift card.


If you're interested in completing this survey, please click the link below. If you have any questions or concerns, please email them to me at dtcbresearch@gmail.com.


Thank you!





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Bumping up for more attention!

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