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We just endured some hellish days here, none of it to do with Freya.
Older ds was puke-sick last Friday night and a bit on Saturday. So he got better and we stayed home a few days to make sure we didn't spread it if any of the rest of us had it. Freya started crawling, yay! Then Wednesday night, ALL night long, ds2 was up puking and ds1 was up and feeling icky but no vomit. Yes, the night before thanksgiving. Ds2 did so good getting to the bathroom multiple times, then one time got up, seemed confused, got back into bed and puked. They'd been sleeping in sleeping bags for fun. Not so fun to launder. Pillows, mattress, everything... So both boys ended up sleeping in the bathroom the rest of the night on mats we put down. It was so awful, neither of them has ever been so sick as ds2 was. NO fever!! DH was up helping with all this so we all got maybe 2 hours of sleep.

So then Thursday everyone is fine, just exhausted, and Freya miraculously slept thru most of that. Both boys eat pretty well.
Friday night ds2 didn't eat much dinner and I somehow forgot that if they don't eat enough at night, they puke the next morning. So more puke this morning, this time on my couch!!! Oh my gosh the laundry I've been doing.

Meanwhile, my old kitty has been missing a few days and I'm pretty sure he's gone for good. DH goes to check the mail and the cat is right on the porch, yay! But his back legs aren't really working well, aren't supporting his weight. Same thing happened to my SIL's cat at the end of his days. I brought kitty in and he was purring but very weak and hiding under a shelf (never done this before). So I had to take my 13 year old buddy to be put to sleep today. greensad.gifgreensad.gif

Also, it was super weird to explain to my 5 year old why we were euthanizing the cat. He had a bunch of questions that I answered and he didn't seem to get it, really. It's sort of come up in the past, like DH has put a car-squished chameleon out of it's misery and told them why, but not our own family animal.

Anyway, hi! I have a cranky baby tonight. Maybe a tooth is finally coming??
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odinsmama, i'm sorry about your cat. that really sucks. so hard. 

and so much laundry! and ick! 

but yay crawling!

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Oh, Odinsmama!  I'm so sorry for your tough week.  You all are in my thoughts and prayers.


SGsnyder-- I told my DH about your little penguin and demonstrated-- he laughed.


Miss L's record is now 12 steps in a row, so it seems she is taking the "slow and steady" approach to walking, as opposed to the "just take off running one day" method.  But I think that's typical for "earlier" walkers, no?  I think the people I know with kids who just all of the sudden go from crawling or cruising to confident walking everywhere do it when they are 12 months or older.  Makes sense.  Miss L is loving walking though-- practicing (either totally independently or touching the wall) is preferred to even trying to maul Kitty, her previous fave activity.  Aaaaaand this means that we need to start sweeping and vacuuming a LOT more thoroughly (more than none at all).  Since she didn't crawl much, we haven't had to worry much until now.  Ah, well.


Anyway, her sleep seems to be sorting itself out over the last couple of days-- just a couple of night wakings, maybe 3 total brief wakings in 11 hours.  Knock wood!

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I'm so sorry about your cat odinsmama. That's a really awful sounding week altogether. 

We're going through a really really fussy stage over here. Wonder weeks be damned. This isn't the quiet break I was looking forward to. This is the worst stage ever. He's clingy, cries easily during the day (this is the independant kid who never cries and could care less which parent or family member is with him). Our nights are weird. He wakes as if from bad dreams very frequently (one night it was every 15-20 minutes for most of the night) He sits up in his sleep a lot and hits stuff and fusses. He's always been really a peaceful sleeper even while teething. This is like he's being tormented. He's grown a fair bit this past month and he just got his 4th tooth but no new bumps are in his mouth right now. He's got no cold or flu symptoms that I can find. Ideas?

UPDATE: a symptom just appeared. He's got this wheeze when he does a sharp intake of breath like when he's crying or laughing. It sounds a lot like the wheeze you get when you have a bad cough... But he only has this. Going to the Dr.
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I hope it passes quickly, typebug!


Miss L is now up to 20 steps or so.  She loves walking, sometimes with one hand on a wall or pant leg, and wants to be put down a lot.  Annnnnd...  we have tantrums.  Like for-real ones.  I thought this wasn't supposed to happen until she was a "toddler" (like 3-6 months from now) but I guess she is toddling, so...  It's all of a sudden...  I mean, she's always been kind of intense and has been upset before when we take things away, but now it's full blown tears and truly upset/sad/angry.  My strategy is as follows:


"I'm going to pick you up now/put that toilet brush away."






"You're upset.  You wanted to play with the kitty puke.  I didn't let you because it could make you sick."






"Let's think of something else fun to do."  [Insert different activity]


I am trying not to go immediately to "hey, look at this shiny object over here!" and try to remind DH of the same, but... Well, it's going to be an interesting year 2 years 18 years life!

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Typebug, I hope you find out what's going on and find resolution quickly .
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:yeah sending love.

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Thank you! It was a good Dr's apt. I got tons of homeopathics for him and I think he's on the mend.

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Typebug- just now seeing this. Margot went thorough the SAME THING. Combo wonder week, teething, and cold. It was a nightmare, we were all delirious with exhaustion... And now it seems like she's over the constant crying/whining/waking up all night? Goodness, I hope your babe is on the mend too. I know how it feels and if I could I'd send you to bed with a mug of herbal tea while I wrangled your rascal. Hugs.

Buko.... Yes! Hahah. It is going to be a long 18 years but at least our feisty babes will keep us entertained. I love your combo of distraction and explanation. I'll have to keep at it with my own LO.
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Thanks waywornwanderer smile.gif
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