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ot: i don't know if any mamas use plum organics baby food pouches, but they have been recalled.



will write/respond later though!

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Thanks for posting, kb. Totally have a couple of those pouches in the pantry!!


As for the holidays, we'll be giving Lou more presents than we did with our other two (from santa) because the older kids will wonder why santa shafted Lou if he only gets like one thing! I'm thinking of a new set of blocks (plan toys has some fun ones), some new board books, maybe a giant play cube if I can find a good deal, and stocking stuffers might be.... a soft toy and some food? Haha. I have no idea. He'll be in need of some new clothes at that point too (he's in 18 month but might go up to 24 soon) so we might have that be a gift as well. On one side of my family we do kids presents only and every kid makes a list and gets several things from different sections of the family, so I have to put stuff on his list, too. 

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L&G- your post makes me curious about how big all the kids are!!!!!


We have our 9 month appt in a few weeks, but I think liam is right around 20 lbs and I think around 29 inches....He can wear 6-12 and 12-18 clothes.  he has a rather small middle section so the stretched out hand me down clothes seem to fall off him and he end up sizing down.

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Hey lovely ladies!
We're doing well here, for the most part. Stayed home from my LLL meeting today with ds2 having diarrhea first thing this morning. Now he's totally fine, of course. But last time he had an icky morning tummy and I didn't follow my instinct and did take us all to town... He puked in the car (in a random Tupperware, thank God). So, followed my instinct today with him looking pale and here we are.

Freya is 9 months, not crawling yet (!) but no concerns here, eating whatever I feed her (which I need to get better at. She's often napping while I grab food and then I feed her later. But I'd rather feed her while I'm eating.), no teeth, loves to laugh and squeal at her brothers who love to make her laugh and squeal. It's a pretty loud game and often gives her the hiccups.

I'm dealing with low appetite lately and trying to make myself eat even when I'm not hungry (which I just don't think to do) or eat more when I'm hungry instead of a quick snack. I'm too skinny again.

Nursing is great. She's developed the habit of grabbing a sharp-nailed fist full of my chest above my breasts when she's nursing but... Irritated? Over tired? Bored? I have no idea why she does it, but she now says the word "ow" after hearing me say it a few times a day.

She says "ga" or "gog" for dog. So cute, the boys both said it the same way, starting with the g sound instead of d.
And mama or mamamamamama. Poor hubby, no papa yet.
She scoots around on her rear all the time, so the boys are being forced to be more careful when they clean up, as opposed to my former lazy mom expectations of "eh, good enough". No Lego left behind!

Naps are sporadic and not on any schedule, but she'll nap in the wrap anywhere and sometimes in the car. It's good.

Sleep is pretty good, with a few random "wth?!" nights sprinkled in to keep me on my toes and my coffee supplier in business.

We do Christmas, and read Christmas books (with Santa) but don't have any gifts from Santa and as soon as they ask if he's real we have a conversation about it. Along the lines of "what do you think? Do you think he's real?" Both boys have said no, they don't. I agree and say I don't think he's real either but some people do believe he is, some people like to pretend he is because it's fun... Along those lines. And that it's no fun to tell people something they believe isn't real. We have major issues with my older ds making rules in their pretend play (no, you cant have the super ultimate power, only I have the super ultimate power and I beat you every time!!) so we relate how that isn't fun and makes ds2 upset, and if someone enjoys pretending/believing Santa is real we don't spoil their fun.

What else...

I can't remember what the other questions in the thread are, will have to go back and look. Tapatalk isn't great for looking back at previous pages.
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CM, Miss L, just over 8 months, is surely 18-19 lbs by now, based on past measurements.  She feels like a bag of bricks-- I don't know how people who don't use slings and carriers do it!  She is still wearing a lot of 6 months because we do tees/cut off onesies and occasionally dresses, some 12 months (9 months where they exist) and 12 month pants in particular for the length (don't know how long she is, but she's always been longish) and CD coverage.  She really only wears them when we go outside as it is cold now and she finally NEEDS to wear pants instead of/in addition to Baby Legs!

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we're skipping the 9 month appointment. since we're no vax yet i see no need for it.

also, i don't know if i've mentioned it before, but hubby agreed to a home birth with midwife for our next baby, as long as pregnancy is smooth. 


naomi is over 20 pounds now. she was 7.14# at birth, a bit over 16 pounds at her 6 month visit. a sack of sweet potatoes. 

we don't have a scale so i don't know exactly how much she weighs though. i measured her today and she is about 30 inches long. 


so she is consistently standing on her own, but no steps yet. just stands there and yells or claps.


teles-yes, the charity tradition is lovely! that is something to think about!


i still haven't taken a test yet. really weird thing happened last night. i was lying in bed with naomi nursing to sleep, and felt these flutters against her. didn't feel like gas, but i remembered the feeling of a baby moving inside me and almost started crying. i am SO hormonal. 

i'm using a family planning workbook, but we also use condoms. though we slack off a little on that, if you know what i mean.


oh the holidays!

we are not religious but will do santa. like you, odinsmama, we will tell her that when she asks. i remember being so pissed at my mom for lying to me about the tooth fairy though, so that's off the table. i have one of my wisdom teeth encased in copper because i like weird things like that so i might do it for her first lost tooth. and no easter for us. (anyone for festivus?)

amazon wish lists are crazy. man i love that little add to my wishlist button... gotta embroider her a stocking. fill it with who knows. we are doing christmas cards this year. every time we could have a family photo, i feel gross and don't want a camera near me. 

naomi has stinky gas right now. uugh. 


also, i was thinking, if this isn't too weird, we could do a little gift exchange for our babies? like a secret santa? i could organize it if anyone's up for it. like little wood toys or stuffed animal thing or something like that. you know, simple and sweet. 

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Oh, yes, I was going to comment on the charity thing.
We send money through an organization for 3 little boys in 3 different countries, a monthly donation that helps them with school costs, clothing, etc. The boys send us letters and we read those as a family, so my boys are involved in that and know a bit about each boy. We send a little extra for them for a Christmas gift and I know you can just give at Christmas if you don't want to donate all year long, so I'm sure many organizations are set up like that as well.

In the past we've given to organizations that dig wells in areas where people live a LONG walk from clean water.
There are many options out there.
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Kellybeth, I *totally* get those flutters sometimes. Feels exactly like a baby in there. In my case, I'm certain it's gas orngtongue.gif
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I have gotten the 'flutters' consistently since I was pregnant with DD1.... It is so weird.  I have had it a few times since DS was born.  


KB- take the test!  I can't stand it!!!  I want to know.


We actually don't to vaxs either, but I love our doc and I like getting a weight and height measurement, although, they always are bad at taking the height.  


I think we have decided on a couple of items for DS from Nova Naturals... a small cloth doll (well 11 inches) and a sweater ball.  The girls will also think it is not great that DS is getting shafted, so I am trying to find something to buy him.  We always get books, and some food stuff....


Am getting excited for Thanksgiving!!!  My favorite holiday!

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My gosh, this talk of possible pregnancy! Truly my greatest fear right now.
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Originally Posted by Chloe'sMama View Post

L&G- your post makes me curious about how big all the kids are!!!!!


We have our 9 month appt in a few weeks, but I think liam is right around 20 lbs and I think around 29 inches....He can wear 6-12 and 12-18 clothes.  he has a rather small middle section so the stretched out hand me down clothes seem to fall off him and he end up sizing down.


Lou's only about 20 lbs (by my scale) but is super tall and is just solid-looking in general. DS2 was more of a stringbean but fit into bigger baby clothes for his age, too, but now he's average height/weight. DS1 (my biggest baby at birth at almost 12lbs and 24"!) is off the charts for height for his age but is starting to slim down. He's losing his baby cheeks! WAH! He's very "solid" looking too, and I bet DS3 will follow in his footsteps. These are all DH's genes. I'm tallish but I'm pretty birdboned, whereas DH's family is tall and really solid/athletic looking. 

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just did 9 month appt and lil' dude measured in at 18 3/4 lbs, and 28 inches long.  solid, round, eating like a maniac, but spending way more time crawling and cruising and keeping up with his siblings.


did well in the visit except we were seeing a different Dr. in our practice, and she played the 'dead baby card' when i said i wanted to talk about tetanus options.  i have 4 completely unvaxxed children and one (my eldest) partially vaxxed.  My eldest had a wound this summer that prompted me to get him the TD shot just in case.  But the Dr. this time pushed for me getting DTaP immediately since lil' dude is crawling.  when i asked- what are the risks of waiting til after a wound or until baby is a little older before getting the shot?  she replied- Your baby would die.  i saw red and probably turned colors b/c she finished that visit really quickly- we had been doing so well til then.  

Now, if it does take 2 shots to get a real safe buffer against tetanus, then let's talk about that, let's schedule a visit after i get some time to think.  If I'm a stay-at-home mom who does 99% of the wound care in my house and am good about seeking care when in doubt, i want to TALK about risks and care.  my Dr. said i could give him tetanus just from scratching him w/ my nails b/c it's so common.  i just get so riled up about the fear-mongering i get from medical professionals.  i'm going late, so my baby is going to die.  i drink raw milk, so my baby is going to die.  i have a homebirth so my baby is going to die.  i've heard it all and really try to seek WISE help, which generally avoids stating 'or your baby is going to die' as a persuasive factor.  i just don't have patience for that anymore- i've heard it too much.





hoping all you moms have good care providers who meet you where you are and can have honest and beneficial discussions about your baby's health and choices!!!

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Margot is 9 mo exactly today. Bittersweet. I can't believe how big she's getting! And so much her own person, just full of light and life and feistiness and humor. I'm so proud of her! smile.gif

At 9 months, she weighs 18lbs 9oz. I forget how long she measured. She's pretty lean looking but has that lovely baby belly.

She crawls really fast and can stand if holding onto something. Is desperate to play with older kids at the library. Her favorite toys are all balls. (So funny. I'm not athletic in the slightest.) Loves looking in the mirror and sticking her tongue out at herself. Also loves pictures of any baby but particularly herself. Vain little goose.

She says mamamama all day long, usually when tired or hungry. She does associate it with me though smile.gif Also says "BAPA!" for papa. Always said excitedly.

What else? She's pretty much exclusively breastfed. She gets vitamin D drops now that it's cloudy/cool. And noshes a bit of fruit or veggie each day, or maybe a nub of soaked whole grain bread. But she does this thing where she's desperate to eat what we're eating and looks SO PROUD and happy when we give her something we're eating.... then she takes a few bites and proceeds to play with her food. *shrug* We're waiting on allergy test results so I don't mind the slower food intro schedule. My MIL on the other hand thinks it's "ridiculous!!" that she's not eating more.

HouseofPeace, dang. I hate that BS. My husband is a student physician so we know a lot of doctors and I'm always quick to call him out when he makes excuses for crappy behavior. We haven't actually had much luck finding a provider who will not treat us like we're cuckoo bananas. And we do vax! We just ask A LOT of questions and don't always "go with [their] flow". Troublemakers, I guess.
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What a bunch of cr@p, HoP!  And we vax, too, but that's just an outright LIE.



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Doctors LOVE to play the dead baby card. Tetanus is something I'm super scared of (and can be scary of course) but that sort of fear mongering is downright manipulative. We are lucky to have a ped we love... finally... after going though many many many especially during DS1's babyhood. It's just so nice to have a ped who assumes I'm breastfeeding, co-sleeping, and asks me how *I* feel about vaxes instead of telling me how to feel. Because I'm officially still undecided, and will be forever, most likely. We've done on schedule, delayed, none, some, etc! I did just get my kids the chicken pox vax, though, because DH has shingles and I really didn't want them to get it right now. They're older, they reacted fine, it's all okay. Baby might get the pox though :).


www what vitamin D drops are you using? I need to start supplementing for Lou. My levels are rickets level unfortunately, so I can't count on my diet giving him what he needs.  

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I second the Cuss.gif. My doctor tried to play the dead baby card when I wouldn't get A FLU SHOT. There was some heavy silence in the room for a second, then I asked her for the studies backing her up and she couldn't supply them (and was embarrassed, I think) and never mentioned it again. When she was on vacation and another doctor had me for a check up she gave me an eyebrow raise and was like "I see you chose not to get a flu shot". I see you're one of those. For the record, we vax for everything else, I just have found zero evidence that has made me think that getting a flu shot would be more beneficial than not for healthy people.


We stopped giving her D drops in the summer because we spent so much time outside, but now that it's getting to be winter and Canadians are notoriously deficient in vitamin D, we're giving her D Drops again.


We have our 9 month appointment on Monday and I'm actually really excited to see how much she's grown officially (it's my family doctor, not the flu shot one from pregnancy). She's a pretty looking lean baby overall but feels like she's filled with sand when you pick her up. She has also been gaining a little bit of weight recently because she's been nursing a lot, which is likely due to a combination of cutting two new teeth, growth spurt/learning to walk, and my constantly putting her to the boob when she makes anything close to a "milk" sign to reinforce. A little extra chub for the winter is a good idea, since it's already below zero outside on most days.


... I made a similar comment with regard to my weight the other day but people don't seem to think it's quite as cute for adults. Silly double standards ;)

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Loveandgarbage- we went with babyD drops. they're wheat free, egg free, dairy free, corn free. I'm not sure if they're vegan? I like them alright so far because it's just one teeny drop a day as opposed to a huge dropperful.
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HoP- that's awful.

i'm also afraid of tetanus and that is the one vax i'm thinking about, especially since we go to the playground a lot and visit the chickens... she likes grabbing the metal fence which is rusty and gross. anyway. what crap! our pediatrician is totally cool with our no vax/flex vax/whatever. she's an AP mama and is pretty crunchy. 

also, i peed on a stick. it was negative. hubby about died in the store when i pulled a test out of the shelf.

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thanks mamas!  i am non-vaxxing, but not religiously set or unwilling to say 'hey- this one could be good right now'.  i was completely pro-vax until getting around people who said things like 'you're not smart enough as a mother to make these decisions for your child.  your pedi is not smart enough and can't make that decision either. in fact, no one can question vaccines except those making them and in labs.'  Tetanus is one that is totally on my radar.  but my sister had a reaction to the DTaP (she had other issues as well, but has a medically documented reaction to the pertussis vaccine) and is mentally impaired.  she works in a nursing home and they give the staff and residents pertussis shots annually, and she has to opt out annually.  I'm also weirded out that they do it annually.  if it's a vaccine, shouldn't just those who didn't get it recently have to get it each year????  my son got the Td, but i believe the kids have to be over 7.  after some research, i am planning to ask if we can access the DT for the younger kids to ease both our pain.  But it's mostly frustrating that we cannot have that conversation like adults in the first place.  "why do you not want the DTaP?"  "b/c of the P."  "could we do a version w/ out the P and get the kids protected against the ones that are scary instead of scaring mom into doing something she's not at peace w/?"  wow.  suddenly we can have some resolution! 


www and love-n-garbage, i'm gonna have to look into the D drops.  we've been doing fermented cod liver oil, but the baby doesn't like the cinnamon flavor.  it's funny how quickly medicine has shifted!  i gave cod liver oil to the my firstborn and the Dr. raised his eyebrows b/c it was unusual.  by my 5th, they're like 'give them cod liver oil year round.'  where do you get it?


 ... I made a similar comment with regard to my weight the other day but people don't seem to think it's quite as cute for adults. Silly double standards ;)

silly double standards!  we seem to have an issue as a society about allowing extra weight as a healthy option!  seriously, we're supposed to be rocking bikini bods under our bulky sweaters and layers of leggings and leg-warmers and skirts?  HA!  my husband and i totally joke about having our winter weight and summer weight.  i'd rather snuggle someone w/ a little extra in the winter too!  he loves it when i'm pregnant in the winter and calls me his 'pot-bellied stove' and i do make a lot of heat.  this morning we hid in bed til all the kids piled in and still didn't want to get up b/c we have a wood stove and it's COLD outside our blankets!  i'm not advocating junk food and ridiculous weight gain, but i get happy when my kids have a healthy fat layer.  and it does make illness a lot easier.  my kids all fast when really sick, and don't stay sick for long.  but 3 days of fasting would be TERRIFYING if they weren't carrying some good fat!


HA! KB!!!!  we also walk on a farm a lot, so i'm w/ you there.  sigh of relief?  oh man, when this group is having more..... AAAAAAAGH!

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HouseofPeace- hahah! I love it. I'd been carrying around extra nursing (okay... and cookie) weight for awhile. Lost all my pregnancy weight quickly after birth, then had a spirited/fussy baby and ate endless cookies and couldn't lose THAT weight once it was on. maybe 7 lbs? Idk. I don't own a scale, actually. But I felt the extra weight, kwim? And then last week I suddenly lost all that weight and I'm looking way thinner. Baby turned 9 mo yesterday so maybe it was time. Oh, the vit D drops I got off of Vitacost with our big order of other anti-sicky type stuff. (Colloidal silver, Echinacea, etc.)


I still haven't gotten AF back yet and hubby and I practice NFP for religious reasons... I mean, we really haven't DTD frequently at all because our baby is still in bed with us and she is SUPER attached to me and senses when I'm not right there. So we general have about five minutes to get it done. HA. Anyway, I still get paranoid about another pregnancy, mostly because I really want to space my kids around three years. I love what Chloe'smama reminded us of, that with ecological breastfeeding round the clock fertility probably won't return too soon. But still. I can't help but get paranoid when my hormones are wacky and give me random nausea and I have those panicked thoughts "OMG, what if......" I have a bulk supply of really simple test sticks so I have the luxury of testing whenever I really get the urge. So far I've tested twice in the span of about a month and both were negative.

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