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Queer Conceptions November

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:rotflmao Welcome to the November Thread! :rotflmao

Let's make some late summer 2014 babies

Please put your updates in BOLD.

GRADUATES: Please click here to share how you got your BFP!

Waiting to O whistling.gif




Fmorris28 chartnew.gif




Waiting to Know... Braving the 2ww fingersx.gif



Working on IVF


Taking a Break/Figuring Things Out/Waiting to be readywave.gif





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Excited for November!

isa- fingers crossed for you! Can't wait to hear tomorrow's news.

My appt with the endocrinologist is this Monday. Hopefully we'll have a plan for figuring out the weird blood results. Fingers crossed that it gets sorted out quickly because being in TTC limbo sucks.

Can't wait to catch up with all of the happenings on here.
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Thank you for the shiny new thread, Jam!


Hi Mama I was wondering how you were. Have you not been able to see an endocrinologist since they cancelled your IVF over a month ago? And did you ever get another chance to talk to the RE folks after that stupid phone call, like some more explanation? Any way, I hope your being stuck in limbo is over soon and you can start again. I hope at least you got to enjoy some nice fall running through leaves while waiting. 

btw - we're gonna try out the cheescake on your blog next week, it looks soo delicious.


afm - Had the final consultation before stim start yesterday, which gave us a big scare in the form of a cyst on my left ovary. There was talk of postponing. However it seems to be only the corpus luteum from last cycle, so when the blood work results came in today at noon (and after a very restless night and morning for me) I got the green light to go ahead with our IVF. phew...

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Isa: fingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.gif
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Thanks friederike! Phew! Thank goodness you are still proceeding as planned with the stim and IVF! TTC purgatory is no fun. It's like having detention while watching all your friends playing outside. I'm very excited for you and can't wait to hear more about the process and journey. The pumpkin cheesecakes were amazing. I ended up making that recipe 3x because DW and I finished (consumed) the first pan we had intended to bring to family thanksgiving. I made them again for the staff at DW's work last week too!

AFM- yeah been sitting on the sidelines for the past month and a bit because of the blood results. I sent 3 angry emails to the RE clinic, and received only one reply- basically confirming that they cancelled my IVF and that they will not proceed until I am cleared by a medical endocrinologist. I finally got an appt for Nov. 4, so I will find out what tests she will run to investigate. DW and I are so unimpressed by the RE clinic, but the reality is that all of the other competing RE clinics are even more scumbaggy, so we are really just stuck with them as our best option. The RE himself is quite nice, but there seems to be a force field of idiot nurses (not nurses in general- just these ones) surrounding him and we can never interact with him unless we have a medical procedure done.
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Happy November all!


Fille - Boo! I'm so sorry things didn't work out. Our cycles should be relatively close next month so I'll see you in the TWW  ;) I'm really glad you'll will get in a Nov try!


Pretty - Can't wait to hear tomorrow how testing goes!


Carmen and Fried - This was my first cycle on B6, vitex and progesterone. I hope that next month I see a bigger increase in my LP *cross fingers* a BFP of course would be ideal ;)


Mama - I'm keeping my fingers crossed that your appointments go well and things are sorted quickly!


AFM - Took a mental break from TTC while but I'm guessing I'll O about Nov 15 but my FF chart is confused because my cycle is completely different from when we were trying a few years ago. I don't want to delete the old info so I'm getting tempted to set up a second account that only has the new data. 


Here's hoping that Nov brings us some more BFPs!

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Hey, all, I'm definitely hoping for a good November for all of us!

I called my ob-gyn/midwifery practice yesterday asking about what next steps should be if I want to pursue fertility testing (after checking that my insurance does cover all diagnostic testing, even though infertility treatment isn't covered), and the doctor called me back and said, "We have a new visiting doctor every few weeks who's really knowledgeable about these things, and he'll be here Friday and Monday. So, let's schedule you an appointment." So, from a "what's next" inquiry to a Monday morning appointment with an RE in 5 minutes. That's good, if speedier than I was imagining, as my goal/hope is to get whatever testing needs doing done before the start of the new policy year for insurance. (I'm pretty much at my out of pocket max for this year, so shouldn't have to pay much if anything for testing if I can get it done by the end of December.) Of course, I'm hoping the tests will all point to fertility, as if there's anything wrong that a little persistence won't solve, I'm SOL on the financial front.

On a totally unrelated note, in my spare time I moonlight as a sexuality education teacher for littles (http://www.uua.org/re/owl/), and just got linked through our mailing list to this really interesting sounding book on teaching kids about where babies come from that's billed as being inclusive of all sorts of families and ways of making them: http://www.what-makes-a-baby.com. Proviso, I haven't read it, and a few of the Amazon reviews (mostly very positive) talk about the fact that it doesn't discuss the different types of families so much as talk about the biology of sperm and egg coming together in a way that doesn't favor the usual heteronormative story. But, I know I've read threads about trying to find more books for our kids to read that model our lives/families, so thought I'd share so that anyone who's interested can check it out. Would love to hear what you think, if anyone does get a chance to read it!
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Hi, everyone.  


I've been catching up on your frustrations and excitement, and following along.  Sorry I can't respond individually, but I'm rooting for you!


AFM, we are now 8dpiui and i'm dying to test, but lady is getting discouraged by too-early bfns, so she wants to wait until it will be more reliable, whatever the outcome. I understand that, but I am also DYING TO TEST, so i'm trying to keep myself under control.  luckily things are so insane right now that that is very doable.  I've got job applications, grading midterms and teaching, and I'm speaking at a big conference tomorrow, plus a friend is staying with us for that conference, so it's just pretty nonstop.


Hoping we all have good news soon! 

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Jam--Thanks for the new thread! I'm so excited to be able to christen it for you! wink1.gif

I got a BFP! Well, actually I got a call from the nurse saying, 'congratulations,' but i'm going to count it as the same thing! I go back on Monday and then Wednesday for beta doubling, and an ultrasound on the 13th to see how things are coming along, assuming all goes well until then. My beta seems insanely high to me--she said they like to see above 50, and mine was 537. She swore that doesn't necessarily mean twins, but we'll see!

Fille--that book is pretty good. It's a little too advanced for where we're at right now, but I like that it's technical without being specific about how the sperm and egg come together.

Fried--yay! I had a random cyst before stimming this time, too, but it disappeared completely.

Mama--so glad you're going to get in for an appointment soon!

Sandie--Fingers crossed! smile.gif
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Isa! Congrats! Very excited for you and looking forward to hearing how the numbers go. The hcg sounds high to me too, but I don't know much about ivf - how far along would you be considered at this point? 


Pook - do you usually ovulate pretty late in your cycle? I only ask because I think you were only a few days behind me in getting AF, and I'm pretty sure I'll O on Tuesday, 11/5, which will be cd 14 for me, so the 15th seems pretty far away? Oh, and ff might let you exclude some cycles when it does the stats and predictions - I think I had to do that at some point because my mc cycles were really confusing the stats.


I hope I can get back for personals for everyone else soon, but I've got to get ready for my early morning flight tomorrow. Sending good thoughts in all your directions!

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Lea, thanks! I'm 10dp5dt, or 4 weeks pregnant, depending.

Just coming back to ask that anyone who knows me irl or o. Facebook keep this a secret. Obviously it's a little early for a general announcement!
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Prettyisa! Yay! That's so exciting.
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Isa: Congrats! So exciting that I already got to graduate someone on November 1st! Hopefully you have started a good luck month for us all! 


File: That is a very quick appointment, awesome turn around.


Fried: Hopefully things get better, and the nurses pick up the game. I get frustrated with the nurses sometimes too with the comments they make, like asking if my DP is my sister, or assuming I had done ultrasound monitoring, or my favorite so far is being excited to see me back in the watch my HCG level rise when I had to correct them and say we're actually watching it come down from my MC. It's like common, read my file before I come in and educate yourself, you're dealing with sensitive women here. We only got to see the Dr at our first consultation appointment, haven't seen him again since, not even for our IUI!


Sandie: I thought it was soooo hard once we hit 8DPO not to test... the first week was a breeze and never thought anything about it and then as soon as we were in that last week stretch it was torture, I gave in at 10DPO.

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Isa: Woo hoo! Congrats :joy:joy:joy:joy:joy:joy:joy:joy 


jam: you can move me to the October graduates.

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Originally Posted by prettyisa View Post

Jam--Thanks for the new thread! I'm so excited to be able to christen it for you! wink1.gif

I got a BFP! Well, actually I got a call from the nurse saying, 'congratulations,' but i'm going to count it as the same thing! I go back on Monday and then Wednesday for beta doubling, and an ultrasound on the 13th to see how things are coming along, assuming all goes well until then. My beta seems insanely high to me--she said they like to see above 50, and mine was 537. She swore that doesn't necessarily mean twins, but we'll see!

Fille--that book is pretty good. It's a little too advanced for where we're at right now, but I like that it's technical without being specific about how the sperm and egg come together.

Fried--yay! I had a random cyst before stimming this time, too, but it disappeared completely.

Mama--so glad you're going to get in for an appointment soon!

Sandie--Fingers crossed! smile.gif


Wow! It seems like your first one was just born!! Congratulations!!

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Isa - What a fabulous way to start the month - congratulations! Dancing veggies are in order, no? banana.gifbroc1.gifcarrot.gifbanana.gifbroc1.gifcarrot.gifbanana.gifbroc1.gifcarrot.gifbanana.gifbroc1.gifcarrot.gifbanana.gifbroc1.gifcarrot.gif 

Sandie - I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you're next in line to get some dancing veggies  :D

Lea - I do O ~ CD20. Since I only spotted on 10/26 I'm counting 10/27 as CD 1 (per FF). 


AFM - I'm still spotting today (though barely) on CD7 which is incredibly odd for me. I usually have a quick 4 day cycle and that's that. Perhaps I things worked last month but just didn't stick.

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:blowkissHi Ladies!!


There are lots of happenings with you all, I am not sure where to begin!!  I am very excited about all the movement here though, and glad to be almost ready to be back among the action.


Mama, glad to know that you were able to finally get an appointment to move toward your next steps.  I hate to hear that the RE's office isn't so kind.  I hope you can just get thru the process and have the pos outcome you are looking for quickly.  I have learned that when I am actively going thru the ttc process it seems to take forever.  But when the bfp comes, it doesn't seem to have been so long, in the big scheme.  Looking forward to hearing more about your tests, and next steps.


Fried, So so glad you are cleared for your next steps!!  I am so excited for you to do your IVF...I have a great feeling about this for you!!  How are you holding up with all the testing and running back and forth to appointments?  Sending warm thoughts to you that it is all so worth it!


Pooka, Sounds like you are doing alot to lengthen your LT.  I am sure it will work for you this month...the VitB6 worked like a charm for me after a month.  And that's all I did that time.  I've read that the vitex takes a bit longer to show results, maybe 2 months, but with both and the progesterone, maybe that will do the trick.  What kind of progesterone are you taking?  Good look for FF.  I have used an app on my phone for tracking, so not familiar with it.  I am looking at more progesterone supplement, myself.  I'll keep you posted.:)  


Fille, Gook luck at your appointment.  I hope all your testing comes out with reassurance and or right next steps for you guys!!


Sandie, my fingers and toes are crossed for you guys!!  Thanks, btw, for being so open and honest about the "$ stress" of this process for same-sex cpls.  It's a crazy business, fertility.  One of the first midwifery consults I had, the midwife warned me that fertility was a business based model.  It has helped me to keep it in perspective.  Hopefully you won't have to be in this phase much longer.  Good luck with this last few days of the TWW.  Sending baby dust to you both<3


Isa, WHOO HOO HOO!!  CONGRATS TO YOU BOTH<3  i am so excited for you!!  Perfectly done.  How are you feeling??  Your quants sound great!  Good luck with the next week's round of testing and keep us posted.  So happy for you.


Lea, First of all, thank you for the information in your last personal to me.  It definitely helped me through the last phase of mc and getting ready to be back in the TTC mode.  Your strength is remarkable, and I know that one of these next couple of months, you will get the bfp with a healthy, happy baby!  Sending you positive vibes as you travel and insem/O.  Much gratitude, once again, to you and your supportive words!!


Jam, I'm glad you took the thread this month:)  Your RE's nurses sound horrible.  I think my DW would have told someone off if that were her.  We had to get over our OB doc confirming our mc in the hallway of the office.  We weren't too happy about that.  I don't know what to think about our OBGyn.  We are using them because that is who our Midwifery Practice uses.  Good luck with this cycle.  I am thinking about you and sending you lots of loving support!!


Redrock, how are you???  Feeling alright still?  Any 1st trimester symptoms yet??  Very excited for you<3  Have you gotten to tell a few ppl?  Have your gone shopping yet?:)  Thinking of you!!


Hello and baby dust to those of you I haven't sent personals to!!


afm, my hcg levels have dropped to 0.  Last week is the only time I will be happy to see a bfn on a hpt.  I am now waiting for AF to come, another thing I don't usually do:)  I am hoping that I will have a normal cycle and maybe start trying again.  The OB I'm working with won't release me to try before 2 full cycles.  Don't know why because there was nothing out of the ordinary with my mc and he hasn't done any other testing to know if there is anything else 'wrong'.  So not feeling like he's taking my personal situation into account.  I have put a call into my midwifery office, and they may consider releasing me after one cycle.  I have thought about it and talked with DW about it, and we are just going to see what happens.  If it feels right to try with my next cycle, we probably will.   If my prediction is correct, I may see AF at the end of next week.



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jwaite- I find too that sometimes doctors don't take our unique circumstances into account. I hope your next cycle is back to normal so that you can start trying again. 


pook- I have a short luteal phase as well, and while vit B6 did lengthen it by a day or two for one cycle, it didn't for subsequent ones. I was put on progesterone suppositories, which were great but messy. I was a bit tired on them, but it made it easier for me to sleep at bedtime (I have some insomnia problems), so I didn't mind.


fried- haven't been running at all actually. The school year has been insane for me so far, and I've got hockey, yoga, weight training, and a mixed martial arts conditioning class, each once a week, on top of my daily dog hiking duties. I feel good about the variety of activities, and since I'm not planning on carrying a baby, I feel some comfort in knowing that I won't have to "sit out" for 9 months from my higher impact sports. How are you? The fall weather is lovely for running though.

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Isa! Congratulations! Hooray! joy.gifjoy.gif That beta does seem awfully twin-like. I hope your second and third betas are similarly fantastic! fingersx.gif
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Congratulations prettyisa! I can't do dancing veggies on this computer for some reason so I am sending them to you mentally. I hope you have a healthy and happy 9 months!
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