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Congratulations Friederike! Wonderful news! I hope everything continues to move along perfectly.
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fille - I'm really sorry this go is a no go for you too. xxx


friederike DW just said that's amazing about your news - she knows your story and said she had a feeling too! I am praying for sticky bun this time xxx


It's unbelievable to me how bad the advice re IVF seems to be in the UK. I've had 4 people contact me about their 4+ IVF goes and not one of them has been told about endometrial scratching or laser assisted hatching. Crazy as far as I'm concerned!!!! Anyway I've been on an education drive!!!!

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fille- sorry to hear about AF :( . December will be a nice fresh start.


pook- Your story about the progesterone cream was cute! Keeping fingers crossed for you in this TWW!


friederike- HUGE HUG! I am so excited for you and your DW!!!!!!!! STicky sticky baby dust!!


liz and redrockband- Hi gals! How goes it on the pregnant side? Hope you're both doing great!

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Fried- :bgbounce:bgbounce:bgbounce:bgbounce Congratulations!! I look forward to hearing your beta results on Friday!


Pook- You are definitely not out this round. 9 DPO is still really early. I am crossing my fingers that your BFP is on it's way. That was a really cute story about your progesterone missing. How old are your LOs?


Jam- Yay for Illinois fertility coverage!


Fille: Sorry to hear about the arrival of AF.


Re: KD getting burnt out, I worry about the same thing. Our KD is related to my DP and DP has done most of the planning and talking with KD and I worry that he doesn't have realistic expectations of how long it might take or that it's too much if I ask him to do multiple insems a month. He is really sweet and totally seems willing to do whatever it takes, so I'm probably worrying over nothing.


AFM: Just waiting to O. Trying to plan things around going out of town and hoping my O will hold off until we get back.


dust.gif to you all!

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jwaite - What kind of progesterone did the midwives prescribe?


jam - I hope you are feeling better!!


hopeful - FX on timing for your insems. I had to do a bunch of tweaking this cycle because of Thanksgiving and it actually all worked out.


mama - ouch! I had 9 vials drawn the other day and I thought it would never end. Can you tell me why you are seeing an endo? I just had some testing done by my GP who consulted with an endocrinologist and it was a test that measured cortisol. It sounds like you might be tested for something similar.  


sandiegongp - how did the insem go? FX for you and your wife!


pookafaye - FX for you!!


fille - so sorry about AF - I got AF today too so it looks like we might be cycle buddies this go around. 


AFM - Can I please be moved to Waiting To O. The progesterone suppositories worked like a charm and I was able to delay AF until today. I went in for my baseline US and I got the green light for my menopur/clomid cycle. I start clomid on CD3 and Menopur on CD5.  I also ordered the swimmers which will arrive next week! My next appt is on CD8 for bloodwork and another US to see how the follies are doing. I am so glad the timing worked out but oh wow they quoted me the incorrect price for my Menopur and I am still in shock. Originally they told me 41 bucks a box with my 50% coverage but when I got to the register it turned out to be 110 per box (4 boxes are needed). DW is going to freak out about that because we budgeted much less. We also pay about 150 each time we go in for an ultrasound. I am hoping this Menopur does the trick otherwise we are definitely going to need to order from an online pharmacy going forward. We are also very fortunate that someone on this message board sent us her extra box of Menopur. It saved us over a 100 bucks. :throb 

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fried, SO excited for you!!!!!!!  keep us posted.  AHHHH!!! YAY!!!!


the KD discussion is interesting to read about, because in so many ways I think that's the ideal situation, but it has lots of its own quirks.  other than the cost and short longevity of frozen sperm, there are few hassles, which i never really appreciated, mostly because i was so mad about the cost.  i feel like all i do on here is bitch about money.  sorry, guys!


we did our 4th insem last friday, and lady is convinced the timing was wrong and reports no symptoms.  i've just pretty much given up hope that we will get pregnant this way.  it just seems so unlikely.  more and more i find myself assuming we'll be doing 2 more IUIs to qualify for a partially covered IVF.  i still have that little seed of optimism, but let's just say i would be BLOWN AWAY if we got pregnant this time.  if/when we get the bfn i will not be.  this process is really the worst.  it has contributed to these last 3 months being by far the hardest of my work life in terms of stress, what with appointments and distractions, but i imagine it would b ehard to deal with even if everything else going on were normal and lovely.  ugh.

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Darcy - Yay for nicely timed O! Boo for badly quoted meds! 


Hopeful - Some other people are using the progesterone products to delay O for holiday travels. I got mine via Amazon - not sure if you'd still have time to have it ship or could have it shipped where you're going. Good luck! As to your question about my little ones: DW and I became foster parents after failing TTC years back. Our daughter, Miss S, is now 2 1/2 and came home when she was 2 days old. Mr A is 14 months old and has been with us since he was 4 months old. We know he's not going anywhere before July, but his bios could still pull it together. One of the reasons we're TTC now is that he might leave and there would be a bigger gap between Miss S and the new baby - especially if we waited until after we knew about Mr A in July


Fried - It would be awesome to graduate with you this month - I'm still so happy for you!


AFM - Is it wrong that I've been waiting to update until i could say that my cycle had hit? I keep expecting it, but it hasn't come yet and I'm caving in to an update ;)  The spotting picked up again Monday afternoon and has continued since but it still very light. I don't have any other symptoms that don't just seem premenstrual and my morning tests continue with the BFNs. I know that it may seem early to some - but I've had as short as a 7 day LP (usually 8 or 9) and got 11 last month with progesterone cream. I haven't expected a full affect, given that I missed the first several days due to the toddler shenanigans. Today was 10 DPO for me so I'm likely to start tomorrow or Thursday (Happy Thanksgiving!). Gah - I feel like finally updating is sure to jinx me and I'll have to come give a disappointing update in the morning.


I'm enjoying the KD discussion too. I agree that people who have agreed to do such an amazing thing for us are likely to want to go the extra mile too. It was definitely the exact sentiment that our KD expressed in the first couple of months. Just when I started to get comfortable with it though it got a little weird this month. Here's hoping it's a fluke and the air will be clear if we need to try again next month.

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Yep - not even 24 hours and I'm back to report that I'm definitely out this round. On to December!

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Pookafaye - so sorry you are out. I haven't been back long enough to remember how long you have been trying. Has it been long?

Sandiegongp - TTC takes such an emotional toll on us, too. Fx crossed for a bfp for you this month. Let me know if you ever want to get together IRL and bitch about money and this crazy process!
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Number of the day: 320 at 15DPO.

Which makes me think......double trouble? Anyways, it seems very stable right now, so I think I am ready to graduate.
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Wooohooooo Friederike!!!! So happy for you!! How are you feeling?
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Friederike - for you as it's been so long coming:



pook-  sorry to hear you're out but hope you get success soon!!!! xx :Hug

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Fried - my 15dpo beta was 281 and I have twins. ... betas have a wide range of normal, but how do you feel about multiples?
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Mrs - right now? Terrified *lol*

I know it can mean nothing and everything right now. If it happens I'll hope and pray for a healthy pregnancy and term birth (that is the scariest part of multiples for me). I am guessing the first year is the hardest, with the breastfeeding and sleep deprivation, but after that it might even be easier than having siblings. There's always a play mate around and they can entertain each other a bit.
Luckily maternity benefits for parents of multiples are very good here, so if it happens we might just both stay home for the whole 14 months.
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Hey everyone! It has been a little while. I decided to stay away from the forum for a little. I was getting stressed out and was feeling unmotivated. So try number 3 (which involved a shot of ovidrel) did not work in October. A couple of ultrasounds could not confirm whether or not she had ovulated.
We moved on to try number 4 for the month of November.They put her on Clomid and gave her the hcg trigger. She had 3 nice size follicles when we did the IUI. That was 13 Nov. We had a small meltdown last weekend because she spotted and swore her period was coming. It didn't. We started testing Monday. Every day was negative. Then we tested yesterday,Thanksgiving morning. BFP. Seriously.
We were so excited and spent the day NOT telling all of our family.
Then this morning, BFN. We were worried. We called the DR who told us to come in for blood work. We had the results within an hour of leaving the office. We are pregnant smile.gif they gave her some progesterone to take and she goes back for blood work Monday. We couldn't be more excited. Anyway, I'll be spending sometime catching up on what has been happening with all of you so I'll write personals later. I just couldn't wait to share with you guys. Hope all is well!
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congrats agrex!! that is amazing!

Darcy- we were all set to start our meds for our IVF cycle when some routine bloodwork revealed really elevated cortisol. My RE cancelled the cycle and I've been seeing an endocrinologist since then. I had to do the 24 urine test and dexamethasone suppression test and get the results on Tues. I also had an unusually high prolactin back in June, which we are also looking into. How about you? How did your results go and what is your plan of management?
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Mamaetmaman – I am sorry you’ve hit another bump in the road, such a frustrating thing to want to try and being told you can’t.


Agrex – I am so excited for you! I am glad your doc was able to ease your fears. Also, sending you sticky bean vibes!


Friederike – WHOOOOO HOOOOO! Such a long awaited BFP! I can only image the thoughts going through your head with the impending multiples!!!!! When do you have your first ultrasound? Also, how exciting that you couple both be home for 14 months!


Pookafaye – That is such a cute, funny story with your progesterone! I am sorry you’re out L Hope December is your month!


Sandiegongp – Money is a huge hurdle and real life problem for a lot of us TTC, which is why I’m out until at least January L


DarcySD – I am feeling much better, thank you! I am glad your progesterone worked! How frustrating with the misquoted price! It’s hard enough when we know all the facts, let alone when you find out it’s not correct. I hope DW understands and it works out. Fingers crossed out all this planning and prep work is going to pay off!


Hopeful22 – The insurance is a great, great feeling even though it stinks to wait out these past few months. Hope your timing works out for you!


Fillefantome – My cat does the exact same thing, when you’re on the computer he wants to be right in between you and stop you from typing. I’m sorry AF showed up L


AFM – Just celebrating the holiday with our families in Michigan. It has been a kind of nice time to step away from TTC and be thankful for the things we do have. Plus, for some reason, AF never came this month. Not sure what is going on but makes me again, glad that I didn’t “waste” a try and we’re waiting until 2014 to try again. And I need this time to figure out what’s going on. Sorry I haven’t been on to move people around these past few days but I believe I have everyone caught up now. I love that I have been able to graduate so many people this month; it really was a great feeling!


Anyone want to take over the thread for December? 

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Agrex - wow! Congratulations!! This will definitely be a Thanksgiving to remember!

Mama - I had the same test you mentioned and I saw the results online but don't know what they mean. It came up as <1 whatever that means! Hopefully I will be hearing from the doc soon. I am glad you will have some answers on Tuesday. Good luck!!

Jam - so glad you are enjoying time with your family! I will take the thread if no one else wants to. Would you be able to tell me how to start the new one?
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Agrex -yesssss! How exciting and wonderful. More August babies. How are you guys feeling right now?
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agrex - whooo hoooooo that's fantastic news!! :joy:joy:joy:joy:joy:joy:joy


August baby = leo, the best!

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