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Lea - it looks like you had perfect timing, I'll be rooting for my should have been 2WW buddy smile.gif hoping for an amazing birthday present as well joy.gif

Pook - weekend insems always seem ideal and much easier on the work life balance!

Pretty - yes we're in the suburbs but would love some IRL friends smile.gif hopefully for some future play dates smile.gif thanks for the tips and we did figure it would be $35 each visit but still much, much cheaper and once I reach the $1500 out of pocket max then it's all completely free so that makes it a little more manageable to pay $35 each time. As far as the marriage thing, for the first year you can fill out some paperwork and get your civil union "upgraded" to a marriage for free smile.gif I have a great email pamphlet on the changing info if you want to PM me your email I can send it to you to check out, pretty good info for us smile.gif

Sandiego - I can't even imagine the emotional roller coaster you're having to go through, hopefully you don't need all those 3 vials, which would be great! I love that sign too!

Darcy - hopefully your timing work out for you!

Rooting for everyone smile.gif
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SanDiegongp - sorry to hear you're out. It is simply put f*cking hard. I can only suggest to rely on your partner and give each other strength.

Darcy - an Antagonist protocol with 300 IE Menopur HP starting CD3, 0,25 Cetrotide (the supressor) starting CD 7. trigger CD 12, retrieval CD 14. From what I learned Menopur (hMG) is better than Gonal f for low responders because the added LH gives better results in quality and quantity. Also the antagonist protocol is much better than a long one because the down- regulation with Lupron suppresses the ovaries so much it could stop everything. A BCP cycle might in advance be beneficial to get better results.

Thank you for the good wishes. My next appointment is on monday and I am very anxious about the results. It is also quite possible that DW can't come with me for the retrieval on wednesday due to work. We asked my mother-on-law in that case, because I legally need sb. to accompany me after the general anesthesia, but of course it isn't the same. DW also won't be around for transfer due to travel abroad, but I don't mind that one much as the procedure is not as painful and scary. Oh well, she does it to earn the cash this all costs us.
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Well mixed emotion today... I have continued to POS even though we agreed we would wait and today I got a positive on my SMU... Not sure if it's a real positive or not but makes me kind of sad to not be going in for an IUI tomorrow.

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Darcy, I used injectable medication (follistim) with iui after I had several failed clomid/iui cycles. I never got to ivf because I conceived twins on our second injectable cycle.

Also, friederike, I only had two follicles. And I just changed both of their diapers.

fx for all of you. I still haven't forgotten how crappy and frustrating that process was for me.
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fmorris: Sorry to hear you/DP have been sick, but how exciting to be planning your wedding!

Jam: wishing you all the patience (that I mostly don't have) for your wait until January. And yay for good insurance coverage, even if it doesn't kick in for a couple of months!

sandiegongp: I totally agree with you that this group is a lifesaver. As someone doing it on my own, it feels especially valuable. I have some people in my life who know I'm TTC, but nobody who wants to hear all the minutiae of the process (see below for lots and lots of said minutiae). And nobody that really knows what I'm going through. It's so nice to come on here and know that everyone understands.

fingersx.gif for everyone waiting to O (fmorris28, pookafaye, sandiegongp, DarcySD) and waiting to know (Lea--especially for exciting birthday news).

And, Friederike, I'm crossing my fingers especially hard that those 2 follicles are strong and hearty! fingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.gif

AFM, had the ultrasound and HSG on Friday. No actual results yet on these or the blood tests--won't actually know anything until my appointment on Dec 13.

Honestly, the HSG was horribly painful. This may have been partially my own fault, because they didn't tell me to take Advil in advance of the procedure, and even though I'd read that maybe I should, I thought "well, they didn't say to, I'll just wait and see how I feel after." Bad call. First of all, there was a whole lot of poking around, and not being able to reach my cervix and clamping things and dilating things, and getting a new speculum and starting all over again before they even did the whole dye bit. Not fun, at all. During this part, the RE (same one from earlier this week who said LP length isn't important) said my cervix was really tightly closed and that he needed to dilate it to get the catheter in, and maybe the "sperm just couldn't get in." At the time, I was in too much pain to think this through, other than thinking "aren't sperm pretty small?" and asking him, "well, if you've dilated my cervix, will it stay more open afterward or will it go back to its previous tightness?" Well, on the drive home (after the ginormous dose of Advil kicked in), I thought to myself, "wait, isn't cervical position and openness one of those things that changes throughout the cycle?" I've never been able to tell how open my cervix is by feel, but I have normal periods, so I imagine it must open up at the usual times in my cycle. Anyway, the cervix is supposed to be closed at CD12 if, like me, you typically don't O until CD14 or later, right? (I'm officially taking everything this guy says with a huge grain of salt.)

Anyway, when the RE finally did the dye injection, only my left tube spilled correctly--the other didn't have any dye go through it at all. Obviously, even if I'm not going to get official results of any of these tests until next month, this is cause for concern. But, I did some reading yesterday, and it turns out that if the apparent blockage in the tube is at the uterus end, this can actually be caused by a spasm, and might not actually mean that tube is blocked (there's a 15% false positive rate because of this type of spasm). Oh, and, I also learned something else crazy and amazing along the way--you'd think that if the tube on one side is blocked, you'd only have a chance of pregnancy in months where you ovulated from the ovary on the unblocked side, but apparently, the open tube can sometimes pick up the egg from the blocked side. You might not have quite as high a chance of pregnancy, but it's not halved by any means. Fascinating!

Anyway, I continue to be skeptical about this RE, and hopeful that the results of all this testing will be academic because I'll get pregnant this cycle and will be able to cancel my follow up with him to talk about whether I can or can't get pregnant in favor of a first prenatal visit. Still hoping for that post-HSG fertility, even if it may be only the one tube!

Also, this was mostly amusing, but the nurse for the HSG clearly didn't know I was queer/using donor sperm and was talking about how TTC can really be stressful on your sex life, but how it was "quality, not quantity," and how the HSG could help with fertility, "so maybe tonight is the night." (For the record, if I was having sex with a guy, nobody would've been sticking anything anywhere last night. Ouch at the very thought.) She was being very nice--friendly throughout and solicitous when I was feeling a bit shaky after--and I didn't feel like having a conversation with her about how different from the scenario she was describing my actual life and experience were, so I just nodded and smiled. Yup, maybe tonight's my lucky night... or at least, some afternoon next week when I get a chilled vial of semen via Fedex. A girl can hope, anyway.
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Friederike, thanks so much! it has been an absolute joy to plan so far! I'm wishing you the best with your ivf!

lizbian, thanks love! it's easier than I thought. So far the hardest thing is dress shopping!

RedRock, I was around lol! Congrats to you though!! And thanks for the congrats as well!! good luck with everything!

Isa, i'm starting to feel normal again thank goodness. I've missed eating real food! Im so excited about this whole wedding experience. Its gonna be great! Congrats on the BFP! What an exciting time for you as well. GL!

Jam, Thanks a ton! Wedding planning luck would be right on time! I'll keep my fx for that wonderfulness lol. And thanks for asking..our health is doing much better. What a great deal on the insurance! That's fabulous!!!

Lea, thanks! DP and I are both back on the up and up thank you!! I hope you have a great birthday surprise!

Pokey, good to see you round these parts! Thanks for the congrats! We're so excited as well. I'm planning wedding photos in Times Square and at the Brooklyn Bridge so it'll be unforgettable! Next step..get our +1 here!

Darcy, Thanks! I haven't tried Menopur so not sure on that one. If all goes as planned this way we'll be inseminating around the same time. My go week is the first in December. FX for you!

Fille, THanks, it was terrible feeling bad, but all is well now. I'm so excited to plan this special day! Sorry your HSG didn't go so well. How inconsiderate of them to leave out the Advil detail!

AFM, not much but stocking up on mye ovulation tests and wedding planning. I've gotten so many wonderful people that are willing to officiate our wedding and all have been well within budget (which is an extra plus lol). I'm ecstatic with the venue I found and think it's going to be a beautiful day. DP and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary yesterday. We enjoyed a nice day together and I baked her a little anniversary cake. We've had 5 special years together and I can't wait for more. Here's the cake I made for her!

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darcy-I used Menopur with Femara and IUI. In fact, Cananny gave me some of her leftover Menopur after she conceived her triplets! What a lucky box! I also conceived on the second round with injectables. I had several follicles but only one baby so it is possible to have a singleton with injectables, but I seem to be in the minority on that one. We went to the injectable combination after 3 natural cycles, 3 with clomid and 1 with Femara. I miscarried on my 3rd Clomid round. My lining got progressively thinner. If your lining is good with Clomid, this new plan could work quite well. I'm glad your HSG was clear. Good luck!
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Jam - Thank you! I remember feeling that way the first month I was taking a break. I am glad you will be starting back up very soon. I am so glad to hear about your insurance benefits. That is really exciting. 


Friederike - Thank you for the info on Menopur. She has me taking 100mg clomid from day 3-7 and starting 150mg of Menopur on day 5 with a check in on CD8. If we have to do IVF I will keep all that information in mind. How are you doing? I hate when DW can't be at the appointments but it's something I have gotten used to because her work schedule is much less flexible than mine. I hope everything goes smoothly for you this week. 


mrsandmrs - I think I remember reading along when you were trying! Did you do back to back insems? Was there any difference between your first injectable cycle and the one where you got your bfp? Do you remember how they decided when you would trigger and insem or what cycle day it was for you? I am going to be traveling around cd9-cd11 and I am concerned about ovulating early. Thanks for the support!


fille - I absolutely hated the HSG. It was only painful for me while they were inserting the speculum but I actually cried out from the pain. I had moderate cramping after the procedure but it went away once I got into bed. I hope you get answers soon enough and that it was just a spasm. 


fmorris - What a pretty cake - is that funfetti? !! Happy Anniversary and I look forward to being cycle buddies with you. 


pokey - Thanks so much for sharing your experience. How much Menopur did you take? Any big differences between your first round vs the second? Did you do 1 or 2 insems? Do you remember what cycle day you had the insemination done? I am going in on CD8 but I wonder if they will make me come back for more monitoring. So far my lining has held up on my other clomid rounds. The does is higher this time so we will see what happens. Thanks again for your help!

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Hi, everyone!!


It's so interesting to hear about injectibles IUIs leading to pregnancy, since our RE has never really presented them as a possibility, just that we would try our 6 IUIs then head to IVF.  I'm so interested in what you all did, Pokey, Mrsandmrs, and Darcy where you are headed.  I feel like I missed a step with you, Darcy, what led your RE to suggest injectibles for your IUI?  We have done Clomid and Ovidrel these last 2 of our 3 IUIs, and on the very last one added progesterone, but that's it on the meds front.  


Lady's AF arrived, and we have our first appointment of our next cycle on Wednesday.  We also just applied for an IVF grant, which I realize is a longshot, but girls can dream, right?  Our first of our 3 REs, the far away one, sounds amazingly cheaper for IVF, although we never seem to get the full story from the financial person until we've started working with someone, so who knows what is or isn't covered or included, but we're talking 5k less, maybe more?  They're 90 minutes away, so that could get extremely annoying (how often do you have to go to the RE during an IVF cycle?), but for such a huge price difference, it could be the only real way this is possible.

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Hello everyone,
After much delay in begging able to set up an account, I'm finally joining this board. I'm a queer single mom of a 10 year old (previous relationship) and now finally pregnant on my own.
Sandie- I used injectable meds for 6 of 8 iui cycles. Puregon and ovidrel. I got pregnant on fourth cycle but had slow rising hcg levels and knew it wasn't viable (although it continued to rise for nearly 8 weeks to mc).
I switched to a new RE because I knew he had different protocols and I was tired of my RE not seeming that interested in offering anything new other than "time to move to Ivf!" Ivf with new RE is $4k cheaper. He was confident that switching to intramuscular injections would help...and it did!
12dpo 25
14dpo 75
18dpo 492
22dpo 2333
I have ultrasound early next week. Nurse offered another hcg in 4 days if I want just to be reassured.
I'd definitely check med coverage before injectables. My clomid cycle was $50. My puregon cycles were $1500-$2000. Gulp! Insurance covers lifetime of 12 cycles so I was getting worried! I've not submitted the past three bc I was waiting to see if I should save coverage for Ivf ($6k in meds). I know driving further is a difficult decision but I'm super happy I switched my RE!
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Jam—Oh, I get it with the civil union. I think my mom was planning to get married because they want to file taxes jointly for this year. I’ll pass on the info, though, in case they get lazy and miss the Jan 1 deadline. As for IRL friends, we’ve got a really great group of queer parents that get together fairly frequently. Some came from this board, some from blogs, and some from elsewhere. It’s pretty amazing—none of our friends from before we had E have kids now, so all of our parent friends are from the internet. I’m sorry about the skipped cycle—being on a break can be great, but it also really sucks to know you’re missing a chance. Still, January is so close!

Fried—I’ve been thinking of you—how did things go yesterday? If it’s helpful at all, the retrieval wasn’t painful for me either time. I definitely felt slow and a little sore afterwards, but nothing like actual surgery. I’m pretty good on anesthesia, though, so if you have a worse reaction to it, it definitely could suck more. I know some places do it under local, but I was really glad to just go to sleep and wake up later. Crossing my fingers that things go really well!

Fille—I’m so sorry it hurt. That sounds awful. Also, I must not be following along closely enough, but why would you not be able to get pregnant with one open tube? Plenty of people do (as you said). And there are no other Res you can use? That guy sounds like a tool.

Fmorris—cute cake and card! Happy anniversary! I had so much fun wedding planning—now I just live vicariously through pinterest…

Darcy—if you don’t mind taking an extra pill, baby aspirin is supposed to help with your lining—my RE even prescribed it to me when mine was getting too thin and it did help. Good luck!

Sandie—um, you go a lot. Like, every other day for a week or two, and then every day for a week, plus retrieval, transfer, follow up pregnancy/beta tests and then, hopefully, confirmation ultrasounds. That’s a lot of time and gas money, but I don’t think it would come anywhere close to 5K, so if you can swing it with your job and things, it’s probably worth doing. Mine had hours starting at 6:30am, so I could go before work, but they only did the monitoring stuff in the mornings, so check and make sure you can make it fit into your schedule.

Hi Sevie! Congrats on your pregnancy! It must be great to see those numbers rising so nicely after your previous experience. I hope you have a great u/s!

AFM—I’ve got my u/s tomorrow. We’ve gone back and forth worrying that this isn’t real, but now I’ve got a pretty steady set of (mild) symptoms, so I’m feeling better. I wish it was today, though, so I can stop worrying (and wondering if there’s one or two in there!), but another 27 hours of waiting isn’t going to kill me.
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Thank you so much for thinking of me, Isa. We saw the 2 follies at 22mm yesterday and two more little ones at 11mm, which almost certainly won't grow enough to produce any mature eggs. I am leaving for Berlin in a couple of hours and will have the procedure at 9am tomorrow. Luckily DW can be there with me. I'll post an update afterwards. Oh and by the way, I'll be talking to people from a BBC documentary on TTC on thursday, which is exciting. Liz initiated that contact (Thank you!).


Darcy - I heard the clomid - Menopur combination is even better to produce good results in low responders.


Sandie - I went on CD 1 the cycle before, then a mid cycle visit both for blood draws, US and examinations. Then on CD1 of the IVF cycle, on CD 6 (starting the antagonist), CD 11 (trigger day). Then retrieval and TF. So 7 visits.


Welcome Sevie. And big congrats on your pregnancy.


fmorris - what a yummy cake. Your future wife is one lucky gal.

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Fried - good luck tomorrow! I'm glad dw is able to join you!


Isa - good luck with your ultrasound!


fille - that sounds like such a frustrating experience on so many levels. I hope you're able to get some great information after having to endure all of that and that if you need to work with an RE in the future you might have the option of working with someone else? They seem a bit clueless in terms of cultural competency...


fmorris - congrats on your anniversary. It must be nice to have other big positive life things to focus on besides ttc.


jam - taking those few months off was really hard for me - especially each month when ovulated right on schedule. But, I'll tell you what many other wise folks on this board told me: January will be here before you know it!


sandie - sounds like you're doing lots of good research and prep. I hope that you have great luck with this next cycle!


I'm 8dpo. DP and I are negotiating when we will start testing. She keeps asking me if I think I'm pregnant, and I keep telling her that there is no way to know because 1) implantation may not have even happened yet and 2) progesterone makes me feel like crap, so I can't tell what is what. She does not find my responses very satisfying. The weekend can't come soon enough. But I have a super busy and challenging few days of work ahead, so hopefully I'll remain appropriately distracted. Emotionally I'm feeling pretty good right now, so I'm hoping I handle the next few days progesterone better than I did last month. 

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Originally Posted by DarcySD View Post

pokey - Thanks so much for sharing your experience. How much Menopur did you take? Any big differences between your first round vs the second? Did you do 1 or 2 insems? Do you remember what cycle day you had the insemination done? I am going in on CD8 but I wonder if they will make me come back for more monitoring. So far my lining has held up on my other clomid rounds. The does is higher this time so we will see what happens. Thanks again for your help!

I will have to see if I can find my old notes to be more specific, but I will answer your questions as well as I can. I believe I took 2 or 3 vials of Menopur at a time depending on my doctor's instructions. They will teach you how to mix them together. I think I took 2 more often the second time because my doctor was concerned about having too many follicles. I went in for u/s monitoring every other day so you will probably have to go back in until they see that the follicles are ready to trigger. I don't know if you do OPK's, but I wish I had not done them because I got false positives that freaked me out. I know they were false positives because I did not O until after the trigger shots. I think the first cycle I O'd on day 14. The second cycle I O'd on CD12. I took a month off in between injectable cycles. My O got earlier because at some point before the injectables I stopped taking Vitex. My cycles had gotten longer with Vitex, mostly because my O was later. The earlier O worked for me because that was when I got pregnant. I don't recall the meds making my O earlier or later. We did 2 insems each time, but that may not have been totally necessary because the trigger shot made the timing pretty obvious. I had the inseminations done about 12 hours apart with the second one being closer to 30-36 hours after trigger. The big difference between the first and second round was the timing. I think we triggered and insemmed a little too early the first time. I had a lot of follicles near maturity and my RE didn't want another octomom. The second time we waited a little longer. I was encouraged because several people in the forum got pregnant their second round with injectables. Not that you can't get pregnant the first time, of course, but the knowledge helped me go for that second time with hope. As @prettyisa mentioned--I did take low-dose aspirin. My RE recommended it because it helps with the side effects of the injectables, but I took it the whole cycle just in case it helped with lining and implantation as well. I wish you all the best!
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I am typing all of this on my phone so I hope it's not a jumbled mess.

Sandiegongp - I think she suggested it because I just came off a long break with 2 Clomid tries and 4 natural cycles before that. I guess she didn't want to waste any more time especially with my low Amh, afc, lpd and now being 35. Also, my insurance covers 50% of the Menopur so the cost is a lot less than I originally thought it might be. My Kaiser plan does not cover IVF so this is the next best thing without breaking the bank.

Sevie - welcome and congrats!!

Isa - thank you - I was actually taking aspirin for my last two Clomid rounds. I will definitely start taking it daily again.

Friederike - so happy dw can be with you tomorrow!!!

Pokey - wow! Thank you for taking the time to type all of that out. It's really helpful because most likely CD9-CD-12 will land over Thanksgiving weekend and I know for a fact my RE won't be open a couple of those days. We also will be traveling during that time. We might have to wait until next month to try. Would you ever consider taking progesterone to lengthen the cycle? Currently my lp is 9-10 days at most and if I start taking progesterone now I wouldn't have to worry about the holiday closures. Do you remember how many follicles you had the first try? Did she trigger you early so that the smaller ones wouldn't have time to mature? Thanks again!
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You're welcome Darcy! I might consider taking progesterone to lenghten my cycle but it didn't really work for me. I have heard it works for other people though. Have you tried B6 to lengthen your luteal phase? I did find that helpful. Trying to schedule monitoring and in insem over Thanksgiving does not sound fun at all. It might be worth waiting especially because you are traveling. The first try I think I had around 8 follicles that were getting close but probably only 2 or 3 that were really ready. It's all kind of a blur. We did trigger a little early so that the smaller ones wouldn't be ready. We didn't want to have a higher risk of mulitples. The second time there were probably around 4 follicles that were close to mature. We got one baby. We may be the exception.
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good luck tomorrow Friederike!! I hope your recovery is swift. I am glad DW is there with you.
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Originally Posted by DarcySD View Post

mrsandmrs - I think I remember reading along when you were trying! Did you do back to back insems? Was there any difference between your first injectable cycle and the one where you got your bfp? Do you remember how they decided when you would trigger and insem or what cycle day it was for you? I am going to be traveling around cd9-cd11 and I am concerned about ovulating early. Thanks for the support!

I'd have to go read my old posts for all the details, but I do remember that I ovulated earlier than I normally did with the injectable meds. I was usually around CD16 with clomid, and I think we went on cd 12 or so with follistim. That said, in your shoes, I'd be tempted to take prog. To lengthen my cycle for slightly more optimal timing? I don't know where you are right now so maybe that's not even an option any more.
For my bfp cycle, I did two insems, one much too early IMHO, based on my fertility clinic's protocol, around 12 hours after my trigger shot. My second insem was 36 hrs after hcg trigger. They had to officially warn me that 2 insems had a higher rate of multiples, and I do have twins now, but lots of people have singletons. The sperm we used on that cycle had insanely high counts. It is something of lore around this messageboard that really high sperms counts can make a difference. I know that the lab guy who thawed the samples was losing his mind because he'd never seen such high numbers. I was also taking coq10, baby aspirin and metformin. I took progesterone after ovulation, after tests showed my levels were low. Also, I got the truly awesome experience of having an ultrasound the day after my second insem, when I got to see that both of my follicles had ovulated. Seriously, it was the coolest experience of my ttc process to see the ruptured follicles! And now, to see the sweet faces of those ruptured follicles. Man, I'm sappy, but it was pretty emotional for me.

They decided when we would trigger based on 2 things. First, follicle size. I think they wanted them to be over 20, but I've heard that bigger is better. I have a vague memory of them being around 22 or so. Second, they were testing my estradiol levels every day from cd8 on, so we knew there were 2 mature eggs inside my 2 large follicles. You can't get much more precise than that, knowing how many there are and how mature they are. I loved knowing my e2 levels. It gave me so much optimism when I was losing faith in the process.

What was different on the cycle that worked from my injectable cycle that didn't work?
I took a slightly higher dose of follstim from the beginning of the cycle, so I had 2 good eggs. I only had 1 mature egg on the lower dose but I understand that they have to start lower bc they don't know how you will respond and, like pokey said, they want to avoid octomom. I mean, my clinic was pretty opposed to triplets and said they would require waivers if we had a cycle that might result in triplets, or cancel the cycle if it could result in anything higher. on the cycle that worked, I did 2 insems for the first time. It was the same donor, but I think the sample was better. I also had an insanely high sex drive on the cycle that worked. Tmi, maybe, but it was like, a lot of sex. And I do think that progesterone made a big difference for me. I got pg on my second cycle with prog. So I was left feeling like my clomid cycles were a waste of time. But that was just my experience, obvs everyone universally does not need progesterone.

Anyway, that's all I can think of. I am wishing you all the luck. Take care of yourself through this crazy journey. And it is most definitely a journey, which was really hard for me to remember along the way. i thought I would get pregnant and then I would have succeeded at getting pregnant. But getting pregnant is just the beginning! Im wishing lots of baby dust, good timing and luck for you.
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We got 3 eggs. Fingers crossed they fertilize. It's a bit painful down there now but the procedure isnt that bad. All our docs and nurses were super nice.
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Fried! Three! That's great news! I was hoping there'd be an extra one floating around in there for you! Now just hoping to hear good news from the fertilization!
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