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Fried that's great! Wishing you luck with the fertilization and transfer fingersx.gif

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Woo hoo, Fried!
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Pretty - I'm dying to hear if you heard a heartbeat this morning! I see that a lot of people are lingering online this morning, I think we are all hoping to hear your good news!


Fried - Yay for 3 eggs!


Fille - I'm so sorry your HSG was so uncomfortable. When we worked with an RE before they were strongly encouraging one and I was really anxious about it. I've definitely heard that it increases your chances of conception for a few months though. Let's hope it does the trick!


Fmoriss - Happy Anniversary!


AFM - It's CD18 for me. I'm still anticipating O on CD20 but I could get a pos OPK as early as today. Either way, by Friday I'll be in the TWW. I was able to get in two insems already on Mon/Tues and KD is open to continuing daily as long as we need to, which I'm super grateful for. In our previous tries we haven't been able to get a try in on O day, just multiple days leading up to it. 


I know that we want every cycle to be the one, but it would be really nice if it happened now and I didn't need to put grad school off a year. We have decided that we'll keep trying though. A second child is really important to us and everything is still in such limbo surrounding out foster son that we're reaching the point where his bio-dad will have the chance to sink or swim. His bio-mom went MIA  few weeks back out of nowhere when I thought she was doing really well. Gah! Fostering is such a roller coaster of emotions.

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Pokey - thanks again for the advice. I just started taking B6 so that should help with a day or so. In the past, taking progesterone has helped me have a 13-14 day luteal phase. Any advice on how to go about working with a midwife who makes house calls? I would love to have that option. Does she work with your clinic?

Mrs - thanks for all that information. It is incredibly helpful because I didn't realize how much monitoring is needed with injectables. I am on CD20 so I will most likely start progesterone tonight to see if that gives me half a chance on the timing for next cycle. I remember you posting about the extremely high sperm counts so since then I always pick the highest count I can get my hands on. That's so cool you got to see the ruptured follies. My RE doesn't do US after insems but at another clinic I had it done and it was really satisfying knowing that ovulation did occur. My RE will not do two insems so I am contemplating an at home ICI in addition to the IUI with RE. Thanks again for everything!!

Fried - yay for 3!!! Fx!!

Pookafaye - that is so great you are getting so many insems in!! Fx!!
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Darcy-I'm glad progesterone works so well for you! I hope your timing works out so you don't have to wait. The midwife who came to our house to do the insems did not work with any particular clinic. I think I just googled at home insemination and I also asked the sperm bank if they could recommend someone. The midwife the bank recommended had to be out of town during our second cycle and she gave us the info for her backup. We loved the backup so much we stayed with her the rest of the time. Our midwife only did insems because she had a full-time job. There may be homebirht midwives in your area who also do insems, you just have to look around or ask for referrals.
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Thanks Pokey! I will make some calls. 

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Hi! Sorry for the delay--we're still in a bit of shock over here:

Two heartbeats!

We sort of knew, but it was one of those things that you think and then tell yourself that you should stop being crazy. smile.gif
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Isa omg! Congrats!!!! :joy

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OMG, Isa? Those two cuties are just lovely. How are you dealing with those big news? Was it amazing to see the heartbeats?

Afm - 100% fertilization rate. So we had one embryo frozen and the other two will move in tomorrow.
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Isa - SO exciting! 


Fried - 3! So great that you got to freeze one too!


How is everyone else doing? I'm rounding down my tww (now 10dpo) with impatience and a lack of any notable symptoms or signs that would make me think it worked this time. But, I'll keep hoping until I know for sure.

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A good news morning!

Isa, twins! joy.gif So exciting!

And Friederike, two and a spare! fingersx.gif
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YEAH ISA! :) :) :) Congratulations! How are you feeling?

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Oh boy! Congratulations isa! I guess we were due for another set of twins. I hope they keep growing big and strong and that you are feeling well.

Good luck Friederike!
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Great news friederike and isa!

fried- yay for both fertilizing! Loads of sticky dust for you my friend! How are you feeling?

isa- two heartbeats! Amazing! How do you and DP feel about it? Guess that explains your high bHCG levels. Congrats again.

redrock- how are you doing?
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So exciting today!

Congrats Isa! How are you and DP feeling about twins?!

Fried! Great you have all 3, I'll be thinking about you tomorrow!

I have a question... I talked to my REs office today about starting monitoring for my January cycle and they recommended a also do a trigger shot. Previous I only did OPKs and got my BFP so I'm not sure if the trigger shot is something I should do? What are your thoughts, I believe many of you have done that with other medications but has anyone ever triggered with no other medications?
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just a REALLY quick one - Fried, I just wanted you to know I'm thinking of you and I hope that it's successful. Everything is crossed so I'm not typing very well xxxx


Isa - WOW!!! that's fantastic, I guess you're going to want to be greedy & go for two BFP's huh!?!?!?


will do more personals later. A friend gave birthday yesterday at 28 weeks. Baby 2 pounds 1 but healthy which is a relief. Imagine missing the whole last trimester!


Love and baby dust to all xxx

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Wow! Congratulations!
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Thanks, everyone! We're pretty excited, but keep going through little bouts of 'how in the hell are we going to pay for two at once' in different variations. Mostly, just really hoping they stay healthy and, well, stuck!

Jam--I don't think the Saras check in here much these days, but one of them did monitoring and a trigger, and got pregnant with her sweet little boy that way. They said it was a lot cheaper than buying extra vials of sperm.
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Hi All!



First, Isa- Congratulations!!!! Twins! So exciting. :bgbounce


Second, I suppose I should (re)introduce myself. I haven't been on here for about a year and a half or so and in that time a lot has changed. My exwife and I tried for about a year to get pregnant without success and about a year and a half ago we split up, hence my absence. At the time the divorce was something I never saw coming and totally shook me up but since then I have learned so much and have met an amazing person that far exceeded my previous expectations. My DP is trans (FTM) and we have been together for just over a year. DP has always wanted children and has expereince with TTC with his ex. The longing for a baby has been with me and DP for a few years now, and so we decided to start trying together!


We are currently in our second try. We are using fresh sperm from a known donor and I am currently 8 DPO. I tested this morning, even though I know it is way too early. I am really hoping to get a BFP tomorrow since it is my DP's 40th birthday. Wouldn't that just be an amazing present?!?! I know it will still be early but I have a really good feeling about this month. I have been using guided imagery and just keep seeing myself giving him a postive pregnancy test all wrapped up tomorrow. fingersx.gif


I have done a little looking around and am so happy to see so many graduates! I will do some more reading and catch up on all of your stories. For now I will be sending you all postive vibes where ever you may be.

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jam we always triggered with no other meds (except progesterone afterwards). It gave me peace of mind that our timing was good and it stabilizes my luteal phase.

mama I was bored on my day off yesterday, so I finally made the Pumpkin Brownies. I had to substitute some ingredients so they weren't as soft as I expected but tasty. I'll continue tweaking it. Did you get rid of the peecanister yet? Your latest blog had me lol!

liz sorry to hear that little one came into the world so early. I hope he is a little fighter and makes it out of the Nicu with no problems. By the way, I had a phantastic interview the the documentary folks yesterday. She was awesome.

hopeful welcome back. I hope he gets his birthday present and you too! Good luck

afm they moved in!
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