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Isa: WOWOWOWOW! Hooray! Congratulations! TWO!!! joy.gifjoy.gif

Friederike: Looking good! fingersx.gif

Hi to everyone else!
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Isa - Twins!! Congratulations!


Fried - Love the pictures!! FX!!


Hopeful - Welcome back!! 


Jam - I am all for the trigger shot. I think it really helps take the guesswork out of timing. 


AFM - We went to our Menopur class on Wednesday and got a lot of information. DW is very concerned about the risk of multiples and while I am concerned, I just feel like it would be a miracle to actually get pregnant. I have been reading a lot about injectable cycles and all the posts indicate many follicles. My AFC is really low 3-4 so it worries me that I wont have a lot to work with. I wasn't able to sleep much Wednesday night and yesterday I cried which is something I rarely do. I just feel like it's never going to happen. Today we leave for a weekend camping trip with friends. It will be good to get away but I am so very scared about the next 3 tries. 

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Hopeful--welcome! That would be an awesome present!

Fried--they are lovely! I hope they're setting up shop right now for a good, long stay!
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Fried, how wonderful! I'm so glad to hear it's going so well for you. 


Mama: I'm good, I feel very normal, which of course worries me. If my boobs weren't huge I'd still be taking a test everyday. How are things with you?

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Just wanted to check in with a quick update on this Friday afternoon. Honestly, I’m feeling a little stressed/bummed. I’m on CD19 today, and still no positive OPK. (I’ve had issues with OPKs catching my O in the past, so this makes me really nervous, especially since 95% of the time, I O between CD14 and CD22, but most months it's pretty reliably CD16-CD20, so we’re getting toward to the late end of normal for me.) Mostly, I’ve been feeling vaguely post-O for several days now (sensitive, but not exactly sore, boobs). My temps haven’t gone up, and I have a cold and have been pretty ache-y, so I vacillate between thinking (a) I’ve definitely missed my O and my temp’s going to rise tomorrow (I’ve thought this for the last 3-4 days), (b) the cold is screwing up my temping somehow (even though I have no discernable fever) and I’ve already O’d, or (c) maybe I’m not going to ovulate at all this cycle, even though I’ve never had a temped cycle before last month where my O wasn’t extremely clear retrospectively. (Last month’s wonky cycle and the looming fertility test results are apparently making me a little crazy.)

I asked my KD to ship today anyway, as anything later than a CD22 (Monday) O is a definite outlier, and I figure if I haven’t already O’d and missed it, then I’ll ovulate Sunday or Monday. But, who knows? Maybe I’ll never ovulate again!

For anyone who wants to weigh in on the crazy, here’s my chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/fillefantome. And everyone else, just keep your fingers crossed that I can hold onto whatever sanity I’ve got left….
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hopeful welcome and I'm glad things have worked out that well for you as I can imagine a relationship breaking down when TTC is pretty traumatic. I hope your time here is quick.


fried - they look great!!! I am keeping everything crossed for you, when's your test date? Glad the interview went well for you, they are lovely, aren't they? go you!! I bet you came across well too :)

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hopeful - welcome. we have some things in common with the living in the beautiful nw and hoping for a birthday bfp. Hope you have good news to share with DP!


fille - how frustrating with the temping. I hope that you O in the next couple days and have a perfectly timed insem. What is typically your coverline? I wonder if the testing you had done had any impact on your ovulation schedule?


Darcy - sounds like you're doing a great job of fulling informing yourself on all the decisions you're making. I also want to validate how emotionally challenging this whole process is. So much time, energy, and money for something that is essentially out of our control. It is draining and frustrating. Have a good camping trip! 


Fried - excited to follow your progress!

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PrettyIsa - Yay! Twins are so exciting, I would have been in shock too. DW is so scared that we'll get to adopt our foster son and be pregnant with multiples. We're on board for 3 kids, but the reason we're TTC right now is that we really want 2. Still, I've always romanticized twins - what a special bond they'll have with each other! 


Fille - I've been sick too and it's also been messing with my signs. I was so thankful when there was finally more definitive CM and a pos OPK. Here's hoping you get yours tonight! fingersx.gif


Fried - Those babies look awesome - thanks for sharing! I feel so positive about November finishing off with a nice round of BFPs! fingersx.gif


Darcy - I hope that getting away helps clear your head. This whole business can be really crazy making. I'm still very hopeful for you. fingersx.gif


Hopeful - Welcome, welcome! You may have the shortest stay ever if your BFP is imminent! fingersx.gif


Mama - Thanks for Fried's post, I realized you have a blog. Imagine my surprise to see you posting a gluten-free recipe. It made this coeliac super happy. I'll have to browse further back and see if you posted even more yumminess. We should also exchange some favorite recipes sometime.


AFM - Got a pos OPK late yesterday and we've insemmed Mon/Tues/Thurs - I'm hoping we also work out inseams tonight and tomorrow just cover anything with a remote chance of leading to a BFP. My signs haven't been as clear this month since I'm recovering from a cold - but I think things turned out well anyway.  Go ahead and put me in the TWW!

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fried- wow wow wow! Love the pics! They are so beautiful! Sending warm loving sticky vibes to your little blasts!

redrock- I just found out a colleague is pregnant because she has been looking a bit pale and has been yacking almost everyday, chasing her dry heaves with crackers lol. Plus side for your no-symptoms: it stays your secret til you are ready to tell people, and work is a bit more tolerable wink1.gif glad you're doing well.

pook- yay you checked out my blog! Yeah, I've been a bit slack on it, but when stuff starts up again with our TTC-ing, I'll be posting more frequently. I think the celiac has been a contributing factor to why I'm having a hard time conceiving. I've been very strict with my diet, but I think the years of damage and inflammation have been awful for my body. I've got lots of yummy GF recipes to share. Maybe I'll post one this weekend- GF cinnamon rolls!

afm- urine collected, 9 vials of blood drawn, dec 3 I see the endocrinologist again, at which point we decide whether to do a brain MRI or put me on some drugs. Basically she thinks my cortisol and prolactin issues are strange because they don't follow with the typical clinical picture. She even speculates that I might have been pregnant with an early loss the first time we inseminated (the time that DW looked like a miner with her headlamp), because a month and a half after that was when I ended up with the high prolactin. Hmmm.....
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Woohoo, congrats Isa! Welcome to the multiples club. It's pretty great here!

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Well, no good birthday news for me today. BFN on frer and temperature is dropping. Now I'm just waiting for AF. Unfortunately, now I'm taking a break until the new year because of the holidays. I'm going to have some wine with my birthday dinner. 


Sending good thoughts to everyone else!

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lea sorry to hear you're out. I hope you have a good dinner.

fille any news? Did you get an answer about O? I am positive you will O again :-D

pooka yay for making it to the TWW. Glad to hear it worked well.

Darcy it is alright to cry. Those are such horribly stressful times. I really feel that it is equal to getting through a serious illness. I hope your camping trip was good. I am guessing it is still warm over at your place? We have been getting the first snow and nobody in the world could make me go camping at this time of year.

mama yes for cinnamon rolls!
Was it hard to hear about the speculation of an early loss? Do you think that thought is valid?

I forgot, can I be moved to TWW please? 9 days until I'll know, so pooka and i can wait together.

QOTD- how are you guys' reaction to dealing with pregnant people, e.g. Colleagues, neighbors or friends? Do you have a hard time with it?
I met with an aquaintance this weekend who I talked to over a year ago, when we started TTC and she mentioned that she might do it sometime in the future as well. Well, one year later she tells me she and her gf found a guy this summer who agreed to donate, they ried once and boom preggo. Weeks after she stopped smoking rather heavily. Argh, it's not like sb. else having a baby decreases my chances, but I am having a bit of a had time dealing with those situations graciously.
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Hopeful22, welcome back, and best wishes for a short stay!

Lea, awww, I'm bummed for a birthday BFN. Insult to injury, and I call foul!

mamaetmaman, wishing you the best of luck figuring out what's going on with you!

Darcy, hope you had a great camping trip, and that it helped you de-stress about TTC stuff.

Fried, so far I'm pretty good dealing with pregnant people, but I imagine as time goes on, I'll probably get less easy about it. The one coworker who I had told that I was about to start TTC, who's now about to have a baby, struggled with her fertility, so I think I feel less of that "wait, I was trying before she ever started and now she's going to get her baby, and I'm still not pregnant" sour grapes feeling that I think I might with someone who just, you know, got knocked up or whatever. As uncharitable as it is, maybe part of me feels like she *earned* her baby?

Prettyisa, I realized I never answered your questions/comments after my post about the HSG--no, no reason I can't get pregnant with one tube. It was just that I assumed if you had a blocked tube on one side, that would mean you couldn't get pregnant in any month where your ovulation happened on that side, so I was geekily interested to find out that there isn't a 100% correlation between side of ovulating ovary and collecting fallopian tube.

And for those of you who noted what a tool the RE is, I do think if I were actually planning to do infertility treatment and have an ongoing relationship with an RE practice, I would seek out a different option based on these two interactions last week. It just doesn't seem worth the trouble now, when all I really want is someone to tell me whether I should keep on keeping on with the DIY-insperminate-by-mail method and be patient, or gracefully call it quits on TTC. This guy's the only RE associated with the midwifery/OB practice at the hospital I would want to birth at. (Actually, I want a homebirth, but homebirth midwives here aren't allowed to have diabetic patients, so this place is the hippiest alternative available to me.)

My temp rose from the 98-98.3 range it's been in since AF to 99.2 yesterday morning and stayed up at 98.8 this morning. It's pretty normal for me to be in the 97.9-98.3 range before O and the 98.3-99 range after, so even though FF won't give me crosshairs with a negative OPK recorded on Thursday, I'm pretty definite that I O'd on Friday. I insemmed at noon yesterday, so there's some but not much chance that this month's try will be successful.

Nonetheless, Lea, please move me to the TWW. For better or worse, I've done what I can for this cycle.

For anyone who's used the Clearblue digital ovulation kits, any thoughts on never getting a smilie, when it's retrospectively clear that you did ovulate? I know with testing once a day you can miss your LH surge, but my understanding is that the digital somehow calibrates to your levels, so it should still catch a high for you, even if it's not THE high point? Would the kit work correctly if I went to testing twice a day, even if the instructions don't say to do that? (I've never had any luck getting a positive result on a plain OPK strip/internet cheapie--I did a cycle or two where I was testing with only the strips a few times a day, or with the Clearblue digital once a day as directed, but still doing the strips a few times a day, and no luck with those at all.) It feels like total folly to be doing the shipping thing if I can't consistently get advance notification of when I'm going to O. So, yeah, any advice from any of you who've got any to give around the whole OPK issue would be appreciated!
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Pook - Thanks! I am just in awe of your multiple insems. If we ever found a KD I would do the exact same thing. Endless sperm is my dream!! FX for you!!!


Lea - So sorry you are out this month. :Hug Thanks for the validation. I know I only have a few more tries until we stop to save up for IVF (which will take over a year) but what an emotional roller coaster these next few months are shaping up to be.


Friederike - Thanks so much. It is still warm here but we went camping up in the mountains. It got extremely cold at night (in the 30's) but we had lots of wool layers and cold weather camping gear. Lots of luck to you this month!!


Fille- I don't know about the kits but what worked for me was waiting until I had EWCM and then testing 2-3 times a day. I would use cheapies and then test once a day with the expensive smiley opks. I have heard that the sticks don't work for everyone. Historically have you been able to catch the surge?


QOTD - I have to admit it hurts (quick little stab in the heart) but I am genuinely happy for other people when they announce their pregnancies. We have friends who tried once (late in her cycle because the guy wasn't in town) and got pregnant right away. 


AFM - I started progesterone which I hope will delay AF enough to be able to insem this cycle. We had a lot of fun camping and I didn't stress at all about TTC stuff. I am excited to see how my body responds to the Menopur and Clomid combo. I gave my boss a heads up so he knows I will be out a lot for monitoring. He has been completely supportive so far so I can thank my lucky stars for that. We did our first ever insemination a year ago this month. Crazy to think we are starting back up during the same time. The TWW during holidays is a little bit of a blessing and a curse. Lots of distraction with family and travel but can be a little sad getting a BFN over the holidays.

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fille: There was one month I didn't get a positive on the digital test and I tested multiple times a day. I clearly ovulated though. That was the month my body showed all signs of ovulation and then I didn't ovulate until a week later. I used it more than once a day and it still worked. 

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Hi Everyone!! Wow! So much to catch up with...

Fried, my fingers and toes are crossed, I'm lighting a candle and saying a prayer that those sweet blasts stick and grow into strong embryos!! Congrats on having an extra, too. That's a great sign, I think. My heart is with you<3

Isa, WHOO HOO! CONGRATS on TWINS!! That is very exciting. I think I'd be thinking the same thing...'how do we afford two babies'...and at the same time, be so excited for two babies to be born! Sending you lots of love and strength. Rest up:)

Sevie, Welcome and Congrats to you as well. How are you feeling?

Redrock, How are you? Do you have any first appts coming up? Feeling 'normal' is normal:) Glad you aren't nauseous or exhausted yet. Keep us posted. Thinking about you lots!

Sandie, I hear ya on the impatience and rollercoaster ride from hell feelings. Sounds like you are both being very proactive and doing lots of things that support fertility. Keep your faith that there is a divinity in this process. The universe plays a part here:) I know it will happen for you, it's just a matter of when! Best wishes to you both!

Lea, really bummed that af showed for you. Taking a break on Dec is smart. The holidays are so tricky with timing...I have a feeling we may run into that. It sounds like the progesterone was a bit easier to deal with this last cycle? What type are you taking? Hang in there. smile.gif

Jam, sweet deal with the insurance! And congrats on IL making your marriage legal!! That's wonderful news:) Waiting til Jan seems like a long time, but I liked Lea's advice...it will be here before you know it, especially with the holidays coming. Gives you a bit more time to take care of yourself, too?!?! Sending you positive energy.

Hopeful, welcome! Looking forward to hearing more about your journey. Hope DP gets the 40th Bday gift on his dreams!!

Darcy, good luck with your cycle and the tweaking.

Mama, hi there! So glad you are getting more tests and some results are starting to trickle in. I hope they sort everything out so you can move onto the next steps. Glad to see you back around here:)

Fille, I swear if someone comes up with a fool proof way for us to figure out O with OPKs, they'd be a millionaire quickly! LOL! I have tried everything out there (pretty much) in the way of self monitoring for O, to the point where a good friend of mine told me I was doing too much. She suggested I just use the Clear Blue Smileys for one cycle and see what happened. So I did. I only tested with the smileys for a cycle...I knew I was going to O between cd13-16 so I insemmed on cd13 and 14. Got the Smiley on the morning of cd 15 and Od between cd15-16. That was the cycle I got a bfp. Everyone and each cycle is different. My best advice is to go with two different ways of tracking and then try to really get to know your body?! And remember that it's not an exact science.smile.gif I know that doesn't really help, but it sounds good right?!?

For those I've missed, I'm cheering for each of you!!

afm, I'm currently on cd11 ... Jam, will you please move me to WAITING TO O...I have been trying to figure out what progesterone route to go. After talking to Nature's Pharmacy, I found out they need a script to fill a natural oral supplement. I requested a prescription from my midwives' office and my prim care doc. Midwives' office called back to say that they would actually test my progesterone levels. Thank goodness. The O/B wouldn't do this but the midwives will!?! Weird to me but I'll take it! I go in on Friday for the blood draw (cd14). In the meantime, I have started with the OPKs this morning to see if I O this cycle. If I do, KD is on stand by for some time this week. So we'll see what happens...

Baby dust to all!!!
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Thread Starter 

Jwaite - I am so excited for you to try again! Also, glad to hear that they will test your progesterone for you. I will be thinking about these next few days! 


Darcy - I hope the progesterone delays your cycle like you are hoping for, I can't imagine the added stress of the holidays when TTC! Good luck!


Fille - I used Clearblue Digitial and Advanced Digital. My first cycle I used Advanced Digital on my FMU and the digital on my second and tested no other times. I got my postive on my second and my doctors office wanted me to test ONLY my second MU... As many have said everyone reacts differently. I had a pretty hard time tracking this last time and ultimately didn't insem but I am thinking my body may have still been off from the MC. 


Fried - I had a really, really hard time with almost all things happy but especially pregnancy after my MC. I haven't had anyone real close lately but I have done better with general people I know lately. I guess I just try and remind myself that I don't know what they have gone through to get to this point and that makes me feel better... even though I am pretty sure they didn't have to go through a quarter of what others on this page have went through! 


Lea - So sorry for your BFN :( I was really rooting for a birthday BFP! I understand taking a break due to holidays, I hadn't thought about that previously but now that it's here, it would have been really hard to try around this time of year! Hears to hoping January is our month! 


Mamae - I hope you get some answers soon! Sounds like some crazy intense stuff going on over there! 


I have been trying to keep up and keep everyone moved accordingly but if I missed you please let me know, in bold if possible :) 


AFM - Still just waiting it out... Have had some pretty bad sick days lately so Im kinda glad I didn't insem this month. Found out I have a really bad double ear infection over the weekend and then found out today that I am allergic to the script I got... yippee! With this and all the holiday hussle and bussle I am sure I will stay busy until January! Started looking at the calendar today for when I would need to start monitoring for a January cycle and I am a little nervous that i would need to start going to the dr at the end of December (aka no insurance coverage) so I am trying to make a plan B on whether i want to track myself and try in Jan or potentially wait for a Feb insem. Still have time to plan and think it through but kinda bummed it may be delayed longer. And a big thanks to everyone who chimed in on my trigger shot question.. sounds like it's a "why not" scenario! ha 

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jwaite - excited that you're planning to start again. As for progesterone - I actually didn't do great on it this time either. But instead of sad, my temper flared...in fact, DP and I had a couple of the biggest fights we've ever had in the history of our relationship. It was bad. But, thankfully, that has passed and dp and I are a-okay. But, I'm taking the generic form of prometrium, typically used orally, but my doctor prescribed it to be taken as a vaginal suppository. She said it is less expensive than the other type, that is more typically used vaginally. And, I think I did have fewer physical side effects taking it that way, rather than orally. 


Thanks for the support and kindness, everyone. I wish I knew why I'm not having any luck these days, after two fairly easy won (but hard lost) bfps in the past, but I just keep trying to remind myself that I'm doing as much as I can, and the rest is out of my control. 

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Lea- Sorry to hear about your BFN. I was really hoping you would get it for your birthday. I hope you enjoyed the wine and had a fabulous Birthday anyway.


Jam- Sorry you have been sick! Allergic reaction on top of double ear infections sounds awful. It's really awesome that you will have insurance coverage for TTC! May I ask which insurance company you are with?


Jwaite- That's great that your midwive will test your progesterone levels.My naturopath has me on oral progesterone at night to help with sleep. Apparently it is a wonderful alternative to ambien or other sleeping meds. And as an added bonus it can help with TTC!


Darcy- Hopefully you won't have to experience what it is like to have a BFN over the holidays again. My fingers are crossed for you.


Fille- That is frustrating that you didn't get a positive OPK. I have used the digital OPK's in the past as well as as the strips. I prefer the strips because I like to watch the line develop and I tend to do it in the morning and at night. The smileys are nice because I feel like it is more accurate in catching the peak of the surge, but I guess that is only if they actually catch it. If I remember right, can't you look to see if there are lines on the digital OPKs after the smiley develops? I wonder if you were getting any sort of line and it just didn't catch the surge or if something else was going on.  Whatever the case, I hope you get your BFP this month so you don't have to worry about those darn OPK's in the future!


Fried- Congrats on the move in! I am sending lots of sticky vibes your way!!!! As for your QOTD, I have had a hard time in the past with other people announcing their pregnancy. I had two friends get pregnant unexpectedly with babies they didn't when I was TTC last time around, and that was really hard. I just tried to remember that it was also hard for them. I guess it just kinda stings when anyone gets something so easily when you have to work so hard for it.


AFM: We did not get the birthday BFP we were hoping for. I had some light spotting 11 DPO that resembled what I had read about implantation bleeding but my period ended up coming on full force a few days later. I'm feeling much better than I thought I would about it. I still feel optimistic about this next month. If it works out I think we are going to do a few insems with KD. My O is looking like it will happen right around Thanksgiving and we will be out of town, so I hope it works out.


Baby dust to you all!!!

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fried- I will try to get the cinnamon roll recipe up on the weekend smile.gif As for your QOTD- while I'm super happy for people when they get pregnant, it certainly stings a bit that it's not happening so easily for us. A colleague of mine recently shared with me that she was 6 weeks pregnant, and she spent 20 mins complaining about how she is grossed out by the idea of "something growing inside of her". It was probably the lowest I've felt about our "infertility" so far. I have had to stay off Facebook because it seems like everyone and their sister is pregnant with their second child.

hopeful- I found the progesterone to be awesome for sleep too!

jam- I'm in the same boat as you, in terms of the waiting til January to get started again. I feel like 2013 has been the "year of waiting for shit". Lol.

Lea- your ability to get pregnant is a HUGE hurdle that your body has proven to be gifted at tackling! The rest will happen for you soon, I'm sure smile.gif
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