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Still sick today. I have classic cold symptoms and my sore throat has gotten gradually worse but I'm still scared it's going to turn into strep again ever though it hasn't followed usual strep symptoms.

I am having a "I don't know if I want to go through another pregnancy" moment today. I often have these when I'm sick because as I get older I don't handle being sick very well and I'm always siiiiiiick during pregnancy.

DH and I have talked about adoption a lot and I have been thinking a lot about fostering as well. I just wanted *one more baby* you know? Even though what is really missing is 1-2 people in this family. I just don't know what to do. I know I need to get healthier and I'm working on it slowly. But I've been working on it slowly for years. I need to go full force into it. I hate that I have auto immune diseases. I hate that these affect my body so much, both in getting sick and in getting pregnant. I hate that my kids ask all the time if we can have another baby, I hate that I don't have the energy to be the mom I want to be (although I know I'm a good one wink1.gif just not as great as I would like to be). I'm going through difficult times with our dog as well... And all together it's making me feel really depressed. Sorry for the long sad story but I haven't been ready to talk about it with anyone and suddenly I feel like I need to.
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Ovulating? Or at least a surge? What do you all think?
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It's def positive. So yes...you've def detected a surge!
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Im still waiting on my opks, hopefully they get here Monday sometime. I REALLY need to be testing, since I have no clue when I will O due to this cycle being weird for the first time EVER in my life. uggh, I hate waiting:( I really hope that m DH have low T doesnt affect things to much:( I take prenats every day, and have started taking 200 mil of B6 a day. I also have my DH on a daily vit. FX:)



EDUBLUV..that def looks like a positive, get to BDing:)

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@Delighted- sounds like things are really overwhelming for you right now. I can definitely relate- but I want to encourage you to find some small ways in your life to put yourself first. You will feel better equipped to care for your kids, DH, dog, and to tackle this rollercoaster ride that is TTC when you are more aware of how you care for yourself. This could mean any one of a million things depending on the specifics of your life, but it is SO important- especially when it feels like everything is conspiring against you. Hugs & good luck.
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One more week till I can take a HPT again. And if it's a bfn, I'm allowed to start temping and charting again. I know that sounds weird, but I've been obsessive and it was upsetting my dh. Compromise I guess. Big problem though. All I want to do is test and he's hidden them all. Any advice in the meantime?
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My AF finally is starting I'm so excited which sounds crazy but now I'm not on limbo. 10 days late and finally here. Please move me to waiting to O.
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AF is just about to start and then we can get going on this thing!  Can I please be added to Waiting to O?

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Hello again everyone, 

I hate to be a bummer but here i am again. I had a 2nd miscarriage at halloween (9 weeks) and i have been recovering. I have a BFP on this list twice this year and i'm no farther ahead! There are still a few of you from the spring, i had a look at the list. hello! I loved the support and encouragement from the group so i'm back. I will wait until january at least as this has not been a good year for me!

Can you please put me as waiting to try


best wishes for a BFP before the holidays for all you ladies!

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Oh jesepumkin greensad.gif huge hugs! I was so bummed when you got the first one greensad.gif I'm so sorry you had to go through it again! Hopefully next year will have you keeping a pregnancy and holding a little one!
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thanks delighted butterfly. on ultrasound there were some signs of a chromosome abnormality so i think it's just bad luck with egg/sperm combo. i will be celebrating new years big time! can't wait for 2014.

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jesepumpkin: so sorry! I've had two losses this year too. I'm starting to freak and wonder if maybe I have no good eggs left. I just keep reminding myself of all the women I know that had similar experiences and went on to have perfectly healthy babies. I don't think your DH having a few beers or a little weed will hurt anything. It sounds like he's been really good during all of this. I wouldn't worry about it.

AFM: waiting to O. CD3 now. Had horrid cramps yesterday. And now I think getting whatever had my DH acting like a big puss. Guess it's my turn to be whiny. I'm off all week tho, so I'm excited about being with my kids all week (unless I get REALLY sick). If I start feeling too crappy, my mom lives 10 mins away and is always willing to help. She even offered to keep all 3 tonight! I might take her up on it and sleep in tomorrow!
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Thread Updated. I think.


I'm so crazy overwhelmed. I swear yesterday I woke up, went to work, was there for 10.5 hours (yeah, forever), and came home to go right back to bed. I'm trying to lose weight but I was only able to get just under 1000 calories in all day, almost all of them on my lunch break. Now my MIL is trying to fatten me up on pumpkin pie. Work let me out 3 hours early today (c'mon, I was actually having fun for once!) but I'm still exhausted. I set myself 3 alarms in the morning. Alarm 1 is for my BBT. Apparently I turned it off without waking up because I have to temperature and I don't remember a thing. Alarm 2 is supposed to get me out of bed. I snoozed it 5 times before turning it off. Alarm 3 is pretty much telling me that I have to get dressed and leave. Guess when I finally got out of bed? Only 3 more weeks until its 'safe' to start babymaking again, ha. faint.gif Oh yeah, and AF is back. That means I had a period 12 days after my missed appointment, then had a 11 day cycle, a 26 day cycle, and then a 16 or 17 day cycle. Still waiting to O after 2 months and 6 days!

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thanks rosie, of course my eggs are older then when i started with kids but i hope that's only a small factor. i appreciate the encouragement. sorry to hear of your losses too. hope you feel better soon! my mom just moved close to me int he summer and i'm soooo happy to have her to help out with the kids when i need it. 

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CD 14, I stopped temping on CD 10 because I woke up the next morning siiiiiick greensad.gif and I haven't been sleeping well since. The one day I did was because I cold meded myself up and then woke up puking twice greensad.gif ...

Today I am slowly starting to feel a bit better and DH and I BD'd... Tonight I went to the bathroom and noticed blood on my underwear and when I wiped it was super mucusy and there was red blood mixed in. And I feel a smidge crampy. This cold has me pretty much drowning in mucus so I don't know if my whole body is producing more or what?! I guess it could be ovulation I've just *never* had mid cycle spotting? And we wanted to avoidish this cycle...

Thoughts? I am really hoping this doesn't end up being another super short cycle and I get my period again. I can't handle that!!!
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Hi,  can you please move me to waiting to O- af showed up today at 11 dpo.  Kinda bummed, but not totally surprised.  I'm hoping for a bfp for my birthday next month!

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I'm on cycle day 21 and about 6-8 dpo and boobs are very tender. Hoping its a good sign cuz my boobs started hurting at 7dpo with my first son
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Totally have AF again! WTF!!!!! Started spotting yesterday at CD 14! And last cycle was a heavy 5 days! And I'm still sick, feeling better every day but still sick greensad.gif
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My boss finally told senior management today that she is expecting. Even though I've known for weeks (besides her hubby I was the only other person who knew). I'm excited for her.


I'm still not sure when or if should test so maybe you guys can help me.  According to my app, I should have O'd on Nov 8, which means we DTD every other day from Nov 3-8.  I got a positive OPK test on Nov 20 and we DTD on Nov 17, 20, 21/22. AF is due on either Nov 27 or Nov 30.


When the heck should I test?confused.gif

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Hi mamas,
This is my first cycle temping and I am trying to figure it all out. I have had EWCM for about 5 days, and finally had consistent O pains all day yesterday, but no temp rise this morning. I was pretty bummed, thought for sure I was ovulating yesterday! I am on cd 28, this is the longest it has taken. For those of you that get O pain, does your temp usually rise the next day? Thanks so much!
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