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Glad you didn't break anything!  Falling must have been scary!

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Thanks for all the sympathy!  I am healing well and have stopped worrying that I'm about to fall as I walk around--funny how one freak accident makes me so paranoid for a while.  I'm having some head and neck pain that I think is from the recoil when my face hit the sidewalk, so I'm going to go to the chiropractor.

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The 24 hour stomach bug is circling our group of friends and their kids!!  Ack!!  


Starting yoga today.  Very excited, I have only done yoga on the Wii Fit before (lame, I know) as my back is starting to ache regularly.  I am going to enjoy this pregnancy come heck or high water.  The first two were so hectic and stressful.  This time I am going to ENJOY it as much as possible.

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Good for you Mrs Donut. I think that is a good attitude to have. I am trying to carve out some gym time because I just dont want this rushed time in my life to be the time when my body and health just fell to pieces.

My boobs and belly have officially POPPED today! Holy buckets, who's the pregnant lady in the mirror?!
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just brain dead today.  trying to get the kitchen clean and the floor in the dining roo clean, that is all I have done.  that's it.  okay and kpet everyone fed and safe and hydrated and ade the bed.  I feel very productive and very lazy at the sae tie, and also another key has randoly died, lol

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So…yoga didn't go so hot.  It felt okay while I did it but now my lower back feels bruised?  It hurts to touch it.  I put a heat pad on it (alternating) but it almost feels bruised.  What the heck?


I am also proud I remembered all my tasks/errands today and didn't walk into a room and forget why I went in there ONCE! Ha!

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So…yoga didn't go so hot.  It felt okay while I did it but now my lower back feels bruised?  It hurts to touch it.  I put a heat pad on it (alternating) but it almost feels bruised.  What the heck?


I am also proud I remembered all my tasks/errands today and didn't walk into a room and forget why I went in there ONCE! Ha!

I found that I had weird neck pain after doing yoga that focussed on my shoulder area - like by stretching one area it tightened another.  My theory is that you are more bendy, but you should let yourself bend as much as you can, because it will be overdoing it for what your body is used to.  Does that make any sense?  I had better luck when I took it easier the next week, and it felt kinda lazy, not staying as long in poses, not going as deep as I *could* but I felt way better after.

Way to go remembering things!  I feel foggy and like my eyes are sleepy all the time - I managed to hold it together this morning and provide a legal opinion on taxation issues relating to international trusts, but if you asked me now what my opinion is, I really couldn't tell you!:nut

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This morning I accidentally grabbed a size medium top, looked down, and realized that, while it still fits, I totally have a belly in that top, and also realized that I'm soooooo not ready to be visibly pregnant at work. My co-workers all (or mostly, anyways) know, but the patients don't, and I'm just not ready to deal with the attention. So I changed. It's nice to have that option.


All my shirts are getting too short. This includes my one maternity shirt (though it's only slightly short, not suddenly-halter-top like some of them). My torso is long, and women's shirts are usually on the short side for me. I guess I just need my DH to buy himself more shirts so I can steal them - I don't want to buy more maternity shirts if they'll just be too short.

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ocetlotmom, man shirts during pregnancy are the BEST. I considered wrestling one of my favorites away from dh last night as he put it on..


It was freezing cold last night. Like 20s. My ob appointment and ultrasound appointment was this morning and I was less than amused when I realized that my emergency brake had literally frozen. It was sort of a fiasco trying to call the OB and explain as the first time the person hung up without saying anything, then it went to voicemail, and when I finally got someone it wasn't the most pleasant conversation nor did they have appointments later in the day or week. Someone else called to ask if there was "any way" I could make it to my 9:30 ob appointment that followed my ultrasound (this was at 8:50 and I live more than 45 minutes from the practice) but she was a bit more understanding when I explained what happened but I've still yet to be rescheduled.. I had some fleeting thoughts of a) making it back to Hawaii in time to deliver with the OB I had last time or b) switching to the OB practice that also delivers in the same hospital but is just down the street from the one I'm at.


instead I made a bowl of avocado 'alfredo' and I will watch some hulu. like pp, I feel like my wheels are spinning when I do try to clean and get things together.. so I'm just going to not try for a couple hours and then make a concerted effort later. maybe I'll get it together by then. place your bets



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It was really cold here too yesterday! It totally drained a lot of my energy because I was trucking around with my girls all over. I am P.O.O.P.E.D today. I spent more time laying down than I did upright today and when I was running some errands this evening I felt like I was just wandering around and grabbing random things off the shelf. I have been wanting to get my youngest a excersaucer and we have a really nice kids consignment shop in town, but for the heck of it I wanted to see what a new one would cost. The store only had one brand/style, which didn't look too fancy or anything....$80.00!!! I was like, sorry kid, your getting used!


Anyway, I can't believe I will be 14 weeks this weekend! Like 3.5 months!!! Crazy :twothumbs 


ETA: Man my boobs itch!

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I too have contemplated just buying dh more shirts and using those.  I am already pretty picky about shirts and am thankful that I usually wear them loose, so they're tighter now but not terrible, kwim?   


I did go buy new pj's.  marshall's has this style in right now that could totally pass for maternity, its got a long shirt that gathers in front.  and the pants are huge on me but have a drawstring to keep them in place.  I bought them out of my size in every color.  and coldwater creek has these pants with a wide waist and nice elastic and they look like the aren't sweatpants but are.  only got one of those 'cause even on sale they were expensive but its great to have something besides jeans to wear,

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I've started knitting - my go-to winter pregnancy hobby.  yay!  I'm making little toques for my kids, which is a nice, 2 evening project.  I have a huge sweater dress project I started last winter, but I was feeling kind of daunted by how much more I need to do to complete it, so something small like a toque is perfect.

 I also started taking a vitamin B complex again, and for the most part it is kicking my nausea.  I had stopped taking it for a while at about 14 week, but then got hit again last week with the heaves and yucks, so it's back to the B.  I am definitely feeling better, and I have more energy, and the sleeping has become a bit better too.  Here's hoping it lasts for a while!

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Made it into the OB today. I had an u/s and I ended up being right where I was supposed to be although the midwife from last visit thought my uterus was just a bit big. Everything looks good but like with DS I have an anterior placenta so we'll see how that plays out. Talked about the risks associated with placenta accreta, not awesome, but manageable mostly since they'll be planning ahead for the c-section and at least this is the last baby for us in case it does turn out to not go okay.

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Excuse the rant, but I'm just angry and needing to vent.  We just found out we are among the millions of people who will be LOSING our GOOD insurance because of Obamascam.  Our rates are skyrocketing too.  Thanks so much Obama.....

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:hug I don't know what we are going to do with our insurance. We buy our's out of pocket and it's $1200/month but I am not sure I want to take the Obama care either.

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Originally Posted by heldt123 View Post

Excuse the rant, but I'm just angry and needing to vent.  We just found out we are among the millions of people who will be LOSING our GOOD insurance because of Obamascam.  Our rates are skyrocketing too.  Thanks so much Obama.....

hugs. I'm so sorry. I know this couldn't come at a worse time.

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Just popping in to say I am so glad how my day turned out today! I threw up this morning half way through making breakfast and I thought the day was going to be lost to feeling like absolute crud...AGAIN. I could feel my stomach acid wanting to bubble over. grossedout.gif After some googling I decided to try to double my Zantac dose from 75 mg to 150 mg. Wow! Why did I not do that waaaay earlier. I always feel so guilty taking anything when pregnant but I am so grateful to be functioning! It was like the sun came out or something! I cooked, I cleaned, I got almost a whole scrapbook completed (1 of 3 to be done for Christmas gifts), and took care of the kids, made supper, and helped DD shower. I don't feel like a worthless piece of tar like I have been.


AND BEST OF ALL, I CAN EAT!!! Like a whole meal, and drink liquids :joy I am 14 weeks tomorrow and I have been gaining 3 lbs and losing 3 lbs, gaining 3 lbs. and losing 3 lbs., According to my scale today I am back down 3 lbs. but maybe I will be able to put on some weight. (Slowly and reasonably of course pinktongue.gif)

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Sorry about the insurance problems! I work for a "health system" that owns both hospitals and a health insurance company--speaking of scams--and offers its employees only its own insurance. In 15 years working there, my premiums have octupled, co-pays have gone up, we now have a deductible, and I have to jump through a bunch of hoops (answer lengthy online quiz about health habits, submit blood samples for the tests they tell me about and who knows what else, test experimental medical equipment...) to avoid paying even more. So I figured they would use the health care overhaul as an excuse to fleece us even more. To my surprise, although we do have to change plans because they are throwing out all the old ones and offering only new ones, the costs are going to come out about the same, maybe even a little better. But it seems like the implementation of this "reform" is a giant mess overall, and I don't understand why anything is changing for people who had insurance already--I thought this was about covering people who did not have insurance. What a mess!

My big victory today was cooking a meal from scratch without getting queasy or totally exhausted. And I also did a little garden work, ran some errands, and went to a church activity today! Definitely feeling better than in the first trimester.

I wish I could feel the baby move more. Pretty sure I've felt the occasional flutter, but not often. I read in a blog that if your placenta is attached in front, you feel less movement early on because the placenta cushions the area where you would feel it best--has anyone else heard that? It did look to me on the 8 week ultrasound like mine was attached in front.
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My placenta is low but in front. I have felt some occasional flutters too, but then again I m only 14 weeks. I am grateful for the thumps and growing belly; helps me feel more attached.
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I always feel very behind. I never feel any of my babies move until at least 20 weeks. I am 16 now, and there is nothing, no flutters, no anything. I don't expect anything before 20 weeks this time either. I always have my big u/s at 18-20 weeks and everytime they are sooo surprised that I had not felt the baby yet. We did Doppler this week and baby changed location , so I know bub is moving. I have a very roomy uterus < I think:)

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