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Stress lowers your immune system- which would explain why you could get something your not prone to, for seemingly no reason.  And I have heard mastitis has a huge effect on your whole body, but I bet other ladies here could speak more about that than I could.


I hope you have fun tonight, Kirsten, you deserve it!

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Subbing. Just caught up but forgot what I read. Will chat later. Hanging with the fam!

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Hugs Kirsten! That sounds rough... And yes, walk in clinics, although a blessing sometimes are a huge pain too. I never feel like they actually HEAR what you are saying. Finding a doctor is near impossible though, they won't even put babies on waiting lists here...

Pack and play got dropped off here today. An awesome find for $30! And they were so nice, they live outside the city, but the husband works downtown so he offered to drop it off right at our place. So helpful. We need it for our house sitting adventure end of December... In really good shape, will def get some good use out of it.

I am still super tired all.the.time....
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Kirsten-  I just sent the article you posted about lying in pieces on the bedroom floor to my sister.  Her SO of years just told her he got a job in Japan, and he wasnt taking her with him.  She told me she has been in the fetal position sobbing on the floor for days and she was just feeling so pathetic for it.  The blog had a HUGE impact on her.  That was a very valuable share, thank you.

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Wow Ash, that sounds so hard for your sister.

Sonja, yay for the PNP.

Joanie, how's everything?

Kirsten, mastitis always makes me feel crummy. If he hasn't been nursing on that side, I don't know why it would be making milk, but massaging it toward the nipple may help.

Shay's birthday was ok. We had a little party with the family and Ssss' parents. I know I posted S's birth story a couple of years ago, but did I ever tell about the birth stool that broke while I was sitting on it? I fell right in. It was hilarious and he was born in the car instead of on the birth stool like my first two. There's my funny flashback.

Mal you're next! Happy birthday to Greta in a couple of hours.
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Kirsten, I've randomly gotten clogged ducts with each of my kids, twice with Avalon and after months or even years of breastfeeding, just suddenly a clogged duct.  Even if he's not nursing off one side, that side still may produce some milk and would be more prone to clogging if it's never being released.  I never pump unless I have a clog, so almost all my pumping experience has been for clogged ducts.  I have the most luck doing the following:


1.  Hot compress on the affected area

2.  Lots and lots of massaging- especially from the irritated area down toward the nipple

3.  Pumping on the high suction with an electric pump, experiment with the speed- sometimes slower is better

4.  Try to relax as best as possible, away from the kids, eyes closed or focused on the breast, willing the milk out


I've had to do this a couple times in order to release the clog, but it has always worked.  Good luck and I hope you have a good time tonight!


Sara, funny story about the birth stool.  I guess he was just really meant to be born in the car!  As for food... I agree with beans and some grain- maybe quinoa, rice, millet, etc.- veggies, salad, fruit, etc.   You could do taco bar with different kinds of tortillas (corn and wheat), that's always popular with kids, too, and people can customize their tacos/burritos to include cheese/sour cream or not.


Sonja, sorry you feel so tired.

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Man, it feels good to be back at work and making money.

The babysitter is doing great. She had Conner asleep at 9p and Layla has been asleep, laying down, NOT BEING HELD, since 10p. Baller status.
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Funny Sara!

Nicole that's awesome.
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Kirsten, I agree with what the others said, it's actually posdible to get mastitis or a plugged duct before you've ever even had a baby. It happened to my sister. I second trying Jaimees advice and getting some rest if you can.
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  I'm just waiting to start getting sick... every time DH gets put on a turnaround ie 7days a week.... without fail since moving up here almost 3yrs ago. I end up getting very sick. Turn around started last week. He gets to come home on sunday, and then i dont get to see him in person for 13days. Good thing for facetime on the ipad.


Harlan loved trick or treating didn't attempted to talk at all though he did way Bye to our elderly neighbor right next door to us when we got to her house. 

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Hope you feel better Kirsten.

I just spent the better part of the night arguing with a local pediatrician and pro vax zealots on a community Facebook page. Shoot me, ugh.
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The dance was fun, though preceded by girl drama. I had a blast watching the drag queens, and even managed some dancing. I even won a door prize! Tickets for children's theatre! Not resting, but fun.

I had a nap this afternoon, and felt much improved. yay!
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Happy birthday, Greta!

Kirsten, I'm glad you had fun last night!

Nicole, that's great about the babysitter and also that you're enjoying being back at work!

Sonja, the snap of Eli in the pack n play was awesome.

Ash, I can't even imagine what your sister is going through. Wow. :-( I'm sorry to hear that.

Melissa, that sucks about the vax debate. Very frustrating.

Kami, FX that you don't get sick!

Christina, we have a front loading HE washer and we hate it. Our clothes don't last as long as they used to because this washer is so hard on them and/or leaves residue if you don't run extra rinses, but then the extra rinse/spin just puts the clothes thru more of a beating than they should with a single wash. It does seem to get clothes very clean thankfully. We have been talking for 2 years now about splurging on a huge Kenmore top-loading set from Sears on Black Friday. I can't remember if it's HE or not.

Would everyone else mind giving me a general consensus on if you'd ever do HE again? Does it save that much water? Is it REALLY that worth it?

Thanks to everyone for your laundry suggestions. I will try out something else detergent-wise soon.

Sara, things here are okay. We may go to the zoo today since it's free family day. I have a lot of homework to catch up on. A few papers to write. I still have 3 weeks left but I'm totally "checked out." I always get like this at the end of a semester. Burnt out and careless. I'll probably just do the minimum to get by now. My valedictorian 4.0 gpa days are a thing of the past. LOL

I have my psych appt on Monday and I'm crazy nervous because I know I want to request something to take "as needed" for anxiety but I'm still wavering on the antidepressant issue. I want one but... I also don't. Ugh.

I also meet with my new employer after that appt, so hopefully things go well on that front. Not sure what we'll be discussing exactly. He's so laid back and wants me to make this position "my own" and turn it into whatever I want. I'm not used to bosses who don't micromanage, lol. Hopefully a good change! I'm so done with the corporate world for a while.

Alright, time to get out of bed.
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Kirsten, that dance looked like so much fun! Sorry about the girl drama.

Joanie, we had a front loader HE for a while and I hated it too. Especially when we used it for cloth dipes. I just never felt like my clothes got clean enough and had to strip the diapers so much more often because of stink. Some belt on it had to be replaced, so we put our old top loader back in temporarily....but never ended up putting the front loader back even after it got fixed. Eco-friendly-fail, IMO. Oh, and we use a free and clear detergent, but it's not woo at all. Just All free and clear. I miss my scented stuff, but DH and Greta have sensitive skin.

Greta is officially 2 years old now! She had two puking incidents yesterday, but seemed to feel fine all day. DH said she had puked all over herself in her sleep and was a mess when he got her up yesterday. But he chalked it up to too much junk food from halloween. She does puke over random stuff a lot. So, he took her to the sitter, but made sure to tell her what happened. Her sitter said she was fine all day and ate really well, played hard. As soon as I got her home, she puked again. But just the one time and it didn't slow her down. Weird.
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Kirsten, I'm glad you had fun. Drama isn't.

Joanie, do you have a membership to a zoo and museum? The science museums that are ASTC members get you into more than just your local museum (I see that there are 5 near you, I'm not sure if they block admission to neighboring museums). I didn't look up children's museums, because I am so in love with the ASTC. We travel a lot and love those museums. If you're going to be SAHM, you might like something like that. I used to take my kids to both the zoo and science museum weekly.

It's morning here! That sure snuck up on me.
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Happy birthday, Greta! Happy birthday, Mal!
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Happy birthday, Greta!!!


Kirsten, sorry for the rough day. So glad you got to have some fun at the dance!!


Nicole, glad work and the sitter went well!


Melissa, I'm a well informed pro-vax zealot if you wanted to keep that argument going. :wink


Joanie, you know how I feel about trying a new AD. I think it's worth a try. But having something on hand for anxiety is also a great plan! :thumb


For anyone that missed it, I PMed the link to the new forum. PM me if you didn't get it.

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Funny you mention that, Sara. I have been actively looking into museum and zoo memberships these past few days. My mom agreed to pay for half of the cost of a membership to the Milwaukee Zoo for S's birthday, so we'll be getting that again. Yay! The membership includes an extensive reciprocal zoo and aquarium list across the U.S. but unfortunately only one other place in WI a few hours away. We could explore places in Illinois a little bit. Other than that, I've been looking into museums and just scored a 50% off deal on tickets to the Betty Brinn Children's Museum. I haven't been there since I took a field trip as a kid... I'm excited! It's a really neat place. It's right by my current workplace and my parking pass doesn't expire til Nov 30, so I'm planning to still use it and take S to the museum after I'm done at this job. Muahaha. The membership there is pretty pricey if you want the package that includes the 50% admission to other museums in the ACM Reciprocal Network, but it may be worth it. I'll have to look into other museums and see what they offer for memberships. I don't know about this ASTC!


I imagine we'll also be active at the local indoor kids park/activity places this winter, though I'll need to pay extra attention to hygiene because we got sick numerous times from those places last winter.


Anybody interested in having a sticky thread in our new forum that is dedicated to arts and crafts activities? That is something I reallllly don't have in my tool belt and I know S loves to do A&C at daycare... Even a thread with just links to the best websites for those ideas would be great so we have a quick reference to always go back to.

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Joanie, ASTC does free reciprocal admission to 300 museums. I plan road trips around these places. I've been to many on my side of the MIssissippi river. A few on the other.

Now go post on the new forum so I have an excuse to learn more about it
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