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November Chat

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So where did October go? Time is flying by for me in this pregnancy. I just had an appointment with my midwife and feel much better about everything. It is so wonderful to have someone who is so encouraging and just wonderful to be around! Baby seems to be doing great and I'm measuring right on point at 30 weeks today. Oh man 10 more weeks to go (give or take!) I am super excited and nervous at the same time. I really need to get my rear in gear and start getting things ready for baby! I've been kind of an emotional wreck through this pregnancy but today has started very well and hopefully I can keep the good mood through the weekend! 


Everyone ready for all the holidays to begin?? 

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Time is going by super slow for me.  I keep feeling like January is so very far away.  I am due January 26th.  Emotions have been really strong the last few weeks and I am also focusing on keeping the positive vibes going.  As far as the holiday's are concerned I am almost ready for Thanksgiving.  As far as Christmas goes  am thinking of doing mine later in January.  That way I can buy everything on sale and hopefully keep busy enough to help me get through the last month of pregnancy.

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I can't even think about the holidays! We are really going to have to tighten our belts to prepare for me working a lot less once this baby comes.


Mostly, I am looking forward to daylight savings time this weekend, so my 6 a.m. wake up time will feel like 7 for a little while at least, and dd is old enough where she will actually sleep in! I am sure next year I will go back to dreading it when I have a baby who won't let me enjoy the extra hour!

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I'm not sure if time is going quickly or slowly!  It feels so slow and then things like Halloween just sneak right up on me.  I'm totally incompetent at life right now though so even another 9 months would take me by surprise in the end.


I think the rest of the holidays are going to fly by.  We have friends coming to visit next week.  My mom comes the following week.  Thanksgiving a couple weeks later, then a mad dash to prepare for Christmas, DS's 2nd birthday and a new baby.  I was so far ahead on making Christmas presents and then work got nuts and I didn't have time for anything anymore.  November is looking much more reasonable work-wise so hopefully I can get back on track and have some semblance of control over things before this new baby snatches it away again! 


Neaera, your daughter's costume was amazing, by the way.  Wow. 

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I too have been an emotional train wreck.  Today was rough.  We are lucky we are all alive :)  Anyway...  I went to the chiro again and then DH and I kind of bummed around town.  It is a smallish town so there is just a grocery and Walmart.  We ended up at Walmart which never happens but I happened to be very emotional about running out of all household products at exactly the same time.  Oh my goodness.  What a depressing place.  Ick.  Then at the checkout a very friendly lady goes "any day now huh?  are you excited?"  Bwahhhhhh.   Me with tears.... "I am not due until January 7th...  and I usually go 3 weeks over...."  That poor lady....  She just stared and stuttered...  FInally I told her "it is ok.  It is my 6th.  I know I am huge..."  She smiles and says "you just look so miserable"  I go "yeah.  I am...."Ugh.  I am huge.  I get it.  


But on a random side happier note.  I was at the thrift store and bought a parmesan grater and a bread cutting guide and I am pretty pumped about both of those things....  And a coffee pot that I hope works better than mine...  So tomorrow I shouldn't have to suffer through instant coffee :) Because nothing is more miserable than being enormous at only 30 weeks and then having to drink instant coffee.

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Originally Posted by iowaorganic View Post

So tomorrow I shouldn't have to suffer through instant coffee :) Because nothing is more miserable than being enormous at only 30 weeks and then having to drink instant coffee.


iowaorganic- I'm sorry you are so miserable, but reading this made me laugh. Not laughing at your pain but you crack me up. I feel huge already too, and this is only my second!!! 


On another note my midwife pointed out why my belly has been hurting. I guess I have abdominal muscle diastasis pretty badly. She said it isn't really anything to worry about and is normal but I feel like if my muscles have already separated this much already and I still have a ways to go, is it going to get even worse??? And that it why my belly button sticks out so far and is super sensitive. 

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I have diastasis rectii too. It sucks. I got it with my first pregnancy. I worked pretty hard to close the gap after number 2 was born. I was happy with the results. This time my seperation is huge! Hopefully, with some work it will get back to normal after this kiddo gets here. My belly button is popped out at least an inch! It looks ridiculous. This is a good resource for info http://fit2b.us/pregnancy-q-a/
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vtamanda- I will have to work really hard to try to close it back up and build the muscle together again. Thanks for the link! My belly button is sticking about an inch out as well! It is crazy and my DD wants to poke it but it really hurts! 

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My daughters are always poking it. And the little one insists that I am growing a new boobie. Only 12 more weeks! Lol.
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Hi Everyone,
I haven't been very active in our DDC because life has just been insane between a 2-year-old who has started having killer tantrums, a full-time job, and moving into a new house while simultaneously arranging with contractors for repairs.

I sympathize with those of you with abdominal diastasis. I don't have that, but have been having fairly challenging pubic/pelvic pain. I had it with DD, but it's been more severe and earlier this time around. I am also wondering how much worse it can get. It's generally manageable with tylenol, but does wake me up sometimes, and I really feel it if I overdo it--yesterday a bed frame we had ordered came in the mail, and helping my husband carry it upstairs and put it together really was too much--I barely slept last night because of all the thigh/hip/pubic pain.

Anyway, I wanted to mention something on this thread that has really been weighing on me. I found out this past week that my oldest, best friend, who was 5 weeks behind me in pregnancy (so 23 weeks) lost her baby. I don't know the details, she only sent a very brief email asking for privacy and space for a while, but I can't stop thinking about it, crying about it, and dreaming about it.

I want to do whatever I can to be there for her (she lives 10 hours away, so this would be talking) but at the same time I am so aware that my own continuing pregnancy must be painful for her, and so if she needs me to keep my distance (apart from just letting her know she is in my thoughts and that I am grieving her loss), I want to do that, too. I just don't know what's best.

Anyone been in a similar situation?
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Oh, Blanca, i am so sad for you and your friend.

I have a friend who recently experienced a loss at 28 weeks. She really needed to be able to talk about it. Having experienced several early second trimester losses myself, it is really helpful to have someone to talk to. It is nice to speak with someone who understands, having experienced something similar. If that isn't you, then i might just reach out and let her know that she CAN talk to you, that you hope she is healing and that you are happy to help her find support or resources if she needs it.

Have you tried the chiropractor for that pubic pain? It might be Symphysis pubic disfunction. I think a support can help too. I had minor issues with my second pregnancy.
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Thanks, Vtamanda. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend, too. 28 weeks, wow. I feel like even 20 weeks, no matter how awful, is more common than 3rd trimester--my heart goes out to her. Your perspective helps. I think for now I'm going to send my friend a card saying I am hear when/if she needs to talk, and that I won't bring up my pregnancy unless she asks--I want to leave the ball in her court. It is really sad. Our daughters are the same age and these kids would have been too. We were supposed to talk after her 20-week ultrasound a couple weeks ago. We played phone tag and I thought it was odd at the time she didn't text me the sex or anything because I know she was excited to find out, but figured she just wanted to tell me in person. Now I wonder if they found out at that time that the baby was sick.

I have had a loss (a molar pregnancy at 8 weeks, before my DD), but I really feel like that pales in comparison to a late miscarriage or stillbirth, so I don't want her to feel like I'm presuming my experience is comparable. Thanks for your thoughts as someone who has experienced a second-trimester loss.

Been meaning to call a chiropractor--I've never been to one, but my midwife said some people found it helped, and passed on a couple names. I just need to find out what insurance covers.
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Blanca-  I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. How awful. I have no experience but vtamanda's advice seems right on. I know you are a sensitive person and will do whatever you believe will help your friend. :Hug  

   Its good to hear from you again! Sounds like you have had a ton on your plate the last couple months! Hopefully things will begin to calm for you in time for your new babe and that chiro will get your pelvis to feel better too!


  Time has been going very fast since morning sickness stopped (20 weeks).  I can't believe I just turned 30 weeks! The last 2 weeks have been extremely stressful for me. I had a lot of midwife drama and ended up firing her. I will start with a new provider this week. I eventually passed my GD screen- whew- I was really stressed out about that.  I'm just glad that is all behind me now and am ready to move forward. Hopefully I have chosen the right situation for the birth. 

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Blanca- I'm so sorry for your friend's loss. That has to be so extremely hard. I think you have the right idea of sending a card and letting her know that if she wants, that you are there. I had two very early losses ( 6wk and 8wk) and I took them really hard. I had a really hard time being around anyone that was pregnant, even my own sister. I needed to talk it out but at the time didn't want it to be her. Not saying it was right, but I would just would break into tears around her. Obviously I wanted her to have a healthy pregnancy, it was just a reminder of what I had lost. So just don't take it personally if she does need some space! And don't let it take too much of a toll on the happiness of your own pregnancy at the same time. Hopefully you will be able to slow down a bit and that the pain subsides! :wink 


JustJenny- Sorry about your midwife drama! Ugh that has to stink! Hopefully you can find someone you really like and makes you feel comfortable and listens to you! 

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Thanks, JustJenny and Tspencer. I definitely won't take it personally if she needs to keep her distance from me. I emailed her sister and their mom has been able to be there with her for the past week. I remember with my molar pregnancy how bitter and sad I felt, especially when everyone due my month was announcing it. I had to remind myself that I didn't know what kinds of struggles they may have been through on the way to their pregnancies.


JustJenny--sorry you had to fire your midwife! I hope the new practice is what you need. And morning sickness till 20 weeks, wow. At the end of the day you will end up with your baby in your arms, and I hope the rest of your journey there is less stressful. Do you have a doula? Maybe knowing you have an advocate besides your partner and your care provider would help?


So the sh***y things just keep happening--we found out last night that a good friend of ours, a bike blogger/bicycling advocate, was struck by a car and is in critical condition in the ICU. The guy who hit him fled the scene (claimed he thought he hit a bag of trash) and had to be chased down by witnesses. Turns out he was drunk, and it was his second DUI in less than a month. And it was 11 in the morning on a Sunday. WHO IS DRUNK AT 11 AM? I'm so grateful our friend is alive, but so sad thinking about the long recovery and trauma he has ahead of him, plus what his wife must be going through.


And our 2-year-old is going through major tantrums lately. It's taken forever to get out the door in the morning because she goes ballistic when we try to get her dressed, give her the wrong thing for breakfast, etc. It's very frustrating. That on top of bedtime stalling means my husband and I are both feeling pretty defeated. My SSRI ran out a couple days ago and I haven't been sleeping much--broke down in tears at work today.


Anyone ever feel like you just need the world to stop for a few days so you can lie around in your pajamas?

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So sorry to hear about your friend's loss Blanca and also your friend in ICU.

I have been MIA... sorry I didn't come back and update. I had my gd screen and came in at 143- three points over- so my midwife suggested cutting out sugar, upping my veggies and fiber in general, drinking more water which I did all of. Then last week I did the screen again w a 12 hr fast before. My fasting draw was good but then the glucola draw gave a high number. I am so bummed and baffled. I guess every pregnancy is different but I have never been high on this test w any pregnancy before, diabetes doesn't run in my family, I don't have big babies, I lost weight in first trimester didn't gain... only risk factor here for gd is I am over 25. I eat pretty clean too/ am gf. I did see upon googling a bit that some moms fail the test when they are gf and their body just isn't used to processing carbs anymore.
Anyone w thoughts on that?
I just want to be healthy and well and my baby too of course.
Have to call midwife today to discuss options... I can get referral to meet w a dietary specialist (seems like a pain and I already have zero free time), I can take some specialized test that would tell what I have been eating and how it's been processed for past 6 wks (would def tell if I had gd) or I could get a glucose monitor and do my own pricks at home 4x a day.
What would y'all do?
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Blanca, I'm so sorry for both of your friends.  A late loss is just a horrible thing to contemplate. 


JustJenny, I hope the new midwife works out for you.  It would be really stressful to have to find someone new at this point.  Congrats on your GD test, though.


OrchideZ, good to see you again!  I was starting to worry!  As far as GD goes, I would do the finger pricks.  If you feel like your diet is good, then don't make any changes yet, just do the pricks for a few days - they will let you know how you're doing diet-wise and if you need to, you can adjust.  It sounds like you were borderline and if you're eating a healthy diet then you won't ever see high numbers.  But some foods might surprise you too.  I know a lot of people have sugar issues with rice.


Is the specialized test the A1C?  If so, I wouldn't bother just because it won't give you much more information.  And it might give you a false sense of security - GD often doesn't start until later in pregnancy and the A1C correlates to your blood sugars over time.  So if you were normal until just recently, it might not show up in the A1C, but you could still be having big spikes after you eat.  And of course you want to minimize those.  And I wouldn't take the diagnosis to heart too much.  Pregnancy makes many women insulin resistant.  It's not anything you're doing wrong.  It's a physiological thing that occurs to protect the baby to make sure the baby is getting enough sugar.  It's just the degree to which our bodies respond.

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Thanks Cwill.
I needed to hear that from another mama.
I must admit it really has had me feeling down.
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Orchidez- i second the finger pricks. A pain, but will give a good picture of what is happening. You are only a little high, and frankly, I don't buy into the GD limits. The pregnant body uses sugars differently. Yes, it can become an issue, but how likely is it? You are aware, you can do better. Best wishes.
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orchidez- Big hugs mama. I had not heard about being GF and the test being inaccurate. Very interesting. I am GF too and had a heck of a time with my morning numbers. We happened to buy a blood glucose monitor about a month before so I had a heads up before the test. I still failed the first one even after duplicating the test at home with 57g of grape juice. The only thing that got me to pass the stupid test is to take lecithin. It dropped my bs 10 points immediately and it has stayed there. I barely passed even with that-137. My numbers beyond my initial morning one were perfect all day even without the lecithin. Some people don't take chugging 50g of glucose well. You and I definitely qualify. I think it has to do with the type of sugar they use. When I did my duplicate test I passed easily - got a 112- with more grams of glucose than the test. I went in thinking I had it in the bag- nope.  So don't beat yourself up. :Hug



Does anyone have any favorite you tube videos of birth? Or share some links to homebirth videos they liked?  I'd like to find some to share with DH. Thanks!

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