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pam- If they let me I will certainly take your advice. I hope they let me drink water especially. That would help to be able to move around too. I get uncomfortable fast and feel the need to move frequently.

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They'll probably have you hang out in the waiting room or at least stay on the property. I walked the hallways the first time and around the building the second time. The phlebotomist told me sips of water were fine.

I did mine at the lab -- not the dr's office. No one said anything to me about keeping mobile. At my second draw, the phlebotomist told me some people take a nap in their car, and that I just had to set a timer to come back inside in an hour.

I hoe yours is that easy going.
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Good luck, JJ. For my two hour, I had to stay in thee waiting area doing a quiet activity, and I was allowed to drink 12 oz water per hour.
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Jenny, sorry about the hassle with testing.  My experience was about the same as PP.  Drinking water was fine and walking around to stretch my legs/run to the bathroom was fine.  I spent most of the time knitting, which was fantastic because I haven't had 3 hours of uninterrupted knitting time in forever!  I hope you pass and can stay with the birth center.  Other than wanting you to take the 3 hour, do they seem like a good fit?


iowaorganic - your kids' conversation, omg!  So funny and cute.  I love that they're going to hid under the water.


I messed up with insurance last year when I should have switched plans.  We'll end up paying pretty much everything out of pocket.  If I'm tempted to get an epidural, I'll just have my husband remind me that we can't afford an anesthesiologist.  Yikes.  I might switch for 2014/the birth part.  Trying to figure out what makes sense.  I haven't looked into paying ahead of time or any laws about covering existing conditions once a deductible is met.  I have no idea how to even go about that.  This week!


Baby got bigger!  So out of breath the last couple of days and no room for food.  I suppose I can blame the growth spurt and work/sleep deprivation on my crappy mood last week because I'm feeling pretty good again.  Yay!

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Flu followed by broncitis & pink eye.


I'm not having fun - the coughing is causing injury left and right. Ribs, muscles, and now round ligament which feels like my belly is going to rip in half every time I cough. That in turn results in less than effective coughs. That combined to waking up with my eyes glued shut.


I had a hard 7th / 8th month with my DD but this is ridiculous.


I was supposed to be off for my midwife appointment tomorrow but I've been out two days, worked from home one day and now need to leave early for a doctors appointment to finally cave and get something. My hubby got some antibiotics for himself this weekend and poor DS is next I think. We tried so hard fighting this.


Our dryer is broke this weekend as well and due to us being sick we were soo behind on laundry that I've got nothing to wear to work.


Sorry - don't mean to do a pity party but just feeling so very very defeated.

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Catwmandu- I am sorry you are still so sick. I really hope you guys all kick it soon! We have something here too. I thought DD was getting better but it turned worse over the weekend. She seems a little better today but now I have it. I know how you feel with the coughing. It is terrible to be this far along and have this bad of a cough. My back is starting to hurt, I have a hard time sleeping and my stomach feels like it is going to rip open or something. I feel your pain (even though you have had it much longer and I know yours is worse.)


So yeah DD is still sick and she was coughing so hard last night that she threw up again. At least this time I didn't join her, but we went to give her a bath after the throw up and she crapped in the bathtub. So gross. She isn't potty trained yet but does not poop in the tub, like ever. I had to just hold my breath and tell myself it was just dirt as I cleaned it up so I wouldn't throw up. Oh the joys! I was going to take her to the doctor today but she woke up much better and I know they won't do anything for the symptoms she does have other than to tell me to keep doing what I am already doing with her. I finally broke down and started taking cough drops myself. Seems like quite a few of us are all sick right now. Here is to us all getting better before Thanksgiving so we can actually enjoy the Holiday! :1praying

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Cat, oh no!  That sounds so horrible, you deserve a pity party.  Yes, please go see a doctor and maybe antibiotics will help at this point!  Nobody should be so sick for so long.  :Hug


Poor DD, tspencer.  Hopefully she's over the worst of it now. 


We're all still just moderately sick here.  It's been a long-ish illness, but not keeping anybody up at night or slowing us down during the day too much.  DS ruptured his eardrum so he's on abx now, but I think we're pretty much on the upswing.


Worked all last night again, ugh.  According to my supervisor, this will be my last potentially bad shift.  We'll see.  He's always overly optimistic.   

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I hope everyone is feeling a little bit healthier for the holidays and that you can all enjoy some rest and the joy of our (relatively) little families, which will become so much bigger in so many ways soon!

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oh my goodness!  The big news here is I am potty training my DS3!  I am finally saying ENOUGH diapers for him.  He will be 3 in 2 weeks and I am ready for him to be trained :)  I can NOT have 3 kids in diapers...  (Especially since DS1 still wears goodnights)


Sooo.  other than that I am out of stomach room- and have been awake almost all night miserable because my food just won't digest.  That is no fun.  Pizza and the random Dr Pepper (which I never drink- but did this week once) are out of my system probably forever....  


And i finally have my Christmas shopping list done except for my mom.  That is such a great feeling :)

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Nice! I think I want to skip Christmas gifts this year, I can't think of anything I want or need and it's overwhelming for me to think of things for my family who also have everything they need.

Amazon has born free glass bottles on sale 30% off so I just ordered those, so glad I waited! Also picked up the playmat I wanted, a folding changing pad for the soon to be diaper bag, and a spare crib sheet from skiphop at 20% off! Trying to decide if I want to spend more money to get the leggings I've been eyeing from zutano to go with a couple of outfits I thrifted while they are on sale.... And if I want to gamble on workhorse fitteds and take advantage of the green mt diapers sale. I might just pick up some of their wipes and prefolds. I've never Black Friday shopped before but it's nice to save money on some things if was going to get anyway.
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I went through my son's clothes, and I discovered I hated most of them.

That's what I get for having kids 5.5 years apart!

We are also opposite seasons (though in Texas wardrobes aren't a whole lot different because it will be in the 70s and 80s in March) so I will need a few things.

I have no idea what happened to all of my 0-3 month sleepers, but I basically have none.

So, this is good in a way because I actually have something for the baby that I "need" so well-meaning friends and family can shop for something.

I also bought a new car seat because the one I like was on clearance on target.com and it matches my car. I couldn't resist that. It's like the universe was speaking to me!

So now we'll have a car seat in each vehicle and won't have to move them back and forth when we swap cars. (We don't do bucket seats so installing is a little but of a pain).
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pamela, that's funny because I went through DS's clothes and it was so nostalgic.  We have really limited clothes for the NB/0-3 month age, but I love them all.  He'll have just turned 2 when baby is born so I kept holding everything up to him and saying, I can't believe it's been 2 years already!  He was a green baby too so nearly everything we had for him is gender neutral.  And you know what, girls can wear camo too!


iowaorganic, good luck potty training!  We started just about 2 months ago and in the last week or two I would finally consider DS to be potty trained.  There are still going to be accidents - I think you have to be ok with that when trying with the younger kids - but he has had many accident-free days at this point and is fine (usually) even when we're out and about.  It's nice to have that out of the way before baby comes.


My ribs!  Owwwww!  I'm thankful that they've waited this long.  With DS it was weeks and weeks of stretching and pain.  But I was hoping to avoid it entirely.  My ribcage just cannot expand anymore.  I think I set a world record for % increase. 


I'm at a total loss for Christmas gifts this year.  My craftiness is pretty low right now in terms of time and inspiration and so's my money!  But we're getting a lot of stuff from family for us and the baby.  Nothing huge, but all really useful, helpful things that we've been putting off getting because we can't afford it.  So I don't want to just blow it off.  So if anyone has a good idea for a reasonably easy, cheap, crafty gift, let me know.  Knitting is in my repertoire, but not sewing. 

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Excited to finally be <8 weeks from my guess date! Being due the last week in Jan is going to be a bit of bummer once the babies start coming! 

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Originally Posted by cwill View Post


I'm at a total loss for Christmas gifts this year.  My craftiness is pretty low right now in terms of time and inspiration and so's my money!  But we're getting a lot of stuff from family for us and the baby.  Nothing huge, but all really useful, helpful things that we've been putting off getting because we can't afford it.  So I don't want to just blow it off.  So if anyone has a good idea for a reasonably easy, cheap, crafty gift, let me know.  Knitting is in my repertoire, but not sewing. 

OK.  so I have not been quite this broke in like ever.  And I am sick of buying things for people just because it is Christmas.  And did I mention the broke thing?  Like totally broke.  I sew- but don't have tons of time, and  I knit- but have really limited stash...  So for my mom and dad I am going to go to Hobby Lobby and buy 5" wood letters and paint them and then glue or nail or whatever onto a distressed board.  I want to put them on burned pallet wood but DH thinks my dad won't be impressed.  Anyway- my dad is a big Iowa fan- so his is going to just say Iowa or Hawks depending on what letters they have in stock I guess :)  and my moms will have their last name on it.  So pretty dang cheap and still cool and crafty.  My back up plan is to buy the 16x20 economy canvases at HobLob and just paint a big black and gold I for my dad and the first letter of their last name for my mom a la Pinterest.  Yah know what?  I think I am just going to do the canvases anyway.  Cheaper and faster and I think they will look really cool.  I might cover one canvas in burlap and mount a letter on it for my mom....  


I also bought a big tub of beads for DD to make stretchy bracelets for the other ladies on our list.  Not a bad deal to make nearly unlimited pretty bracelets for roughly $11 total- and it was simple enough for me to stay focused at.  The ones I made had big beads and the ones she made had the little.  She has more patience than me :)


The girls on my list are getting doll clothes that I am making using all sorts of random fabric and clothes.  Those are free basically.  I saw a stuffed monster/pillow on Pinterest that I think I am going to make for little boys on my list- they were stinking cute :)  And maybe a matchbox car mat/holder.


So- that means basically the few things left for my little boys (2, almost 3 of my kids are done) and a gift for my SIL and MIL (which I have picked out and just have to purchase) are left!

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