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Thanks mamas...I must be extra hormonal bc your responses make me tear up! What a sap eh? orngtongue.gif
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JustJenny- I posted some videos in another thread! There is a whole other thread in our DDC with some great links!
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Blanca78- I am so sorry about both of your friends. My husband commutes to and from work and school on his bike, and it feels like drivers have been extra aggressive with bikers recently. Last night a man intentionally tried to drive him off the road into a wall four times, until he finally just stopped his bike and waited with another driver who pulled off to try to help. A few months back a group of men in a van did something similar to a woman who works in the local non profit community, and also grabbed her by her bag and dragged her for awhile. It is so awful.


I also hope that your friend with the loss is healing on her own time, and that she can eventually embrace your baby to be.


OrchideZ- glad to hear an update, I was thinking of you.


I have had a few tough days emotionally. My lower back has started to hurt, and my nanny work days have just changed to working 1.5 hours later than usual because the mama owns a retails shop that is in it's busy season from now through the holidays. I had no idea the adjustment would just feel so huge! I think just not getting home until quarter to 7 when it is dark makes me feel depleted. I definitely need to do some work to change my perspective, because I feel like I have had a very negative few days. The fear of the driver antagonizing my husband/something happening to him really upset and angered me last night. My non-profit work has also been swamped lately, so I feel like I am juggling too many things.


TRIGGER WARNING. Paragraph below talks about pregnancy loss.

I also had a facebook friend post of photo of her stillborn baby, as a part of her healing process and a project she was doing to bring awareness to womens' birth loss experiences. It was after I had just watched a TV show with a late loss/stillborn, and coincidentally, the local doula/birthy facebook community was also mourning a birth loss. All of it put together brought me close to a panic attack. FB ended up taking the stillborn photo down, and my friend was very upset...I get her struggle, but at the same time, I did not feel it was fair to have to open my computer for some light-hearted FB browsing, and see the photo while pregnant. I have not reached out to her about it, because I feel it would not help her process and would create bad feelings between us.


Hugs to those of you having a hard time. Hoping today feels better all around.

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I second the wish for several "pyjama days"... Somehow it's feeling kind of rough right now. Like many of you, I'm experiencing a lot more physical pain with this pregnancy and never dreamed I would be the one saying "I can't believe I have 10 more weeks of this...." The hip pain, heartburn/reflux, insomnia, stress incontinence, constipation, feeling hungry but too "full" to eat, etc. All, individually, rather small concerns, but they seem to be adding up and taking a toll. And just yesterday I learned that a close childhood friend had unexpectedly (though, thankfully, peacefully) passed away. I'm thankful that I found out from my husband (my parents called him) and not Facebook, as could well have been the case if I hadn't been too busy to be online all day. Since when do people post death announcements on Facebook hours after it happens? Really?! Sigh. And I feel selfish for even saying it, but now I have a headache from crying and I can't sleep and I just feel like there's nothing I can do about anything. I hadn't talked to her in months and her birthday is this Friday, so I was going to call... now it's the day of her memorial. And I can't possibly go, it's on the other side of the country.


I'm happy to say I've at least had no further bleeding or (excess) contractions in the last couple weeks, and that's been reassuring. I think the whole episode was likely related to having been quite sick for many weeks with a respiratory infection and my body just saying "enough already! we can't handle any more!". That said, I still have some concerns I won't get into too much, but am glad I contacted a group of CNMs back when it started...... except, it took them several weeks to look at my chart and conclude that I had too many complications for them to see me, and refer me to a perinatologist. With whom I have an appointment next week, except the scheduler insisted I had to have an ultrasound before seeing the doctor and the only way out of that was to have the nurse give them different orders. And I have yet to be able to reach her. I'm not opposed to *medically necessary* ultrasound, by my definition of necessary that is (a non-remote chance of finding something that should actually be treated before birth).... and would be happy to discuss with the doctor what she thinks might be gained from an ultrasound.... and then consider it... but not until then.


Can't quite believe Thanksgiving is just weeks away - I knew the last few months were going to fly by with the holidays, and here they come. Time to get ready for baby, I guess...

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I found a sweet birth video called "Welcoming Theodore".  It is like the J Crew family waits for and then has a homebirth.  Really sweet with the siblings involved and maybe professionally done?  I cannot find the thread right now for birth videos.  My DD's 6 and 3 enjoyed this one.


Neara - That is a difficult situation.  I would probably just let it go.  But yes, I feel that would be hard to bear at this time in your pregnancy.


Lily - Glad that your pregnancy seems to have settled with contractions and no more bleeding.  Best of luck seeing the Doctor, I hope things can go as you would like.


AFM, yesterday was one of those glorious Fall days.  The kiddos played outside most of the day.  I got a roast in the CrockPot early in the day.  We made it to gymnastics practice on time.  My daughter finished up all of her homeschool work without any nagging or difficulty.  I got a kick out of cleaning up the kitchen quietly around 4pm and looking out the window to my two girls swinging on the playset with the fall leaves piled around the slide.  ANd the smell of that roast cooking!  Got myself a cup of RRLT and curled up on the sofa!  Perfect.  You don't get many days like that.

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Here is the link to the thread of birth videos! 

And here is one of my favorites! 


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Looking forward to watching the videos! Thanks mamas!
I have a day of house cleaning ahead of me as my best friend is generously throwing me a "sprinkle/birthday party" here this weekend. I also have to finish my mermaid waldorf dolly I've been working on for our school's elves Faire. It's been a sweet labor of love but wow takes so much time doing handwork.
I want to get cleaning out of the way so that tomorrow (actual bday) and Friday are relaxing. I have my chiro and prenatal massage scheduled for tomorrow (really highly recommend for anyone suffering w sciatica or aches- covered by my insurance too- who'd a thunk it??) & then getting a hair chop on Friday. I get a hair cut about once a year so that's big news haha.
Due to daylight savings time change, kids are going to bed at 6:30 and sleeping 12 hours. I can't complain about that!!

Neaera & Lily: have you both in my thoughts today and hoping you have a gentle day today.
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Happy Birthday, OrchideZ!!! Hope you enjoy your birthday/sprinkle!!! 

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Hi all - have been too swamped to check in with the thread but just catching up on everything. Hugs to everyone - heck we all do really need them.


I'm sorry to those with friends who've lost. I've been nervous (no reason to be really) about it lately myself. While the lack of appointments due to my provider being a lay midwife and far away help me to feel relaxed in one regard. Almost an imposed feeling of just letting what happens happen. I saw the shock on an old coworkers face yesterday during lunch while we were catching up and I said that I haven't had any ultrasounds. In another way when you've had more highly managed pregnancies in the past and you cannot settle on a name... I worry that perhaps things were not meant to be. Then try and write that off as silly thoughts and try and do some positive mental imaging.


Happy Birthday to you OrchideZ!

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Thanks sweet mamas! It's tomorrow and I am hoping for a relaxing (sort of) day.
Today was kinda crappy.
I called a dietician's nurse my midwife had the number of to see about getting an appt with to go over diet and learn how to do my own glucose monitoring since I didn't pass my 1 hr screen. This nurse had no availability for the 2 hour appt it would require on any of the days I offered her and was adamant that I either come tomorrow early am (when I am dropping my kids off to school) or wait two wks. Very bizarre. I told her I didn't have childcare help- its just me- and she really seemed bugged by that/ said I needed to decide what's important to me if I wanted an appt.
anyway, long story already long but I hung up feeling sad and defeated and no appt.
My midwife said not to worry and we will find someone else. Just wondering if anyone else has been through this and have advice. I'd like to know more about taking lethicin as a gf mama in case I do take 3 hr test.
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Just PM'd you Orchide ....


Thanks for all the video links! I'm gonna get to watching them all tonight :thumb

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We're super busy here too, but I am reading along and sorry for everyone who is having a rough time right now. 


I hope you can find someone else to talk to OrchideZ.  That woman doesn't have much perspective on how life actually works, does she?  Will the dietician provide the monitor for you?  It's something you can buy easily from Walmart, along with lancets and test strips.  It's not difficult to check your own blood sugar if you want to get started now.  I didn't realize you hadn't taken the 3 hour test though - I thought that's what you meant by the fasting test.  You may pass the 3 hour test just fine and then you won't have to worry about it at all.  I failed the first screen with 146, but passed the 3 hour - you need 2 high numbers to fail that one so it may be that you have a higher initial spike, but everything is normal at 2 hours...  Still not ideal, but it should be easy to cut Glucola out of your diet now that you know your body doesn't like it.  :bgbounce


AFM: my only current complaint is being tired.  All my pain and contractions have cleared up since that episode a few weeks ago.  I determined my symptoms have a lot to do with how well my pooping is going!  TMI sorry, but it's amazing how true it is, LOL.  Now I can't sleep at night and am getting by on 3-5 hours most days, but it's manageable.  Work has slowed down a lot so day-to-day is easier than it had been.  I'm only occasionally an irritable monster towards my family.  So I'm feeling upbeat again!

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OrchidZ - If it's not packed away (we have a lot of things still in boxes since moving in Feb) I have an old monitor you can have and I think even that the test strips may still be in date.


CWill - I know what you mean about TMI same here. I had stomach issues last week and again this week and increased cramping and braxtons all due to gas / BM. Ugh.


I'm eating soo much today.

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Interesting about GF and failing the GD test. Something told me to skip it this time. I got sick last time on that glucola drink anyway. 

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I failed the stupid 1-hr test with a non-fasting 142. I failed last time I was pregnant when they didn't have me fast so I should have insisted on a fasting 1-hr test.

Not looking forward to it but having risked out of the birthing center because of my size (and later finding a very low lying placenta that would have risked me out anyway) I have to jump through dumb hoops or they consider me GD.

I also had another us and my placenta isn't moving up. It's only 2cm from my cervix and that's the bare minimum for having a vagjnal delivery.

My friends joke this baby better be Matthew mcconaghuey chill when he's born with all the grief he's giving me in utero.

Born with flip flops on and a laidddddd back attitude, man.
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PamelaRRRR- Aw I am so sorry you are having all this trouble! Hopefully you pass next time and your placenta moves at least a little more for you. I hope your friends are right!! 

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What week are you PamelaRRR?


I just remember with my DS that they were monitoring my placental placement to make sure I didn't risk out of the midwives. It kept measuring very low and finally I just pleaded "out of town" and pushed my appointment back for repeat U/S till close to the end.

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I'm 29 weeks. My next u/a is 32 weeks.
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Okay - I recall I was still low at 28 and think I went back in at 33 or 34.

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Pamela, thinking of you in this stressful annoying situation. !!! I had a low-lying placenta last time but it did move...but I don't remember when this all happened. 


I'm 29 weeks too. What's your due date? Mine got changed so it's hard for me to be confident in it. It would be nice to have a due date sister to think of. 

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