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Oh yea! And i haven't had to lanolize mine. And the toddler one can go in the regular wash.
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Ladies, gimme strength for my three hour gtt today! It's 6:45 am and I am already ravenous w growling stomach after fasting overnight and have 2 hours to go until my 1st draw. Will be able to eat at noon. Sitting and watching my kids chowing before school isn't helping either LOL
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OrchideZ- Aww man! You can do it. That has to be really hard right now though! :Hug

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Argh so we are all sick. Making it's way through the house since Thursday. First DD, then DS and Hubby. Of course I get it last.


Yesterday was bad. Back spasms and tight stomach, deep coughing. Tea, tea, tea, tea, water, fruit. Kept going long after I was saying every two minutes how badly I needed to lay down because kids were a wreck still and between that, the mess and all our animals - it was too much even for a vastly improved hubby.


I'm sorry to hear about bowel issues with a few. Hope the tea helps as I know it is painful and makes everything that much worse.

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Hang in there Orchide! It is tough but you are tougher.

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Sending healing vibes to your house Catwmandu!
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cwill- :Hug Big hugs to you. That sounds incredibly painful. I hope you can get things moving soon. We also have the same supposed due dates! My Dr. said 13th but he based it on a 28 day cycle which I don't have. I can go as long as 32 some months. My average is 30 days So I picked the 15th as a in between date.


orchidez- I hope the lecithin works for you and you passed your test today! At least you will finally know either way and can get on with life. That stupid test seriously stressed me out and I was glad to move forward!


Cat- Yikes! That would be a lot to take right now. So sorry everyone feels so crappy. Wishing you speedy healing dust.gif


AFM- Been dealing with a new hormone surge this week that left me with some uncontrollable anxiety. I feel much better today and think that it is passing. I hate these spurts - its the only time a feel really bad. Then my body adjusts and I'm fine for the rest of the week.  Anybody ever get really itchy breasts with your growth spurts? I think it might be because my boobs are even more ridculously bigger than they were. I've lost track of my size and just went to 2x sports bras- which I am almost grown out of. :eyesroll 

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I put my babies on sheep skins.  The sheep skin I have is a very firm one- some are more 'hairy' and mine is maybe a therapeutic type?  It is thick by not really cushy if that makes sense.  I swear they sleep better on them.  I don't worry about my sheepskin- after each baby is done with it I give it a soak in the bath tub with some wool wash and put on the clothes line and then it is good for the next baby.  Each of mine uses for probably a year or so....  I also put wool blankets on our beds for mattress protection.  I bought mine at a surplus store- so they aren't thin and they aren't soft- but they are effective :)  I do love lanacare products though- I have used their nursing pads for years!  


Cat- hope you get feeling much much better soon!  It is so not fair that moms can get sick.  


Orchid- hope your test goes well- at least then you will have more answers right?


As for me- I got an order of EOs yesterday- I can't believe I never had these before.  I have run my diffuser 3 times with peace and calming and lavender and this house is changed :)  It is fantastic!  I also made a mineral balm with some frankenscence and myrrh in it (helps with my leg cramps) and it smells so yummy too!  Very excited to try them out during labor!  I do need to order my birth kit though....


I also made what could be considered the most amazing chocolate cake in the world yesterday- it has a dark chocolate salted caramel icing that is just about better than anything I have ever ate in my life- that with a quart of milk is pure bliss!   RIght now I am chilling on the couch just surfing looking for ideas on what I should make for my little baby while my belly keeps cramping keeping me from doing anything too useful...  At least homeschool is done for the day..

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What kind of diffuser do you have. I need to get one. I have some oil burners made of soap stone one of which is in the kids room that I put lavendar in but given the moods in the house could use something that permeates a little more of the house :wink

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Diffuser and chocolate cake sound amazing.  I think you've sold me on essential oils.  I've thought about making sprays, why did I never consider using a diffuser?


Cat, sorry about family sickness.  Hope everyone is doing better soon. 


OrchideZ, hope your test went well and you felt ok at the end.  When I did it, I felt crummy for the first hour, then great until I got in the car to leave and then I needed to EAT.  I ate so much.


Jenny, sorry about the anxiety.  Mine comes and goes too.  I was sitting up until 2 am a couple nights ago thinking about trying to keep my family together in a post-apocalyptic world.


Funny thing about this bout of constipation is that other than the fact that I haven't gone in forever, I don't feel terrible.  I'm starting to get full and a little crampy, but no contractions like before.  Some pelvic pain, but not as bad as before either.  So, yay!  OB was very unsympathetic as anticipated; but recommended Miralax and I told him if I haven't gone in 2 days I'm coming to throttle him.  The appointment was good other than that.  He's pretty sure baby is head down so it's nice to not have to worry about that.  Oh, and my GTT numbers were 71, 151, 110, and 86.  That's after failing the 1 hour with a 146.  So hope yours turns out similarly, OrchideZ!

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I ordered the Young Living premium starter kit.  So the diffuser is completely awesome and is a cool mist.  Everyone is seriously loving it :)

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That diffuser looks really nice!  I think it's out of our budget right now though.  Boo.  Maybe a Christmas present.  I really want something that makes our house smell nice and inviting. 


I've pooped twice since yesterday!  LOL.  I tried a million and a half other folk remedies yesterday in addition to the Miralax so it could have been any one of those things.  My mom told me to eat a bag of chips and is taking credit. 


I made and froze veggie burgers yesterday and today have a double batch of tikka masala going in the crockpot and a ginger syrup for ginger ale going on the stove and I pooped and life is feeling pretty good for this next hour while DS continues to nap.  And then it will all fall apart again, but revel in it with me for right now! 

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If I could like that twice for you I would cwill!


Glad to hear things are moving right along for you (sorry I couldn't resist).


Slowly improving here. At least energy wise. Coughing may be originating from lungs though and usually by nightfall my hacking is causing lots of tummy back tightness.

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I don't know where my posts go...  they disappear randomly I think!  Yay for CWill!  Good job!  


I spent 5 horrible hours reconciling our checking accounts today- but I also found $200!  So Yay!  That said I decided it was time to spend it on a birth kit.  So I ordered a pool too since it was too coincidental on the amount :)  I ordered a la bas sine maxi!  I am pretty excited about that.  I am fairly long so I think it will be a good fit- plus it was the one that was on sale and I couldn't see buying less of a pool for more money- so whatever.  Then I ordered a basic birth kit that I will have to add a few things too like peroxide and iodine scrub.  And I ordered a floating thermometer...  and then I found a 10% off coupon- so it came in under my $200!  Yup.  pretty excited!  That is probably the last big thing on my list of things (which was pretty short to begin with).  DH is taking care of plumbing stuff for the pool- so I don't need to worry about that.  A couple packs of newborn diapers and I should be really setting pretty good.  

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Haha, you guys are all awesome. Thanks for the support!

Glad things are clearing up a little bit sickness wise Cat. We've all got a tiny bit of congestion here that I'm hoping stays a tiny bit.

Iowaorganic, yay for ordering supplies! I know we still have a ways to go, but we are so close! I'm still up and down emotionally, but I'm finally starting to get excited about meeting this baby.

A friend also just offered to throw me a shower next month. It was so sweet of her. I wasn't planning on doing anything and I don't want anything, but it will be good to celebrate this LO a little before arrival.
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Cwill- Aww that is so sweet of your friend to offer to do that! How nice! 


Cat- Glad it has started to clear up a little! Hopefully you guys will be back to normal soon. My cold has hung on since the end of Oct. :/ Not too bad now but just can't seem to get rid of it fully! 

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Spoke to soon about things clearing up. Thursday and Friday were almost back to normal (except energy levels). Then Saturday came and kick my husband in the butt. Since he was one of the first ones sick this was bout two.


Since he's been completely useless (sorry guess maternal me is hiding somewhere) I've been doing everything. Leafblowing, raking, lifting heavy stuff, caring for the huge four legged clan as well as the kids who have cabin fever and all of this while still hacking up my own lungs. Since hubby is coughing through the night it's making for restless sleep for the kids and my son is now looking like round two is starting. I almost never complain especially about hubby who has always pulled more than his share of night parenting, caregiving, etc... but at 30 weeks pregnant and still recovering myself I am not feeling so lovey dovey. :o


Ugh! Sorry for complaining. I'm all out of energy for cleaning and certainly none for going to a store.

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Hi everybody, 


I'm feeling good because I'm pretty positive baby is head down - and, at least for the moment, anterior, I think. My last baby was posterior and labor was so bad, so I'm feeling very thankful to this baby. 


Way behind on my HypnoBabies practice, but I think I can catch up. Still nauseous at 30 weeks but thankfully (!!!!) the quarter pill of Zofran I take every day keeps it totally under control. And feeling a little bit more like I'll be ready to have a baby since my partner finally got some time to help me clear up the first of the giant messes in our house. We have a lot of projects to embark on before this baby comes. 


I've had sucky back issues this past week or two - SI joint maybe? Whenever I feel the twinges my knees give out and my body practically collapses - it's not super painful, but I'm worried I could God forbid fall down the stairs, you know?


As for waterproof crib pads, I truly love the Naturepedic waterproof pads because they're totally thin, no soft stuff at all, and have some kind of special proprietary waterproof layer that's not the usual toxic vinyl, etc., and also don't have flame retardant. We've had several sizes including one for our Queen size bed and they are SO reliable. This may be gross but as a sleep deprived parent, many times my kid has wet the bed, the Naturepedic pad completely deflects it and dries out almost immediately, and I end up washing the sheets and not even bothering with washing the pad. I also would be quite wary of sheepskin for the mush factor, unless it was the kind one of you said was firm somehow (never seen that but I imagine it exists). 


And as for constipation, with which I've had my own nightmare experiences this pregnancy, my midwife suggested glycerin suppositories, available in drugstores, for acute conditions, and I finally got mine cleared up when I added back in a high-dose, high-quality probiotic from Klaire labs. All the fiber and everything wasn't enough but the probiotic really did the trick. You have to take probiotics constantly, not just when things are bad, because unless you've never had any gut damage in your life, the bacteria you introduce through probiotics doesn't stick around in your body the way natural bacteria would have if the original balance in your body was left untouched from birth. They only last about 2 weeks after you stop taking them. 

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I have reached the point where nothing fits.  This is kind of serious lol.  I am stuck in leggings and a couple long tunic tops and a couple dresses.  But the same pair of leggings everyday is getting kind of old- not as old as hurting from my clothes though....  I might have to actually leave my farm and go find another pair and have freaked myself out thinking jeggings would be a good idea- what the heck am I thinking-lol!  Jeggings are only cute on a size 2- which is NOT what I am...  I just think they would be thicker or something....  


Anyway- almost 33 weeks I think- so getting pretty excited to get my DH on the ball in 4 short weeks to get this baby out faster....  not that that has actually been proven to work for me....

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Hi everyone!

Yay for pooping! Miralax and glycerin suppositories are the things that have worked best for me. I guess I don't have it too bad--I manage to go every 2-3 days, but it is hard work. But I have a nasty hemmhorroid? Help, i can't spell that word. It is gross and I just want ti to go away.


Count me in the sick crowd. I've been fighting a cold for two weeks now. Every time I thought I'd turned a corner, I'd have a crappy night's sleep and feel worse the next day. I *think* I have finally started to kick it for real. Sleep has been pretty awful--waking up and not getting back to bed, super dry throat, congestion--I've been SO out of breath from pregnancy and now I keep waking up feeling like I'm suffocating.


On top of that the 2.5 year old has been extremely difficult. She's usually a very mild-mannered kid, but can also go from 0 to 60 if something sets her off--and lately everything sets her off. Diaper changes, our insistence that she wear pants/socks, bringing her the wrong thing for breakfast...I know it's developmental but it's hard feeling so annoyed by my own kid! More troubling than that is she is going through a major parental favoritism phase, with me being the favored one. She melts down if Daddy tries to change her diaper, feed her, pick her up...I can't do anything without her wanting to be with me...I am honored that she needs me and loves me, but at the same time I NEED A BREAK! And, my husband is having a hard time with it--it's hard for him not to feel hurt. I keep reminding him that she does love him--he was just away for a couple days and she really enjoyed talking on the phone with him, asked about when he was coming back...but then of course when he did get back we were back to meltdowns. I read a lot of kids go through this, but it's really stressing me out, because with a newborn around I simply cannot be the only parent she will tolerate. And it's not his fault, but it's also hard not to resent my husband when I feel like I am doing all the work of getting her ready for bed, tucking her in, etc. But then on the other hand, if I step back and try to let him do it, she pitches a fit.


Oh yeah, on top of that she's refusing naps lately and has become downright feral if I leave her in her room for "quiet time"--ripped all the stuffing out of one of her pillows the other day and then topped it off with a messy poop. It would have been funny if I hadn't been nearly out of my mind with feeling sick and sleep deprived.


Thanks also to everyone for your support about my friend's baby loss and my other friend getting hit by a car. My friend on the bike is doing much better--already out of critical care and ready to go home after a week in rehab. I have yet to hear more from my friend who lost the baby. Neara, I feel you on seeing your friend's FB photo, but I echo the advice to just let it go. It really weirds me out when people post pictures of dead babies, but at the same time I have to remind myself that they are the ones who have had the loss and it is their prerogative to process the loss how they see fit. I also really sympathize with your anxiety. Tough situation.

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