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So this week I've got two kids in high school and two in college. It's weird.


Ds (enrolled in his last year of high school) has taken the week in which he's supposed to be job-shadowing, volunteering or otherwise exploring his options for the future, to audit classes in digital media at a college in a nearby city. He's staying with friends and looking after himself for the week. Eldest dd is of course still across the country in Montreal attending university for music. So... for this week, two in college.


Dd15 is attending high school as usual. She was home sick yesterday, but she's off to school today. And dd10, normally my unschooler, is enrolled in the Film Studies high school immersion elective at the local school for the week, a hands-on experience in animation, film-making and digital editing. 


So in about 15 minutes all my kids will be at school for the day. So weird!


[ETA: Okay, nix that, dd15 isn't feeling so great yet and decided to take another day at home. Maybe tomorrow...]


I asked dd10 what she did yesterday. She said "we mostly watched a bunch of different styles of animation, played around with the software a bit, and waited for people to shut up. :eyesroll " Still, she's enjoying the content of the experience enough to endure for the week.



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Enjoyed reading all the posts above!


So we went to England … it was a lot of fun.  Guess what though they DID have Hallowe'en and my SIL's son was going.  dd was not sure till the last day whether she would go with him or not but she got a witch's hat just in case and in the end did go along.  We left the country on Guy Fawkes' Day so we only notices some fireworks from the airport. 


SIL's son had vacation while we were there but had lots of homework during vacation so I gave dd some worksheets as well and we are sort of keeping the habit of doing one sheet every day - I just make a few worksheets and put them in a folder and she chooses one every day.  Usually she chooses math every time but she did manage to choose a writing one recently and wrote a story more than 2 pages long.  She normally avoids writing.  Even while doing math, she would rather erase and write the minimum number of characters required than to solve the problem step by step by writing each step on a new line. 


I am not sure what I think about this new regimen of doing a page a day.  Certainly there are some good things  - for example, since it is only one page per day, there is no pressure to "finish" it in order to do another page or another subject - so it lends itself to lots of digression and elaboration - that is the unschool-y part of it.  But without reminding from me, and without a cousin who also has homework do to, there is not always a motivation to start it. 


She does get a sense of accomplishment from doing them, and dh is certainly much happier when she does them, but let's just say this is not the way I planned it.

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Tomorrow we stop by the watercolor/acrylic class at our local micro-library.  This is run by two women, and dd1 discovered it and was dying to go.  We missed it last week due to a dentist appointment, but will be heading back tomorrow.


The Gilligan's Island marathon continues, and we are finishing up the third season.  And, yes, it turns out I have seen every last episode.  I mean, really... 2 episodes every day, 5 days a week for around 10 years?  As soon as I would start thinking I might not have seen one, a scene would come up that I remember vividly.  Funny stuff.  Unlike The Hardy Boys (sigh....) GI seems to have aged well.  Probably because it already had shown it had staying power when I was watching reruns in the 70s.  There is a reason that The Hardy Boys never survived long, as much as I want to believe how totally awesome that show was.  But, alas, it wasn't, really.  I was just starstruck.  And what was I doing watching a mystery anyway?  I was more a Little House kind of kid--totally different from my girls.


Never did get through the house cleaning, nor started any major projects.  The girls are always in a good mood playing until I have nothing for them to do, and that's when they get in fights and complain there is nothing to do.  Sigh.  They want to do this and that, but no, in the moment they want nothing else than to play with each other, even when they are at each other's throats.  I need to write a book-- "How I Unschooled Successfully Against All Odds and On the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, and Managed to Prevent My Kids Killing Each Other".  Wry smile?  Why not-- I'm in a decent mood for now.


On a math note, dd1 did manage to successfully surmount her confusion over place value.  She ordered a "math test", and when the right column added up to 13, she looked puzzled and asked how that was supposed to work out.  In the past, she would just tack "13" on the end, turning 123 into 1113.  She likes working out problems in her head, and she came to the right answer.  I asked what she did and she told me she added the "10" back in.  Yay!!!  I showed her what her method looked like on paper (working the problem underneath) then I showed her how to place the notation on top.  She is still more interested in working it out in her head, which is fine.  Just glad to know that hurdle is behind us now.

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Skating day! The mountain-pass lake above us has frozen like glass. We'll go and skate a little later today. No fresh snow due until the weekend, so we may get out there at least once more this week. So excited -- the glassy-ice-without-snow thing only happens once every few years. right at the beginning of the season. 


Last night when I told dd10 that we'd go skating today, I told her to keep her excitement low-key, since her older siblings would be in school and wouldn't be able to come. "There are some perks to being a homeschooler," I said.


"Yup," she agreed, with a big grin on her face flapping her hands in exaggerated excitement. "That totally makes up for me not having any friends."


She was making a joke. But the joke has some context. As she's moving into puberty, and we're looking at a relatively empty nest next year with one or two more siblings moving away, she's noticing the lack of a real circle of friends. She has a 7-year-old homeschooled friend whom she hangs out with from time to time in a big sister sort of way, and a 4-year-old she loves whom she babysits occasionally. There are a couple of 13-year-olds at school whom she sees at math class and enjoys socializing with. She has a buddy at gymnastics class whom she sees there once a week. She has two summer music program friends who live 4 and 12 hours away whom she keeps in touch with via Skype and diligent postal correspondence. She has another older friend whom she's hung out with on and off whom she has a fair bit in common with, but he just moved away. She has plenty of other acquaintances, and is very friendly with most of the local 5-through-7-year-olds, but she has no in-person friendships that are more than casual. And no friends at all except her gymnastics buddy who are within a year or two of her age.


So, yeah. While she makes jokes about it, it's going to be a problem that gets bigger. I don't think going to school would solve it, and neither does she. But still...  


So, yeah. Skating will be brilliant. Then she has a violin lesson. Then she'll be at home, while her older sister and her 13-year-old local friends attend the art class at the youth centre which she's still 3 years too young for. I really believe this kid was born three years old and we should have a birth certificate that says so. Things would be simpler.


Edited to add a skating picture:





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That is one stunningly gorgeous photo!  And poignant too, in light of your post. 

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Wow.  Just, wow.



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