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Any other Ucers here?

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this will be our 3rd planned UC. Im just curious as to other mamas planning on following this path...

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Sort-of. I have a midwifery background and most of my closest friends are doulas or midwives. So I'm doing all of my own prenatal care and my support people at my birth will be 2-3 midwife/doula friends. So they will be there in "friend" capacity but if shit hits the fan they have the know-how, skills and resources to handle whatever may arise. So...quasi UC (well, technically UBAC)

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sounds cool. we are interviewing two midwives later-ish. IDK since we have had 2 UC's already that's where my heart is. I love the aspect of UC being that its just me and the hubs... I have previously given birth to my babes at night while everyone is sleeping . So its just him and me. Its good you have others to surround you. Personally I am a private birther and cant stand others in my "area" ;)

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I am not a 'UCer' by definition, but I am very attracted to it. I have a much-loved midwife who really respects and understands my need for hands-off and control. I have had one unintended uc which was awesome but to be very honest, I love the party! While I would love to do it again, planned,I love having my women and family around me.
Do you UP as well or just UC? Have you had mw's before or is there a reason you'll be interviewing them later?
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Yes, UP and UC... I had one hossy birth, One midwife homebirth , and 2 UP/UC's  nope no intention of anyone else but DH ( maybe) around

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Pardon my ignorance, but what is UP? I'm assuming UC is unassisted childbirt.
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I was just thinking the same thing! I don't even know what these acronyms stand for LOL

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sorry, UP unassisted Pregnancy. meaning I don't rely on anyone for prenatal care, I do that all myself. blood pressure/urinalysis , diet, all the goodies a "professional" would offer.
UC is unassisted childbirth. not relying on anyone for assistance in labor/delivery. No one will attend the birth except myself and hubby. there are lots of descriptions for UC, but to us ( hubs and me) unassisted means just that. no medical "professionals"
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