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Keeping the Motivation Flame Bright through November

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Welcome to the November 2013 Dingo thread run.gif

New visitors to the Dingo Thread may ask, "but, what is a Dingo?"

Dingoes are mamas (defined loosely, when needed) who run, walk, cycle, tri, and participate in whatever sport they need to sustain their awesome mama selves in lives that are definitely dynamic. Sometimes, a Dingo is injured, or life takes a turn, and she has to take a break from her chosen sport. Whether active or aspiring, Dingoes support one another in spirit. When two Dingoes are in the same place at the same time, something incredibly special happens. This is called a Dingo Meetup. They are relatively rare, and so we try to record them with photographic evidence.

Are you a Dingo? You just might be, if:

You sometimes perform acts of brilliance in order to squeeze a workout into a busy week.

You're never ashamed of coming in at the back of the pack, even if you're used to coming in faster.

You have found yourself sincerely respecting and admiring moms in all forms, observing how they're doing it for love, and growing from their experiences as well as your own

You won't know until you try, and all comers are welcome.
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You people are crazy. It isn't even the third or the fourth yet.....

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lol.gif kerc!

Finally boarded here, a two hour delay later. How does Mel's flight get cancelled and she gets in earlier?! orngtongue.gif

Go Lisa!
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Subbing. Go marathoning Dingos!
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Hey Mamas,

Thanks for the new thread Sparkle!


I've been reading but couldn't bring myself to post much.  My friend's death sort of wiped me out for a while there.  I could not see the light.  At all.  I often thought of Sparkle and Nic and wondered if they'd recognize the dark and scary place and hoped not.  I also thought about Lofty a lot and am hoping she's not down there too.  :grouphug I'm hoping my last sob-fest flushed it all out of my system on Wed.  I feel much lighter now anyway.


RM - Maybe you could take this Mary extra slow just to have some quiet time to yourself?  It sounds like you could use a few hours of peace.


Thinking of our NYMers!


Love to you all.


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Thanks for the new thread!

grouphug.gif Plady

Hope you get to NYC soon, tjsmama.

Off to swim practice.
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Go Mel, Gaye and RM!!!

My oldest is 8 today. I got a 93 on today's epidemiology/Biostats exam. I might make it to bootcamp for the first time in three weeks.

Happy November!
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November. Wow.

Go Gaye! Go Mel! Go RM!!! I'll be rooting for you from afar! clap.gif

Plady, I have been in that dark place and haven't posted either. I can barely even talk about how bad it was except to say I wrote several emails in my mind to the yahoo group. I did decided to do 3 things this week that might help: 1) see a counselor, 2) visit an architect and 3) see an attorney. Yesterday I finally made it to a counselor. I followed it up with a long, cathartic swim and then did the crazy, random, unplanned, kid-friendly trick-or-treating and so many things happened in the process that I feel like I have made a bizarre 180. I almost feel crazy thinking how different I feel. Maybe just seeing the counselor gave me an outlet and then making the other calls helped me to put some order into my life, which has been chaotic and painful on the inside and outside, both physically and emotionally. I loved seeing the pictures of us in SMA but for some reason the joy on our faces sent me for another loop. Was I that happy? I don't remember being that happy in a long time. I don't know what will be cathartic for you but I hope the dark doesn't stay long. It's so lonely there. You looked fantastic in the play. I'm so sorry about Maureen and just the plain stupid lack of sense it makes. hug.gif

Sparkle, have I already mentioned checking out this kid and reading the book by his mom? Let me know if you're familiar with it. I'm anxious to check out Parenthood, too.

So, as I mentioned to Plady, I saw a counselor this week and it was unimaginably revelatory. In the past, I've only seen a counselor to "fix" something something specific. This time, I just went for clarity. What a relief/release it was just to talk. Without judgement, condescension, justification, etc. I'm going every week indefinitely and I'm so happy about it. I'm sure some of the relief is having an outlet and another part might feel like I'm controlling some little bitty party of my world. Following the session, I swam hard and then did the impromptu trick-or-treating. Since I have an hour-long ride in the country, this amounted to stopping at every single ranch house, farm house, country house along the way that had its lights on. It was unbelievably fun! Those people living way out in the middle of a pasture were SO DANG HAPPY to see us! We got store-loads of candy mostly b/c they have so few visitors and were just that delighted. Right before we got home, someone invited me in for a glass of wine and I thought, sure. why not? I'm almost home. 1/2 an hour later, I realized this was the FIRST TIME since living in Austin that I had had any impromptu visit with a friend and certainly with an alcoholic beverage. It gave me so much hope, in just about everything. hope and faith. the whole universe. i see my entire backyard (endless pastures) in a new light. Makes me wonder if i've self-imposed my own shell. Even going into town felt different. All this because ds2 complained about never trick-or-treating. Next thing you know, we were laughing and having fun, drinking wine with a neighbor, getting contacts for the right builder and architect, lots of good advice, feeling connected, and I'm working the local voting booth on Tues. Serendipity.

Happy Birthday, MelWdd!! birthday.gif
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Checking in from the big apple! Mel38, her DD, and I are all tucked safely into our hotel room, and way excited for the weekend ahead! They already hit the expo before I got here, but I still need to go and get my race packet and do a little shopping tomorrow, then we have show tickets tomorrow afternoon, then will do dinner and an early bedtime. EEK. And did I mention EEEEEEK? orngbiggrin.gif
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Yes, prompt, sparkle. :wink


Plady, I think when someone goes who is so important to us--or just so loved--it becomes a huge task to just figure out how to keep moving. Even when they aren't actually day-to-day in our lives anymore. It's enormous and heavy, and when it feels so wrong on top of that, it can be just too much hurt for a person. And all the interceding issues in trying to climb up the pile of grief...well, hugs. I can't imagine how hard you worked to do all the things you just had to do.


Lofty, your voice sounds alive. That alone is wonderful. I hope things move in a supportive direction for you.


MelW, happy birthday to your DD, and way to go on the exam!


Gaye and Mel38, woot! Have a super race!


RM, you too! Go mama!


Feeling a little conflicted. Just the usual--fitting into a crowd we don't fit into because of our conscious choices. So, living with the consequences of choosing not to fit in. It doesn't bother me, really, but does affect the kids more than I wish. We'll move past it.


Might ride the bikes this morning, maybe get some beach time. Tomorrow is a holiday for dh, so it's nice to have him hanging around. I don't always love the plans he makes, but at least I feel like I have a friend. Plus, he makes breakfast.

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More later but a huge DINGO HIGH FIVE ro DrJen who BQ'd today!! Woot!
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Yay Mel and drjen!!

Good luck Gaye!!

I can't believe we did it. It felt like forever especially the last 6. I pleased as punch not to have injuries just soreness. Race report maybe tomorrow. I'm supposed to work in the morning and then spend a few hours at my dads. Right now I'm tuckered out. smile.gif
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Woohoo for RM and drjen!!!

And good luck to Mel38 and tjsmama tomorrow!

Also Yay to MelW for an awesome exam.

joy.gif and hug2.gif and goodvibes.gif to all other Dingos as needed.
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Way to go, drjen! :joy I can't even imagine! Woot!


I just signed up for the GRE. Someone, please tell me I can still do well on a test. help.gif I have 5 weeks to prepare.

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Yay runners!

Why, jo? Can you get access to a practice program? You take it on a computer and it's an adaptive test. It takes some practice to learn how to do it, completely independent of your abilities.

Up before 6 to 'celebrate' the end of daylight savings. Hoping to finish painting today... Then we finish moving into the kitchen!
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Congratulations to RM and DrJen on the completed marathons! And a BQ for DrJen, wow!!!!

Good luck to Mel and Gaye today in NYC joy.gif (that's me, cheering you both on!)

jooj - I'm no help on the GRE since I last took it in 1992, but good luck to you on the test. What kind of grad program are you thinking about?

Geo - I did the same thing this morning. I woke at my usual 6:20, which is unfortunately 5:20 now.

lofty - you sound so deliciously happy! So glad the therapist is providing the outlet you need. Tell more about the whole "architect" and "builder" thing... Your Halloween sounds like it was just perfect.

I took my crazy Brownie troop on a hike yesterday and it actually went really well. It certainly helped that there were at least 6 parents who joined me and my co-leader, as well as a couple of older siblings. No one got lost, fell in the river, burned themselves in the fire or impaled anyone on a s'mores stick, so I'm calling it a success! My 1.5 mile jaunt through the forest doesn't exactly count as RR, but it'll have to do.
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Jo - you can definitely do it! They changed the test the year I took it, so I've now taken the old one and the new one, and the new one is so. much. better. They got rid of several dumb sections (analogies), and the ones remaining are very intuitive if you are a language-oriented person (which I consider myself). I did take a course, but even then, the language portion of the books was somewhat easy (compared to math, which was like re-learning most of it redface.gif) However, I do recommend some kind of review book so that you can learn the tricks, because of course the hard part is when they give you two answers that would both work but you have to have some insight into what the test wants you to say, right?

RM, Gaye, Mel38, DrJen - run.gifjoy.gifbroc1.gif Congrats and Good Luck
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