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RM - those are both diuretic drinks. I would definitely add water. And are you eating plenty of good fats. Stress will also make (everything) worse, but allergies and asthma are AI so gut mediated, which is very much affected by stress (caffeine counts as stress, marathon training counts as stress, on top of all the life stress you've been under). My friend, whose an infectious disease specialist scared me away from humidifiers - she calls them bacteria factories ... and unfortunately, after telling my docs what abx I needed to finally turn my pneumonia around, I tend to trust her, even though she's ruined hot tubbing for me lol.gif - but maybe helpful. I think a visit to the naturopath could help too. I hope you figure something out - that sounds miserable

Plady - ROTFLMAO.gif I know! Ridiculous. I sure as h*** dont want any more, but it took a lot for me not to pull a breast out when that baby started doing the guppy thing with her mouth toward my chest lol.gifbag.gif

Jo - this is going to be fun orngbiggrin.gif the vicarious experience of YOUR MFA lol.gif
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Originally Posted by sparkletruck View Post

... but it took a lot for me not to pull a breast out when that baby started doing the guppy thing with her mouth toward my chest lol.gifbag.gif



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Nic - :grouphug Sadly, the geographic connection doesn't really surprise me. Canadians often pride ourselves on our tolerance and how we don't have the same kind of racism and bigotry that you see in some other countries - but often it is just less blatant and visible. That is at least as bad as the redneck variety of bigotry you referred to. I think people who are educated and see themselves as enlightened and "good" can be cruel and hateful in very poisonous ways. 


Had a couple of gluten mishaps this weekend and I am still recovering. I feel best when I stick to pale eating but sometimes I am just too tired. The kids and I had baked potatoes with lots of veggies on top for supper tonight. It's GF which is good, not processed which is good, but not paleo which is less than ideal for me. The more stress I have going on the more important it is too eat well but also the harder it is to stick to! 


sparkle - :rotflmao That will be me too!

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Nic - that's such an awful story! I can't even wrap my mind around anyone thinking, never mind saying, those things. Sorry your children had to witness that kind of hatred and bigotry.

Shanti - I still eat potatoes and call myself Paleo. They come out of the ground, don't they? And if I don't get enough carbs, I feel yucky.

sparkle - too funny!

RM - water is your friend (and Diet Coke is not!) Could you be allergic to something in your house? Or something you're consuming? Milk makes me mega-congested.

Jooj - way to go on the writing sample!

RR - sick, so no.

NRR - swim meet all day on Sunday (literally, from 8:00am-5:00pm). DS swam exceptionally well (7th overall in his agegroup). Both DDs swam well too, taking time off their previous bests in all but one event (DD2's freestyle). DD1 lopped an amazing 20 seconds off her best IM time joy.gif! Yesterday DD2 and I marched (I use the term loosely) in the town's Veteran's Day parade. My throat was a little scratchy during the parade, but this morning I am totally congested, headachy and have lost my voice. Yuck.
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RM, I usually get some nasty after a long event. The lungs collect a lot of crap over 26.2+ miles, and it takes time to work back out. But seconding all of sparkle's suggestions, especially good fats and no DC. Green tea is supposed to be good against asthma too. Find some local honey for it. Sleep a lot.


JayGee, hope you feel better, too. 


Shanti, I just like to see you here. I think of you all the time.


Mel38, I meant to say, MFA. I don't know, sparkle. I am applying to pie-in-the-sky schools. Not Iowa, but still. They get 1000 applicants for 6 places, and only half go to fiction. It's hard to be hopeful. I am thinking about putting in an app for a low-residency option, just because it's more likely I would be accepted. But then I would also have to pay for it. I want someone else to pay for it. :lol


I wanted to go to yoga tonight but it is not going to happen. Mojo is gone. The day went a little off the rails, and then dh had this weird blow-up at ds over his reading. Ds reads hours every day. He blows through library books. He is catching up in school, almost caught up, if his stupid science lab didn't require a 6-week prep to grow beans and radishes (seriously)...long story short, dh wants the kids reading more in their second languages, especially ds, who frankly is not so good at second languages. And the thing about dh is, he is so awful a teacher that I use working with him as a threat. bag.gif So, ds read through some French baby book pages with dh belittling his pronunciation (which after 2 years and a bajillion trips to Morocco should be better, really) and is now locked back in his room with books. Giant eye roll.


I'm going to bed early and getting out tomorrow morning. Weds night is park yoga.

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Ah, Jo, of course. I do remember you mentioned that. Yikes, though, the whole application process makes me nervous on your behalf.


So, here's my take on 2nd language reading (please apply grains of salt as needed :wink): It's no fun. Not until the fluency comes, and even then... it takes time. So for a voracious reader, it is sheer torture. Slow-going – and then the subject matter and register of the books you have to read at the lower levels, ugh. And I would even argue that it doesn't improve the fluency too much, at least not compared to speaking. Can he start with some books on cd and listen to those passively? Or tv shows? It is awesome that your kids love to read so much.


JG, sorry you are sick. Congrats to your kiddos on the excellent swim meet results!


RR: track yesterday with some fast 400 yard repeats. It felt good! I was going to swim today, but I have tons of work so I don't see it happening.

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Hi mamas.


Just checking in. I"m struggling the past few days. The race was good although I am still really sore, uncharacteristically (from a half). It took a lot out of me. But between the experience on Saturday, then yesterday a terrible parent-teacher conference about ds which left me duh.gif and banghead.gif and brokenheart.gif, plus the onset of serious chilly/damp (tiny bit of snow today)...


I'm struggling.


I think it's hard for people to understand how devastating winter is for me. I don't really get it myself. Even if I'm 'warm' at the moment, it feels like my body is in total clench for months. I can't explain. And my brain goes into a fog, and the anxiety is overwhelming. Took rescue remedy twice today, and against my vegan principles am starting serious fish oil with the 5000 mg Vitamin D every day. Not helping yet.


Sorry. Enough whining. 

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Thanks for the help ladies!  Sparkle~ I've drank my morning coffee, and my diet coke, and now I'm onto water.  Baby steps!!  I wasn't even thinking about the need for even MORE water while taking the Sudafed.  Attribute that to fog brain.


Nic~I am so totally with you on the winter.  While in Florida last month I mentioned living there to dh.  I meant it.  :)  But alas, our life is in Indiana and it snowed this morning.


Shanti~good luck with the healthy eating and staying on track.  amazing what foods can do to us.  I need to get back on the bandwagon as well for my body's sake.  :)


Mel38~yay on a good run yesterday!


jaygee~hope you feel better soon!!


jo~sorry about the reading, I totally get it about the second language slow down being a deterrent.  Crummy thing is that it only gets better the more you do it.  blah.


RR: not yet.  Not that I can't but just haven't ..  and my eating has been atrocious.  I tend to eat better if I am working out.


NRR: tomorrow is ds2's follow up at the surgeon.  Pray for easy removal of the wrapping on his thumb (last time surgeon just ripped it off!!  ACK!!)  Also please pray for the body to have accepted the graph.  Thanks!

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Originally Posted by Runningmommy View Post

Thanks for the help ladies!  Sparkle~ I've drank my morning coffee, and my diet coke, and now I'm onto water.  Baby steps!!  I wasn't even thinking about the need for even MORE water while taking the Sudafed.  Attribute that to fog brain.


I read recently this blog that suggested one might have a daily meditation beginning each day with an 8 oz glass of water and just really enjoying that glass of water.It sounds totally cheesy. but maybe the thing to do to work more fluid in is to get it first and then move on to coffee and diet coke? 





Originally Posted by Nickarolaberry View Post
I think it's hard for people to understand how devastating winter is for me. I don't really get it myself. Even if I'm 'warm' at the moment, it feels like my body is in total clench for months. I can't explain. And my brain goes into a fog, and the anxiety is overwhelming. Took rescue remedy twice today, and against my vegan principles am starting serious fish oil with the 5000 mg Vitamin D every day. Not helping yet.


Well, yes, I get that clench everything up because it is so dang cold. FWIW:  for me I find I'm way colder if I'm low on iron. And also a few local friends were talking Vit D yesterday -- they had their levels checked at their family practice doc.  On going against vegan principles: One summer I got about 4 new cookbooks. I was 22 years old and living in an apartment for the first time and someone gave me the cookbooks. Two of them were moosewood cookbooks. My husband (who was my bf at the time) and I sat down to meal plan for the week and we decided to have vegetarian week.  We laid out a plan, bought the groceries and got to day TWO of the planned 7 and I said, "screw it let's have hamburgers. I want red meat."   So anyhow, that's my way of saying, maybe you do need to override the ethical questions and try for fish? or dairy with vit d? 




Cold here today. Windchill close to zero F when I was out with a class of students.

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Nic - I'm so sorry you're feeling so down hug2.gif. Winter is just hard. Never feel you have to apologize for whining.

Cold seems to be everywhere today. We had a high of 67 yesterday and it was 23 when I got up this morning with a light dusting of snow.
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Nic - I agree with everything Kerc said. I feel bleh when I am low in iron and or CLO (usually after three days of taking both I feel noticabley better shrug.gif). I hear you on the clench too. I am such a miser that I keep the heat on low all winter and NEVER feel warm. I sometimes get in the bath just to warm up at a deep level. I feel like I live in layers, including sleeping with socks and sometimes fleece. I wore my fleece jacket the other night redface.gif Sometimes I like to sit against a south facing wall for 15 minutes just to feel the heat of the sun and the brightness getting to the back of my eyes (straight into my brain lol.gif) Also the low slant of the sun just sets my energy at Meh even without the cold hug.gif As for that ignorant shrew bi*** who showed your kids the worst of humanity, I would have loved to say "yes it is 2013, which makes it all the more shocking that people can still be so ignorant, intolerant, and cruel!" Yuck
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As usual, I am way behind here. Sigh. Although, really, a lot of the reason is that I have a reason to NOT be sitting on my laptop during the evenings that I'm home (ahem, boyfriend), so yeah...that's a good thing. orngbiggrin.gif

nic~hug.gif and clap.gif for your race! Nice work pushing through a tough run!

rm~Hope you feel better soon. Definitely push the water. I feel like there is illness all around me right now, and I don't know how I'm holding out and not getting it. I am waaaaay overdue, especially given that I just ran a marathon. You'd think my immune system would be at its lowest right now and wide open for a cold. I tried to get a taper cold, but managed to fight it off and it hasn't come back. C is working his way toward a full-fledged taper cold, but I'm fighting it by pushing emergen-c and zinc on him everytime he walks in the door. orngtongue.gif He really needs to do the neti pot, but I can't quite convince him...

I am SO enjoying not marathon training. Don't get me wrong, I'm still getting plenty of workouts in, but it's so nice not having the stress of HAVING to do something in particular every day. Yesterday I went for a swim (shocking, I know!) just because it sounded good and kind of worked with my schedule and the fact that DS was off school. He was off today, too, so we got our first ski day of the year in. It was a beautiful day, not crowded at all (hello, Tuesday!), good snow, and good company (we went with a good friend of mine).

rr~Skiing today. Swam about 40 minutes yesterday. I even did some drills and a set of 5 x 100, just for kicks. orngtongue.gif On Sunday, we did a fundraiser 5k. A friend's son was in a longboard vs. car accident about two weeks ago and was seriously injured with a traumatic brain injury. He was in the ICU for about a week and was just transferred to a rehab hospital yesterday. He's really doing amazingly, but obviously they are going to have HUGE medical bills, so a fundraiser run was organized for them. It was very cool...word was spread mostly through FB and they had nearly 300 runners register and raised almost $10k. This is a friend from the tri club, so C knows her too, so we all went up to the run, DS included. I was just coming off work, and three shifts in a row, so having DS along was perfect. C even ran with us, since he had done his long run the day before and still had a long ride to do that afternoon. It was a lot of fun, and DS did great for his first "real" 5k, especially with zero training whatsoever! We ran a pretty respectable 42 minute 5k, and that was with more walking than running in the third mile. I think with a little bit of training, the kid could be a pretty decent runner!
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RM, I hope you feel better soon. I like the idea of a morning meditative hydration, kerc!


jo, is the University of Oregon your Oregon option? That's where my husband did his MFA. 


Gaye, I'm glad to see such a good reason for you to be behind on the thread!


Nic, I hope you're feeling better soon. 


Sending sunshine and winter warmth to everyone else. I'm living in wool sock/slippers and a big sweater these days, though should probably not be complaining about our mild weather. There's a dusting of snow up in the mountains, but I was running in shorts today. 


RR- Swim (with kid) yesterday, meaning minimal workout. Today a 5-ish km run with my oldest on her new bike. Mostly decent speed, but she was super cautious on parts of the trail. 


NRR- I'm ploughing through a term paper about childhood food insecurity this week, though doing major revisions because a big annual report was released two days ago that updated a bunch of the data. My husband argued for footnoting that I was using year-old data, but I'm too much of a perfectionist for that! It's a welcome diversion from thinking about job futures. 

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MelW, OSU at Corvallis. :innocent I am thinking about putting in there for the low-res option, in case none of these come to anything. When I think about my productivity in the face of deadlines, and how much more I can learn just with a little direction and more doing...while I want the teaching cred of a full res program, I think there are other ways to build teaching cred.


RM, I am the same with working out and eating. They go hand in hand.


Nic, I read your post last night as I went to bed and it sort of jolted me back to the reality of winter back home. Dh and I both are really struggling with the question of what comes next, almost entirely because of the long winter of long nights that would await us there. Here we are, heading into the dark season, but I'm still getting mid-80s for highs and the sun sets at 5:40 (not 4:30 and counting). That angle of the sunlight sets me to tears by September when it all goes yellow. I know exactly the feeling. I also know that for me, lots of D really did help. I also used to jacuzzi (I know, sparkle) at least weekly, just to pull the chill from my bones and release that feeling in my muscles. Hugs, mama. The other part is that not everyone feels the effects like you do, and there is not always a lot of empathy for what you're feeling. In terms of ethics, IMO responsible fish beats dairy hands down. Also in terms of nutrition. Sardines?


kerc, I did giggle at the idea of starting my day focused on a nice glass of water. I think I get it, but not before coffee. :wink 


Gaye, how terrible about your friend's son. I hope his recovery is unexpectedly good.


Leaving now for my...walk? Run? We'll see.

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Evening ladies,


I think Kerc's water before coffee is a good habit that I frequently try and try again to establish for myself.  In the cold months I even have a cup of warm water before coffee with the bonus that it warms up the cup for the coffee.


Nic - I am so sorry about your winterphobia.  Was it as bad before you lived in FL or did that taste of freedom from the cold make it harder to go back to it?  I don't mind cold too much, at least I don't get anxious about it but I do live in multiple layers and go to bed in sock and a hat and often a sweatshirt (and I pull as many cats as I can get under the covers with me).  I hope the fish oil starts to make it's magic known to you.


RM - Sending prayers for a successful graph.


Jo - I'm picturing your mail overflowing with full paid tuition and housing offers.


Gaye  - BF!


It's late so I should move along but just wanted to send out some love to my Dingos!  Shanti good to see you here!  Lofty, 20*?  In texas?  And snow in IN?  

MelW , keep modelling that good student behavior! :)


Nighty night all.


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Water before coffee - CHECK!

tjsmama - I think that's a mighty fine reason to be spending less time with the Dingoes orngbiggrin.gif! So happy things are going well for you.

MelW - that sounds like an interesting paper.

It was a brisk 17 degrees here in Illinois when I got up this morning cold.gif.

NRR - (because I'm still stupid sick and can't even walk up the stairs from the basement without coughing up a lung.) My Dad is in the hospital again. He fell last week and hit his head. Originally, he thought everything was fine other than a little bump, but then he started seeing double so my Mom took him to the ER. Apparently there was some bleeding in his brain (he's on Coumadin, a blood thinner, so this is understandable) but then he was suddenly unable to hold his oxygen levels above 80% so he's still in the hospital. Apparently, he'll be on portable oxygen from now on. My Dad's two favorite things are reading and playing the flute and with the continuing double vision plus the need for supplemental oxygen, both of those are out.

Cat problem - need suggestions here. My 12-year-old cat spent most of the summer outside, but came back in when it got cold, about 2 months ago. He still pees in the litterbox (thank God), but he poops all over the house (DD's closet, under the piano bench, under the end tables, and occasionally IN the litterbox). It's like he's forgotten where to poop. I took him to the vet and he said it doesn't seem to be a medical issue, but a behavioral one. Any ideas on how to get my boy to get back to pooping in his litterbox full time? The "Baby Ruth surprises" are WAY too gross.
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Water before coffee check!


JG - Gross but waaaay better than peeing in the wrong place!  Last night my cat came into the kids room while I was reading bedtime stories, hopped into a box of trash (TG!) and took a long luxurious wizz.  Then I discovered that the door to the bathroom where the litterbox is was closed.  Ah ha.  I don't know about re-directing the Baby Ruths.  Could you confine him to one or two rooms while he's inside?  Maybe if he has less room to hide them he'll go back to the box.  Also, have you changed litter since he's come back inside.  I hear that cats can be picky about that.

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(edited to add): Sorry, blabber-mouth this morning:

Water before coffee tip: I am THAT mom who squeezes lemon juice on her kids sliced apples so they dont turn brown and the kids will eat them. With the remaining lemon (I make lunches in the a.m.) I squeeze all the juice into my water bottle, add a few drops of stevia, and one sip is so delicious, quenching, unknowingly craved, that I chug half the bottle just standing at the sink where I filled it. Which reminds me that we are all dehydrated upon waking because you breathe out a lot of moisture all night and dont get any in, especially in winter!

NRR: just had a lovely morning at the 3rd of the 3 private schools we are looking into for DD1 next year (in addition to charters and public). The days have mostly involved separate interviews for me and DD1, a tour for me, and shadowing a fellow student for her. Then I come back and pick her up after lunch. So far, private school has just felt weird, and wrong, despite how resource-loaded and all-the-boxes-checked they are. We are and will always be middle class, thrift-store-shopping, used furniture owning, public school kids, even though we now have more financial resources. But todays school was much more - I dont know, it clicked. This was actually expected (why do I always have to test things out before I end up with the answer my intuition told me in the first place?), as we have several friends whose kids are at this school. Anyway, it was actually thrilling to see and hear about what they do there and imagine DD1 there. I'm sort of super duper excited for her; just seeing a place that fits her so well... even though we have told ourselves that if she gets into desired-charter-school that's where she'll go. Now Im not so sure bag.gif

In other news, I'm looking into finally getting my M.A. from 10 years ago. As you may or not know, I completed an M.A. program but never wrote the thesis. I subsequently (3 years ago?) asked if I could still turn it in and they said yes). It occurred to m in the middle of the night this week that the big paper I wrote for my seminar class last semester, the one Im now upgrading for publication, fits the criteria for the thesis, and there are two profs. still there who might be willing to be readers. Which could mean, if I were interested - eh hem - I could parlay my current M.A, program into a PhD and already be 1/2 way through the coursework! I know! (of course there are the obvious Q's: can I even still turn in that thesis, do I even want to do the PhD coursework, how reliable is my sanity these days anyway?... )

Lastly, met the nicest Sikh (Im assuming) family at Kung Fu this past weekend, who I ran into again at Whole Foods last night, and then again today at the private school. Their son is DD1's age and their DD is DD2's age. DD2 and their DD (whose name is so beautiful) hit it off immediately, and the parents are just so lovely. Then the uncle came today as well, and he and the mom started talking about going to boarding school in India from the age of 6 on. And also, the dad is one of the regulars at the gym that I lift weights near and chat with. Small world orngbiggrin.gif

Jo - Um, Im in the English dept (just barely wink1.gif ) Couldnt I find the necessary person and just tell them they must accept you!? Snap lol.gif

JG - sorry about your dad. Maybe the double vision will go away when the bleeding/swelling subsides, which can take longer with coumadin. Can he do books on tape until then? Maybe the breathing will improve too? What do the docs say? Can he play the flute with the canula in his nose?
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JayGee, I hope your dad is doing better soon. And ewwwww about the whole cat situation.


sparkle, fingers crossed for you on the MA/PhD and on the whole school situation. How cool would it be if you and Jo were at the same school?!


jo, good luck with all of your applications. I'm envisioning lots of funded acceptances for you, too.


Gaye, congrats to your DS on a "real" 5k. When I was running with my oldest biking yesterday I asked her if she was interested in doing C25K or something similar and she might be. Her vice principal ran the NY marathon this year and has inspired some interest in running. We'll see... she's a kid who needs to think about everything for a week before making a decision, so I'm going to let it percolate for a bit.

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melw~Good luck on the paper! This is a big reason why I can no longer stomach academia...paper writing, blech! orngtongue.gif I think DS might be interested in doing a kids tri next summer...and now that he can finally ride his bike, we might be able to actually do it! Well, it would help if he could learn to swim a little better, but we can work on that. smile.gif

jaygee~I'm so sorry about your dad. Maybe the vision and oxygen requirement will be short term? I like the books on tape idea, for sure. And he may be able to still play the flute, even on oxygen, if he's not short of breath. The two don't necessarily go hand in hand...

sparkle~If it's as easy as turning in an already mostly completed paper, heck yes, do the thesis!
Originally Posted by Plady View Post

Gaye  - BF!
I know! yikes.gif and lol.gif Yeah, it's official. And it doesn't freak me out, either. orngbiggrin.gif

I got a stupid amount of sleep the past two nights, partly because of the aforementioned BF. He works really crazy hours, as in going into work at 4 am fairly regularly, and 1:30 am this morning. So I put DS to bed last night at 8 and we promptly followed suit, so he could get up at 12:30 to go back to his place to get ready and go to work. Meanwhile, I did not have to do any such thing, so I got a solid 9 1/2 hours of sleep. bag.gif And so for some reason, I wasn't even remotely tired during my four hour basic dysrhythmia class this morning, which honestly, is kind of a snooze. Huh. redface.gif

rr~It was an absolutely gorgeous day here...65 and sunny. I was hoping to maybe get out for a ride, but after my class and meeting a friend for lunch, I didn't really have time before I had to pick DS up from school. So I just squeezed in a 4 mile run along the parkway near my house. I really love fall runs with the leaves crunching under my feet. Ahh. Especially with no requirement as far as how far or how fast I needed to go! Eventually, I'm going to lose some motivation, but for right now, I'm really digging not training for anything!
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