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RM--so sorry about the lice and the van. Definitely go online and check out all the dealers. (Or, if you need to figure out what you want first, go test drive stuff but don't commit to anything before you can go home and compare that vehicle at dealers in the area.) The sites we looked at showed what inventory they had on the lot and the price, which may it easy to compare prices. DH printed out the pages that showed some of the lowest prices (complete with vehicle model and whatnot) at a competing dealer and that ended up saving us a lot of money when they agreed to match it. Also, if you belong to Costco, they have some sort auto program (not sure on the details)--not that we remembered that at the time. Good luck!

Nic--so sorry about the kids and brrr on the 25 degrees! Have you tried a different asthma medicine (Qvar maybe?) to see if it might work with less side effects for you? Either way, I'm so sorry. You didn't need anything else piling on.


sparkle--yeah, I read it. And yeah, it's time. I need to investigate the other link further--I saw that when reading the article this weekend. I'm thinking editing or public policy kind of stuff. I'm also trying to remind myself that I'm still only looking for part-time, so if an adjunct slot opens up, I can do that too.

bec-- hope the cold doesn't materialize.
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Originally Posted by Realrellim View Post

I finally gathered the courage to peek at spring registration and discovered I'm scheduled for precisely 0 classes. ugh. Have emailed chair in hopes that maybe that will change. But pretty much, it looks like I need a new job. Or more likely new line of work. Seriously, who fails at being a part-time adjunct? Me throwing a tantrum about it all ---> hopmad.gif


You didn't fail. They didn't fire you. The economy is not good for adjunct hiring.  Err, in some places it is TOO good. But music, notsomuch.




Everyone else:  thinking of you guys!  I'm off to get some exercise. Maybe. Maybe just sleep in the hot tub at the y. That's kind of like exercising, right?

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Music Lisa, public policy... You've got the passion and ability. But greensad.gif on the adjunct thing. It's a dumb system.

LLL Lisa, wow on the PR. Your week exhausted me just reading about it. Buying cars and talking on the phone would combine two of my least favorite ways to spend my time. Hopefully it goes smoothly. Yay for a great conference!

Election day here. I'm nervous. I think the levy will pass, but anxious it won't. The guy that ran hardest for school board is a moron (doesn't understand basics of state law as it pertains to contracts) and I'm pretty sure he'll get a seat. Meanwhile, I need to prep for this week's PTC for some delicate advocacy for DD. We got another Connors that makes it look like ASD. The school psych and therapist both scoff at that, so we need to address the behavioral issues that look like ASD all without saying the b word.
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RM - calm down about the lice. They dont hop or fly, and dont live on things like hard surfaces. They do freeze in 8 hours, so if you live somewhere that is freezing overnight, you could just put your couch cushions out there for a night instead of washing everything (much less work), and jackets, scarves, hats, etc. I've been through it 4x in the last 3 years so feel like a veteran - hrmph eyesroll.gif The gross factor was gone after the first few days that first year lol.gif Now its just a huge P.I.T.A.!!
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Well, it's official.  I'm sick.  Low fever (99.9), chills, aches, runny nose, blech.  Well, at least I got boot camp in.  And the weird ankle thing is fine now (probably more about getting sick than anything else).  I'm hoping to feel better by tomorrow (at least for the fever to go), because it's strength class in the evening for tri class, and I want to go!


Geo - Good luck with the advocating!  We are starting to need to push a little for Abby.  Until this year, her teachers did pretty well with her.  Now, her teacher is inexperienced, doesn't have a handle on the classroom social situation, and doesn't really know what to do with a scattered chatterbox like Abby who doesn't like jumping through the DRA assessment hoops.  Her DRA puts her about a year ahead, but I know at home, she reads much more advanced books than 3rd grade with a very high level of comprehension (not just retelling the story, but applying it, making inferences, etc.).  I've learned to just accept a lot of that, but this is much lower than what she demonstrates at home every day.  And, she is already in the highest reading group, so not sure what to do about that in any case.  Also, her math score (while fine) is not where I would have expected it.  I believe that it is because she is bored (can't say that though), and rushing through assignments/tests and making silly mistakes.  And, they have spent like the last month on measuring.  Just the thought of that makes me want to die of boredom.  All that to say go get them!  You have shown a real talent for working through these very delicate negotiations.


RM - I can't fathom that a pooping accident would take only 4 minutes off your time!  I poop in my pants, and I think that would be the end of the race for me!:blush  And to deal with that and get that big a PR is huge!!!  I think I missed it, but is this a BQ for you?  Oh, and car shopping is DH's job.  I can't.  I just can't.


Lice give me a wiggins.  yikes2.gif  I pray to all the powers that be that I not ever have to deal with it! 

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Real - I can totally understand how that would upset you. But perhaps is the old "closed door = open window" thing.

Geo and bec - good luck to you both in advocating for your children. I have a 4th grader I'm not sure exactly what to do with either. I just got her Lexile scores from 3rd grade... 1000. She's plowing through books like a freight train these days, but doing SO poorly in school. She cannot retain math facts in spite of all my efforts this summer. She makes careless errors on all her worksheets and tests, like skipping entire sections or not reading the instructions completely, Luckily, parent-teacher meetings are this week so hopefully I'll get some insight into what the teacher sees. It pains me to see her getting Cs and Ds when she's obviously really bright. Argh!

All of a sudden there are a million books I want to read! The newly released Doris Kearns Goodwin about Theodore Roosevelt and WH Taft, the new Amy Tan book and the new Fannie Flagg book. Honestly, I just need to stop listening to Diane Rehm on NPR, because every author she interviews, I want to read their book!

bec - hope you feel better quickly

RM - hope the lice go away. YUCK!

Plady, and sparkle, and lofty, and Real and everyone else - grouphug.gif
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Add The Orphan Master's Son to that list! Won the Pulitzer this year. Took awhile for me to get absorbed, but once I did, I was enthralled and now it haunts me. Trying to get into Dissident Gardens (Jonathan Lethem's new one) but just cant let the other characters go quite yet...

NRR: got the older two flu shots today after the mist was canceled at their school. Also got myself new glasses. Modified cat-eye in olive green metal! I was debating getting the lime green or hot pink ones, but that was a little too dramatic, even for the f*** it forties loveeyes.giflol.gif

goodvibes.gif to those navigating the school issues
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Hugs on the student stuff. I am struggling with dd to get her caught up. It's still not a major concern, but it's her personality vs. the sheer quantity of content in the school system we're using. Sometimes I think middle school French was too much, or adding outside Arabic, but that's not it. She just prefers to visit more than study. She'll get there.


RM: lice suck, but sparkle is right. If you're getting freezing temps, use them! It will pass, and it's not fleas! :wink


I got a resounding yes for my other recommendation letter. Started filling out the online apps, working on statements of purpose (because every school has a different expectation and format), and preparing my sample. Looking at my own work hurts my feelings, but the enthusiasm of my recommenders, and even the exceptions the registrar is willing to grant me, right now are carrying me through the self-doubt. Not trying to invent signs or omens, but remember that there are people who believe in my ability.


RR: Haha. I am going to Immigration today instead of walking, and I the schedule is working against me. But tonight is yoga in the park, and maybe I will get a run tomorrow morning. On the bright side, I am shrinking in the right places. Too focused on writing to want to eat.


Love you ladies. Off I go. 

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Originally Posted by 1jooj View Post

Looking at my own work hurts my feelings, but the enthusiasm of my recommenders, and even the exceptions the registrar is willing to grant me, right now are carrying me through the self-doubt. Not trying to invent signs or omens, but remember that there are people who believe in my ability.
That's a good thing. And hang onto that when you're in the program too. And beyond.

JayGee--I think the math facts may be a challenge for a lot of kids, though I'm not sure why. I know we have a district-wide initiative to really drill those in the older kids (no doubt because they're working through the solution correctly but making silly computation errors in the process). But yeah, it's painful to watch. We're drilling addition, subtraction and multiplication with one of the math minute worksheets each day.

bec--hope you feel better soon!

geo--I really hope it the levy passes. goodvibes.gif

Books: unlike the rest of you, I'm indulging in blatant escapism these days. On my bookshelf? James Potter books (a spinoff of the HP series by a different author: G. Norman Lippert). I'd read the first one and thought it was interesting--not as good as JKR but certainly better than any knitting-related mystery I've ever read. I read the second one a couple of weeks ago, enjoyed it much more, and then re-read the first one and decided I liked it better the second time around. Then I read a spinoff (an actual book he could publish for $ because it was based on two fictional characters he'd created in his James Potter series and by not mentioning Hogwarts he was free and clear), and now I'm onto the third volume. The Thinking Woman's Guide to Real Magic is also on my dresser, waiting. I need to finish off the one about finding careers outside of academia too.

RR: going to run while I wait to see more election results. We already know the statewide tax hike for education failed. But the mary jane one passed, so maybe that will help offset it? It might be interesting to see how that helps the state budget. Anyhow, the last time I checked our moderate school board candidates were getting creamed by the conservatives (in a non-partisan race where they ran as conservatives, mind you). Hopefully those numbers will turn around.
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In our third hour now at immigration.

My ds didn't memorize math facts until probably between grades 4 and 5. It did cause errors in his work when when he got the concepts. I see dd doing the same thing. She is quicker with new concepts than computation. Their mother's kids.

Real, thank you for that. I am so sorry that the adjunct work seems to be fizzling. But it seems like now really is a big moment when clarity and perspective are needed in ed policy. Might be an enormous undertaking but that isn't necessarily bad, right? I think evaluating whole systems (not unlike investigative type work) seems to energize you.

With all the rough spots, I went and checked the Y group, afraid I was missing something. Just want to add my love and support to that pile. Which made me wonder about our sister to the north.
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Last I heard, our sister to the north is hanging in there and getting through, day by day. 


RR: Great swim this morning.


Triathletes: (TMI WARNING): how do you deal with that ahem...drippy feeling in personal areas after you go from swim to bike? I don't like that. :o

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Sparkle~thanks for talking me down and about the tips about the cold weather.


Bec~that's how I felt and now I'm here.  bleck!!!  I'm shopping for the car so that I can pick what I want.  He gets to pick his.  He's helping me some in the research and talking about options.  I want to go see them and test drive and then decide.  I agree with the marathon.  My RP can pee while she runs, but couldn't help the poo incident.  I didn't think it could be that bad since she kept running like normal but when we finished and her kids and husband said she smelled like poo I believed it.  LOL!!


Part of the issue with the bugs was that dh and I had become too lax on how the kids keep their rooms and they had clothes all over the place so I had to collect all that to launder, then launder 4 bed's worth of sheets, multiple blankets (they sleep in undies but then keep a plethora of covers~oy in this situation!).  Then had laundered all many clothes before vacation that I didn't have time to hang up so then I kept wondering how much "fell" onto those (they were laid on a chair in my room) so they are in the piles to be laundered.  Dh through out all the pillows, so we slept on nothing the first night until I got to the store.  Then I bought a new vacuum because we had three hardly working ones (that are out for the trash now) and have been vacuuming the newly found floors.  Bathrooms where we cleaned kids heads creeped me out so I've been cleaning those like crazy.  ds3 had a nightmare and wanted to come into bed last night,  so guess what's added to the laundry pile today??!!  Yup get to do that AGAIN!


Funny?! We went for the teacher conference the other night and a ziplock full of bugs is posted on her board with a magnet for some project.  All creepy crawly in the bag and of course my boys want to look at it thinking it's cool.  I'm about to barf or poop my pants or both!!


RR: haven't run yet, but have wanted to.  Been cleaning all day every day except appointments and buying the above mentioned things.   Have gotten a cold from being too run down.


Got to take ds3 to school, check in later.

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Now that I have MDC on my phone, I have to actually post and not just read along. From my laptop:


RM~Just the thought of lice gives me the heebie-jeebies. (Wow, auto-correct actually fixed that word.) One of my co-worker's has an infested house and called in a specialized lice removal company--for $100/hour. 


Lofty~How are you doing, mama?


Jo~What an exciting new adventure for you! I never cease to admire your gusto and willingness to take on new challenges. Can you bottle that and send some this way?


NRR~After more than a year of not fitting into my favorite jeans, I bit the bullet and bought a scale. Yikes. I've since downloaded MyFitnessPal and am recording calories in and out like a madwoman. I'm not sure how much I trust that app, but desperate times and all that. 


RR~Starting yet another half mary plan with no actual race in sight. Not sure why I keep doing that and bailing around week 8. Anywho. 3 miles.

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Day two of misery. Canceled all workout plans. I'm debating whether this might be the flu or strep. Either way it sucks.
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nic~Are you wearing tri shorts? Because I feel like I dry out pretty quickly. I haven't noticed that feeling, anyway...

I've been reading along, but mostly on my phone and on my kinda crappy netbook that kept freezing up while I was in NYC. Home now and back on my beautiful new FAST laptop, hooray! It was really an amazing weekend all-around. I still need to try to pare down my race report enough to post it on here, because I know you guys love my novel-length race reports and all winky.gif but seriously, 3 single spaced pages might tax your patience. orngtongue.gif It was so much fun getting to hang with Mel38 all weekend, and her DD is an absolute delight. We hit up the finisher's store in Central Park Monday morning to get our official finisher's gear...holy line to get in! It was kind of crazy! Then we went downtown to check out the 9/11 memorial and explore a little. They headed out for the airport early yesterday morning, but I had a late afternoon flight, so I took myself up to NYRR to get my medal engraved (the line was waaaaay too long on Monday at the finisher's store) and then dropped into the Guggenheim for some culture, since it happened to be right around the corner. Lunch with a friend (Shake Shack...oh my goodness, that was a delicious burger...and they gave me free ice cream, since I had my finisher's gear on!) and then it was time to head to the airport and home!

I spent today mostly playing catch-up....lots of laundry, grocery shopping, picking up around the house, all that good stuff. And I went to track. I know it's kind of a waste to go three days after a marathon, but I had to wear my race shirt and get the congratulations of everyone there, right? bag.gif I actually felt pretty great on my first lap, then as I started my second lap, my legs reminded me that they just ran a marathon, lol. I did about 3 miles, with some strides mixed in, and that was more than enough! I might do spin class tomorrow. Or maybe a swim. Hmm...
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poor bec! Hope you feel better very soon.

towsonmama--you probably keep bailing at week 8 because week 8 of any half-mary plan stinks. Good luck this time around though!

Nic--I'm usually too busy being cold and muttering "ow! ow! ow!" as I step on little sharp pebbles with my "delicate" (wussy) bare feet on the way to transition to notice droopy or drippy feelings. I get the feelings that triathlons are partly about feeling miserable about some portion of it for most people.

RR: 5 at the gym. Still didn't make me feel any better about last night's election. Our people got creamed by the conservative "reformers" who would like to dissolve our teachers' union and now have the votes to do exactly that. I sound a bit like the sky is falling, but this happened in a neighboring district last year under exactly the same scenario.
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More catching up today...laundry and dishes and Costco ($$$ OUCH). Yesterday's grocery store and today's Costco trips showed how little grocery shopping I've done over the last few months. Yikes. But, I have food and essentials and I cooked dinner last night and have four more dinners planned! I can't remember the last time I did that much meal planning!

rr~Went out for an easy bike ride for an hour. I thought about going a little longer, but right about 30 minutes in there was a hill and my hamstrings made their presence known, so I decided that was plenty for today. 14 ish miles, one easy hour of riding...

And now, work for the next three...
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Not sure that I can do much more than read along right now but I am going to try to do at least that much. I love all of you dingoes so much. I am doing yoga and walking every day. There have been some days when I have run a little bit but there isn't always the time or the energy and I am not worrying about it. Forward motion in every aspect of life is all I can hope for these days and it is a tough slog sometimes.




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Hugs, Shanti. Good to see you here.

I'm counting the seconds until reading week. No school for me or the oldest next week, and I'm hoping to hammer out a term paper. I'm still teaching, but looking forward to the break from weekly readings.
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Shanti--forward motion is a good way to think about moving through life, especially during the hard parts. I hope you can do it knowing that our love and light is with you, hopefully as a tailwind.

Busy day here: choir, annual all-school field trip to the CSO (yay!) It's so fun to see not only all the kids but many, many parents who take time off to attend too. With everyone, we totaled more than 750 this year. It's fun to watch 8 buses pull up to the Performing Arts Complex to drop our kids off too. (Parents can ride the buses with their kids for a very small fee, but it's a much more pleasant trip to take RTD or drive downtown and meet them outside the concert hall. DH and I took RTD, of course.)

This evening was the BOE meeting, where our superintendent announced her retirement (yes, most likely related to the election. Ugh). So many teachers and principals turned out in support tonight that it was standing room only long before the meeting started. That was gratifying to see.
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