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Even though we aren't very active, I wanted to go ahead and make this just in case people still wanted to talk.

We finally got all of our hospital bills... It ended up being just shy of $4000 out of pocket for us. Ouch.

I go back to work tonight! =)

How's everyone else? My girl is almost seven weeks old now.
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Wow, I'm so glad we have the NHS!


We're doing fine here. Robin is growing fast and is already 12lb, and he actually slept for 6 and a half hours last night which was great! I still really regret being unsuccessful with breastfeeding and wonder how everyone else in the world manages when I can't. But at the same time I'm glad I can go out without him once in a while, as well as sleeping better. The main thing is that we are all happy and he's a cute, mostly cheery baby. My daughter who wouldn't even touch him now won't leave him alone which I suppose is a good thing! Even though he's still very little, it's obvious that he already loves his sister, which is really lovely.


As he's getting heavier my shoulders have become troublesome again. I went to the physio, but she was useless so I'm going to see an osteopath who I know can help me. But on the positive side, there is less than a one finger gap between my abdominal muscles.


And on a random note, I'm getting into coffee. I've never been a coffee drinker, but pregnancy gave me cravings for it and they've never gone away.


How's everyone else doing?

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Wow CDsMom in glad I have the NHS too. Back to work so soon, I'm kinda jealous. Although I love liv, it can be a bit boring. I feel my brain is turning to mush and all I talk about is baby related lol

Nettle, I feel the same about breast feeding, but liv being happy and healthy is the main thing. And we got a six hour stretch one night this week, it was AWESOME! Lol

I'm not on here as much, mainly Facebook as it's easier to see the activity. It's my main thing to do when feeding liv lol
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Well I'm still here and I'd still like to talk!
I am feeling bad about my body not going back to prepregnancy shape instantly, which is so silly. It's only been 4 weeks and I don't look pregnant anymore so that should be plenty but still... I really miss feeling slim and cute and sexy for my fiance, like I was a year ago.
But that's really my only hang up, mentally, keeping me from wanting to have another baby as soon as I ovulate. I'm still thrilled not to be pregnant anymore and don't miss it, but the more I think about it (and my age), the more convinced I am that another baby is right for our family and the sooner the better. But I really want to lose the weight first and it's daunting to have twenty five pounds stuck there and the scales not budging. Then again I've been pretty sedentary, just got out of the house two days ago for the first time to go walking around the city with baby, since the bleeding finally stopped.

What about you guys, how are you handling getting your bodies back and not getting bogged down with stupid hangups about feeling frumpy? It was so much easier in my twenties.... greensad.gif
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I'm still here too, though I'm mostly reading these days.. Like Serena, it's my main activity while nursing!

It's been 6 weeks for us. I'm still bleeding and still can't imagine ever having sex again. It worries me since I have my 6wk pp appt next week, where they're supposed to clear me for sex & exercise. I still do my site bath twice a day and still haven't used any soap, just water.. When is it ok to use soap again?

I went back to doing some freelance work,from home, it was relatively easy but made me feel a lot better. Still, cant imagine what it must be like to be going back to work out of the house!

I finally found an active new moms group last week. I also overdid it by going to pp yoga for moms & babies last week. Silly me forgot I haven't been cleared yet for exercise! So during one of the stretches I suddenly felt my stitches or at least that particular area and it has felt more sore again since. greensad.gif

Still, I'm super happy I finally found some weekly activities or myself!! Finally feeling a bit more normal again and hoping to get a routine going.

Weaning S off the nipple shield this week (fingers crossed) so I can start introducing a bottle soon. Weighed him last week and he was up from his birth weight of 7lbs 13oz to 10lbs 11oz smile.gif had / having a fussy, painfully gassy week. Gripe water is helping a bit, other than that we're just counting don the days and hoping it'll get better soon.
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Serafina; apparently it's best to wait a couple of years so your body can build up its reserves again and recover; that way it'll feed the foetus better. But I don't know how much difference it really makes, and when you have a time limit it's not really something you can always go along with.


My belly is still rather flabby but I'm not too bothered about that. But I do wish my hips would shrink back down so I can wear my new trousers. They do shrink again, don't they?

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Not necessarily, nettlesoup. Sometimes one's hips are never quite the same. Don't mean to be a spoilsport, just honest. I hope that is not the case for you.

I keep threatening to exercise, but haven't got going yet. I did have an impromptu dance party w DD the other night, which was fun, but I need to put some dedicated time in. It sucks that everything DH and I like to do involves sitting down! lol.gif
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Oh I forgot to say we got liv weighed this week, her birth weight was 7lb 10oz and now at 7 weeks she's 9lb 5oz. It's slowly going up, but much better with a bit of formula.

I've also joined weight watchers today, it's what helped me lose weight before so I'm hoping it will work again. Although my DB asked me how much I weigh and when I told him he said he couldn't see a difference, he just sees me☺️ Made me feel a lot better. I wanted to start swimming again but the bleeding stopped in week 6 and my period started in week 7😒 managed to fit a bit of sex in though😜
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My girl was 7lbs5oz at birth and is 11lbs now at almost 7 weeks.

I quit spotting at three weeks!!! I went eight weeks with my son. We've had sex three times.

I still have 14lbs to lose, but my boobs are huge, so I'm sure they're a part of that.
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The twins are 11 weeks now. I still have about 5 lbs to lose, but I'm not worried about it yet. My wife is going back to work next week, so I'll be taking care of them alone 40 extra hours a week. And she works nights, so I'll be trying to get them out of the house so she can sleep. I'm sure the extra 5 lbs is no match for that kind of exercise.

I am feeling pretty strongly that I don't want to have any more kids. b it seems crazy because I said "one more" up until I was about 6 weeks post partum. Then, I think the reality of the twins hit me and I can't imagine going thru another pregnancy, another baby, another birth. I could never love another baby like I love the boys. My wife says we aren't going to make any decisions about it right now, but I can't imagine saving up money and paid leave all over again. My wife would be 40 by then. It just seems insane.

The boys are great. They were 4.5 and 5 lbs when we left the hospital and now they are both over 10. Breastfeeding is good. I have been troubleshooting some oversupply issues. Sleep is hard, but getting better. They are starting to have predictable rhythms in their days. And the gummy twin smiles are magical.

Halloween was fun for us! Did you dress up or trick or treat?
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It sounds like everyone is doing great!

I haven't weighed myself in awhile but I'm sure I still have 10 pounds to lose. My boobs are huge too so that's gotta be contributing. My pants still do not fit. So. Depressing. My shirts are fitting finally so that's nice.

Violet is almost 11 weeks old now and she's doing great. She was 6lb9oz at birth and was 11 pounds at 2 months. Nursing is going great so far, obviously since she's such a chunk smile.gif she's sleeping really well at night and is starting to have less fussy moments. She's a smiley cooing sweet little thing most of the time.

I got a period at 9 weeks postpartum and I'm not on any birth control so now I'm terrified of getting pregnant again. Terrified. I'm pretty sure we're done. My husband wants to get a vasectomy but I asked him to wait at least a year before we make any permanent decisions. So maybe a part of me isn't 100% sure that I'm done... But I know 100% that I do not want to be pregnant again anytime in the foreseeable future.

We did trick or treating and dressed up for Halloween. Most of you saw the pics on fb smile.gif mrs&mrs I want to see pics of the twins in their costumes!
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Originally Posted by cmu204 View Post

Not necessarily, nettlesoup. Sometimes one's hips are never quite the same. Don't mean to be a spoilsport, just honest. I hope that is not the case for you.

Nooooooo!!!!!!! My hips were already two sizes bigger than my top half!
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Cdsmom, how was being back at work?

Nettlesoup, I'm drinking morr caffeine than i have in a few years. Avi sleeps pretty well but my sleep is still disrupted with a hungry baby. And its hard for me to go back to sleep sometimes.

Serena, I'm bored sometimes too. I've watched so much tv...

Serafina, I wasn't slim before pregnancy... but it is hard being so floppy. Avi is 6 weeks now and the doctor said i could start swimming. Hooray!

VC, I can't imagine sex right now either. I stopped bleeding but hemroids are kicking my a**, and i think i still have stiches although I think i saw one in the toilet last week.

Mrsandmrs, I hope the transition of being home alone is smooth. I can't imagine having twins although I nannied for 3 kids under 4. Have you found any activities outside the house?

Mamamash, I'm sorry your period came back so quickly. For contraception, my husband and i combined condoms and fertility awareness method for years with no problems although its trickier while breastfeeding.

We are doing great. My mom is visiting so that's fun. Avi smiles a lot. At five weeks she weighed 11 lbs 12 oz. She's outgrown all her newborn clothes and some of her diapers.
Our dog has adjusted great to having a baby in the house. At first she was super excited when the baby would cry. She does try to lick the baby whenever she can. But she's always been a kisser. Now she's fairly mellow. How are your pets?
Avi had terrible acne for a few weeks and that's getting better, but now she has cradle cap. Good thing she has so much hair that its not noticeable.
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4 weeks & baby acne here too.
Newborn diapers outgrown and newborn/0-3mo clothes as well. I bet she's 12lb, but won't know for a couple days.
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7 weeks and cradle cap here too - both on his head (funnily enough in the area he was crowning at, and which sustained birth trauma from the catheter and forceps) and his eyebrows. Poor little guy.

I'm hesitant to say, but I *think* we might be slowly turning a corner with the colic and gassiness. His crying has greatly reduced and is now at a bearable level. The downside - but hey, I'll take it! - is that he doesn't need to be in arms quite so much and actually wants to be laid down occasionally.

Haven't lost a pound after the initial twenty, as I suspected might happen; though the belly has gone down a bit. There's a postpartum yoga class nearby to which you can take non crawling babies, I need to check it out. But I'm going to gave to swallow my pride since it's at the yoga studio where they were asses about charging me for the prenatal class on top of the "unlimited" pass I had (but could not use because at 39 weeks I was way too pregnant for regular classes.

I'm counting down the hours till Wednesday, when the ILs finally leave! Not sure why, but I find myself irritated by their presence - mostly their hoarding of the baby during the few calm moments he's had these last few super colicky weeks. Also, and this is very petty, I hate how when nt MIL holds him he ends up smelling like her greensad.gif
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Originally Posted by chispita View Post
  I hate how when nt MIL holds him he ends up smelling like her greensad.gif

That would kill  me.  Like rush to go wash the baby.   Or instruct her 'no perfumes'  soapbox.gif

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CDsMom: I haven't tallied up the bills, I don't really want to, and it all has to get paid no matter what the total is so I think I'd rather not know... How's working? I decided to extend my maternity leave till Dec only because I still haven't figured out a schedule so that's my priority this month, that and building a milk stash in the freezer, I need to start pumping regularly.


Originally Posted by serena76 View Post

I'm not on here as much, mainly Facebook as it's easier to see the activity. It's my main thing to do when feeding liv lol

Same here, Facebook seems easier for me.

BTW, great response from your DB, glad he's making you feel good about your post partum body. No man should be allowed to be critical of that since they don't know what pregnancy is like!


vc, good luck with the shield weaning. A got the hang of it pretty quickly and now he'll sometimes even latch on while I'm still trying to get situated, he just goes for it.


Originally Posted by nettlesoup View Post

My belly is still rather flabby but I'm not too bothered about that. But I do wish my hips would shrink back down so I can wear my new trousers. They do shrink again, don't they?

I've heard the same thing about hips not going back... I wore jeans for the first time yesterday. I wore a pair that used to be a little big on me pre-pregnancy and yesterday they fit just right, so I know my hips are wider. I haven't started exercising again though so we'll see if it changes once I get back into it.


mrsandmrs, do you have any more help at the house or will it be just you? I wish A would become more predictable but he's only 6 weeks so maybe he needs a little more time. I'm hoping 4 more weeks will be enough for both of us to figure out how I'm going to go back to work. When are you planning to go back?

BTW, I don't think the nifedipine had any effect on the nipple blanching/vasospasm pain. At this point I've come to accept that the first 30 seconds will be painful.


Originally Posted by OceanSolitude View Post

Avi had terrible acne for a few weeks and that's getting better, but now she has cradle cap. Good thing she has so much hair that its not noticeable.

A's having lots of acne and I keep wondering when it'll resolve. I read that it can be food allergy related too.


Chispita: we were just dealing with the same thing: FIL wore some aftershave or cologne and A would smell like him all the time, ugh! What is it with old people wearing smelly perfumes? My mother did the same thing and I told her on day 1 to not use whatever she was using, she still smelled like some product!


I envy of all you ladies with fast gaining babies. A is a slow gainer. I'm going to keep weighing him every week. He gets plenty of wet and poopy diapers which I understand is a gauge of whether he's getting enough to eat. I still worry about it but not as much as before. We have our first official well baby visit scheduled in two weeks and I plan to ask the doc whether she thinks he has some reflux that's interfering with his eating and gaining. Who knows, I guess I just can't accept that he would gain so slowly without there being something wrong with either me or him...

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We had masses of baby acne from about week 3 to week 6, seems too have cleared now. I think the change to formula made it worse originally then the subsequent change to a different brand has helped it go. Cradle cap here also, at the front where she's losing some of here hair.she's got a receding hairline greensad.gif
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Serena, I keep wondering if Avi's hair will fall out and when it grows back what texture it will be. Currently its strait but my husband is half Black and has very curly hair. I have curly ish hair too. It's still a mystery...
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oceansolitude, i have recently started using their stroller, so i am planning on taking walks as much as the weather permits. of course, winter in the PNW means that i will probably be stuck mall walking. they are in a weird place where they are too fat to tandem wear in a stretchy wrap and too floppy and small to put in a SSC, so wearing them at the same time is really tough. i have a couple baby friends i can hang out with, from birth class and the OB's office. i go out for coffee a lot, but that will probably be curtailed since my coffee date and baby holder of a wife is going to be working/sleeping during daylight hours. 


daki, i am going to go back mid-december, reluctantly though. i am sorry to hear that the N didn't help much. if it is any consolation, i think otto's latch is finally improving (he is 11.5 weeks old). it is still often painful, but the blanching has been more bearable since he is at least not clamping down on me constantly. i could probably get occasional help from my MIL, but I will mostly be entirely alone. it is a question of how much i am willing to "play hostess" versus how much i actually need help.... and i think i would rather fly solo. i think 4 more weeks will be enough time to find a sembelance of rhythm to your days. and fwiw, otto was slow to gain until about 8 weeks, then he suddenly ballooned. i think different people grow at different rates, and there is a wide range of normal. at least, that's what i tell myself. 


re: baby acne. we still have a little bit around here, but it is slowly resolving itself. the cradle cap comes and goes (right now it is particularly bad! ugh) but coconut oil seems to help it a lot. i know, i know, coconut oil cures everything. but what if coconut oil really DOES cure everything?  



it really annoys me when people leave their perfume smells on my babies. then you have to change all their clothing, bathe them, etc. so annoying.

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