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dakipode - I feel a lot of that doubt about whether or not I am doing the 'right' thing, too. I have found it gets compounded by the foggy-brain from lack of sleep, where I find myself forgetting basic things that I think I should be doing... so much more mentally and physically exhausting than I ever imagined! Worth it of course, but sometimes I feel I need to have a little chart on the wall "Fussy baby? Did you try: nursing? diapering? burping? too hot? too cold? gassy? tired? overstimulated? not stimulated enough?" Ha! 

I need your chart! :lol


On the birth control issue: DH and I will be using condoms. I can't use hormone pills, they just mess with me too much and DH didn't seem to mind the condoms. We used them religiously for the 10 years we were together before conceiving and never had any accidents. In theory I like the idea of FAM, that's what we used TTC, but I just don't want to risk getting pregnant since DH has made it very clear one child is it for us. I think he may eventually decide on a vasectomy but we haven't talked about it and if he brought it up now I would tell/ask him to wait at least a year, you never know, he might change his mind. (Then again I wouldn't mind adopting the next one)

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I've been back at work for 10 days now and my two year old is still struggling. My MIL, sister, and the babysitter all say all he does while I'm gone is walk around looking for me and saying, "Momma". It breaks my heart. I figured he'd be used to it by now. Any suggestions?
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Tilly- I am with you on the toddler struggles.  My son who turned 3 in September is having a rough time mainly while playing with other kids.  He is being aggressive and just plain mean.  We have started a reward/strike system and it seems to be going well so far.  I hate to have to put something so formal in place but it was getting to the point where I didn't want to ever take him where there would be other kids.  Some of this had started before Oliver arrived but not to this degree.  He is also being extremely rude to strangers who try and talk to him while we're out in public and his grandparents.  He yells "No!"  if someone tries to talk to him.  He even tried to hit a lady in the grocery store the other day bc she accidentally bumped into our cart.  So embarassing!


CDsmom-  aww that really sucks.  My son also goes through mommy withdrawal in the fall every year as I am off in the summer and with him every day.  Maybe some type of visual/schedule that has when you get home on it so he can see that after snack, nap, whatever then mom will be home.  Hope it gets better soon!

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Hi all!

Remember me? Some of you on Facebook do I am sure. :)

I just remembered the non-smartphone internet exists and I am back I hope.

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I don't think I posted here since I had my child.

Astrid Mayumi was born on September 24th at 3:38pm via a non-emergency but unplanned c-section. She was 6lbs 10oz at birth and is about 9lbs now.


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She is gorgeous! Congrats!
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