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Does This Sound Right for 6 Weeks?

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I got an appointment this morning and the doctor said I was just 6 weeks based on my LMP (9/15) and before he did the (abdominal) u/s, he said it was probably too early to see anything at this point. He found the yolk sac immediately and said "It's a beautiful yolk sac, nice and round." (I didn't know yolk sacs could be viewed as being in good condition or bad...) He didn't seem worried based on my description of bleeding (I wouldn't consent to an internal exam) but he ordered some blood work. So off I went to have blood drawn for HCG levels. It being Friday, and the fact that my doctor's slip didn't have a fax number, it won't be until some time next week that I get the results. I think I'm supposed to go back on Monday for another blood draw to compare the HCG levels. He said if the HCG was 13,000 or above, we should be able to see a HB. He also said the bleeding could be from implantation and when I asked if the yolk sac had attached to the uterine wall yet, he said it was attaching (probably just based on estimated dates.) Does that sound right? I figured implantation would have happened already...


Part of me wonders if I would have been better off staying home and resting instead of running around to these appts. I literally thought I was going to have a coronary event in the waiting room at the doctor's office - my palms were sweating and I think the whole office could hear my heartbeat. And the nerves! I even had a constant tremble. I got out of there without freaking out and made it to the lab only to find they'd lost power from today's storm so I drove to another lab about 15 minutes from there and that was that. I felt like I was having contractions in the car and that really freaked me out because I was driving farther and farther from home and I started to worry about miscarrying while out on the road by myself. I've realized that when I stop focusing on my uterus, I don't feel much but as soon as I start thinking about it, I get twinge-y and possibly crampy - definitely not anything like menstrual cramps - possibly just a tightening of the uterus. And when I was having the sub-chorionic hemorrhage with my son at 12+ weeks, I was freaking out then too and also having constant contractions because of the stress.


The bleeding is there every time I wipe and after driving around for about 2 hours (from appt to appt) there was a little bit on my panty liner. It's fresh blood, but not dark red, it's like watered down red - like it literally has clear fluid diluting it.


I'm not really anywhere different than I was when I woke up this morning as far as knowing what's going on and it will still just be a waiting game. I stopped by the Dollar Store and picked up a handful of tests and took one when I got home and the line popped up immediately and was very dark. If nothing else, I figure I can test every few days and see if the intensity diminishes (are they that sensitive? I figure the first pos. I got was much lighter than the one I got 2 or 3 days later..) Aside from that, I have an appt scheduled on 11/19 listed as "establish pregnancy."


I'm not a fan of being in limbo and waiting things out.

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Did he say yolk sac or gestational sac?   The yolk sac is what nourishes the baby until the placenta grows enough to take over at 10-12 weeks.   The yolk sac then disappears into the placenta.  (It actually can still be seen after birth if you know what your are looking for and have a magnify glass.  It's only 1-5mm.       I'm not sure that the yolk sac attaches to the uterus, Maybe he meant gestational sac?     

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He said yolk sac. When I Googled pictures of 6 week pregnancies, most looked like mine - just a black circle in the middle of a lighter area. I also found this which was reassuring (many, many mamas who could also only see a sac between 5-7 weeks):




One of the people who responded above was an ultrasound tech and said that firstly, doctors rarely do as good a job with a u/s than trained techs do and secondly, if the u/s had been done by a tech, vaginally, they would have been able to see a lot more. I didn't want anyone poking around up there but she's probably right. She also said that to see a sac at 6 weeks is a good sign. It's nothing short of amazing that these women go in just 1 week later and there's the baby with the heart beating after only seeing a sac the week before. I can't believe how fast these little buggers grow!!


I'm not holding my breath - just trying to relax after all of the emotional stress of yesterday. My poor adrenals. I went to bed at 9 and got up to pee at 3am and it was like lochia - just pinkish light-reddish tinged mucous. When I got up this morning, it was just really light pinkish watery. Sorry if this is all TMI. :o I'm going to try to take it really easy this weekend (with four kids, don't ask me how...).

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Looking again at u/s pictures online, what we saw was a gestational sac - I don't think I could see anything inside of it yet. The quality of the image/machine seemed really poor compared the ones they use in the hospital. My cycles are usually 31 days, sometimes 2-3 days longer - and in at least one of my previous pregnancies, I ovulated really late.


I'm going to go lay on the couch and try to distract myself. I borrowed the John Adams series (HBO) from the library - heard it's really good.

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The machine totally makes a difference, as does if it was vaginal or abdominal.     Are you going back for another U/S next week?

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I guess I'll wait and see what happens. I have an appt. scheduled for 11/19 - but that's soooo far away. There's no way I can go on bleeding like this w/o passing something obvious for 17 days and not know if there's a HB or not. I've felt more achy in the uterine area today but I ended up being on my feet for a few hours because sitting on the couch I just dwelled on things and then I'd have contractions. :eyesroll Is there a difference between cramps and contractions? I took tons of magnesium all day to try to relax my uterus (and myself) and I really don't feel much of anything until I think about it. The bleeding increased a little bit this afternoon, but like I said, I was doing more. Nothing strenuous, just laundry, a shower and watering plants.


I'm supposed to call on Monday to find out my HCG levels - but I doubt they'll be in by then. And I'm supposed to get the level checked again. I could always go to the ER and get a decent u/s if I start to lose my mind...

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