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Goty hair highlighted and a mani/pedi done last night, because tonight is DH's xmas party. I have never spent so long in a salon!! Now I'd better not go into labour before tonight!!

Have a great weekend, everyone!
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Originally Posted by Lidamama84 View Post

Goty hair highlighted and a mani/pedi done last night, because tonight is DH's xmas party. I have never spent so long in a salon!! Now I'd better not go into labour before tonight!!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Nice, Lida! Have fun at the party. smile.gif
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We got our Christmas tree at the farm yesterday and my oldest boy helped me with lights and decor. I'm glad that's all done! Birth tub is blown up, nursery is complete, all I really have to do for birth is make my labor playlist on my iPad. Other things I want to accomplish pre-labor are:

-declUttering the kids toys, clothes, and games before they get more at christmas
-Finish Christmas shopping and get a few things for stockings
-work on my business website if I get my logo design back fom my designer soon
-keep fridge cleaned out
-stock up on labor/after birth friendly foods and drinks, maybe do this at 39 weeks (this coming Friday!)
-buy my midwife and doula gifts

It's crazy to think that I have likely no more than 2-3 weeks before Zephyr's arrival. I've never gone past 40 weeks 6 days (my other two were born 40 weeks and 40 + 2). And everyone I know is predicting this will be my earliest baby. So it could be 1-2 weeks!
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Thank you all for your supportive words! I am hoping he will turn and we'll have both an easy labor. I have tons of things to do, but like I said, this runs in the back of my mind, it's hard to shake off. I worry for my vagina, worry that i'll be in too much pain, worry that I'll have to be induced... *sigh*... I'll try to avoid induction like the plague.

I thought something was happening last night. Had tons of BH and painful crampiness and a LOT of pressure in the cervix. I slept a on and off just a few hours. Tomorrow is my niece's birthday (she's also my goddaughter), so I hope baby Axel won't be thinking about making his entrance to the world tomorrow!

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Anablis, I forget, is this your first baby?  The reality of "laborland" and all the hormones your body releases really allows you to get out of your head...for me, if I surrender to my body doing it's work to bring my baby, then I don't feel any "pain" and I open up.  


I am getting excited to meet my baby!  Not impatient yet, just excited for now!  We set up the cosleeper next to our bed, and I love having it there.  I ordered some gorgeous wool and silk clothes for him from a really reasonably priced company- Flowering Child.  They were having some good sales and I managed to get a bunch of things I'd wanted for him.  At this point I can save them for my grandchildren!  I could be a grandmother in ten years.  


I'm cleaning like mad.  If my family members aren't cleaning, I'm like, "What are you doing??!!!"  We have checked a good amount off the list, but there's a lot left.  I'm taking a little break, need to go to the store and eat lunch, then I'm back to magic erasering all the doors and door frames, then I will take a walk and drop off thank you notes in my neighborhood.  That should take me to dinner time!  

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Jenny, I just love your calm. I think that all of you are really helping me visualize a better birth than the last time around. I FINALLY got the baby-room (not that any baby sleeps there ;) ready, most of his clothes and blankets out and washing, and am feel in READY. Anyone else checking here everyday hoping someone is started?!?! Its not December quite yet, I know…but I'm looking to put some faces to these bumps! Getting so excited now. 

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Well, though I could worry plenty as I was an apprentice midwife and have seen and heard a lot of "interesting" stories, I figure worrying won't help create a good outcome!  So I figure staying positive and assuming trust in my body that's proven to me five times it can do this is the way to go.  


Didn't take a walk today, but that's okay as I am feeling heavy and sore today anyway, probably from all the cleaning!


I am totally checking here a couple of times a day hoping for someone in labor- it will be so exciting at least to see all of your babies come while I'm waiting for mine!  : )  I'll be sending good thoughts... 

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Mataji, yes, it is my first pregnancy and my first baby. I would feel easy if I still had my HB on, but birthing in a hospital makes me wonder if I'll have to be alert all the time, watching that they don't get to do anything to me that I don't want. I remembered today that the midwife of the birthing class told us that when the baby's head is out, the OB usually turns him and takes him out. I told my husband today that he has to watch NOBODY touches my baby after the head is out.


And YES, I come here everyday hoping someone had their baby, I want to see a pic of all of the babies!

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I'm so behind on the chat! Lida hope you are having fun at the party.


I just checked in to see if anyone had their baby yet... looks like these babies are planning a joint appearance.


Well I just posted in the progressing thread (early labor for 3 days or so, 5 cm dilated) so there's not much to add here. Just waiting for labor to pick up the pace. Already read two books in three days and now looking for something else, any recommendations? 

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I don't know where geographically you are, Anablis, but I had heard awful stories pitting women against the medical community, too, and was really worried the first time around. I had my baby in a big huge teaching hospital (for insurance reasons- I was heartbroken not to have a hb), but what I learned there was that 1) pretty much all of the medical professionals I came across where on the same page as I about what was right for me and my baby (there was no antagonism, no one was pushing me around, everyone was really respectful at all times of what I wanted) 2) they had read everything I had ever read about birth and babies and more (I didn't have this big stash of secret knowledge where I knew all these things they didn't and had to fight them) and 3) I was really happy to have the help. I ended up feeling really grateful, and all my fears about facing down a scary medical institution were unfounded. I know others certainly DO have bad experiences with not-great doctors, nurses, hospitals, etc., I'm just saying its definitely NOT a given. And since that time one of my dearest friends has gone through midwifery training at UPenn medical school and has started to practice at my same big huge teaching hospital, and I have gained a tremendous amount of personal and professional respect for the intense training, study, commitment, and really long hours these people put in, because they love women, babies, and birth. Its really hard to trust strangers with this sacred and scary experience, but its helpful not to go in geared up for having to fight- in my case it caused me a lot of needless anxiety. 

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I guess the rest of the babies want to be December babies after all! 


Kali, I was GBS+ with my first and based on my midwife's advice we had the abx on-hand to use in case I was showing any of the signs of infection (fever in labor, membranes rupturted longer than 18 hours, etc...) Never used them since my water didn't even break unitl I was pushing! And my mw was only there like 2 hours before DD was born anyway. I'm not keen on the idea of having an i.v. while in labor or taking abx unnecessarily. I already talked to my current MW about doing that same if I'm positive this time (should do the swab on Monday.)


Lily, I hope things pick up and your LO is here soon!

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Lily, yay!! I was 4-5cm for a week prior to the birth of my seco d child.hang in there!
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Lilykay, how exciting!  Enjoy the time to rest while you can!!  : )

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As of tomorrow, I will enter the last possible 6 weeks. I'm kind of excited to meet him, but worried about adding a newborn to our chaos! I've been pretty useless fighting off a virus for a couple of months and it shows in every area of my life!

For various reasons, mostly financial (as previously discussed), I will be switching from a water/ home birth to a hospital with a different midwife. At least that hospital allows (supposedly) laboring in the water until crowning. It's hard to wrap my mind around, but it seems the best option for us. Ugh! I had such an easy recovery with my last, which I attributed to water birth, BUT I realized today that there were other things working for me: I was fed and hydrated, I gave birth to a baby a full pound smaller, and most of all: it wasn't my first baby!!!

I'm in a mad rush to finish Christmas purchases and crafting and get the house in decent shape. I've been SO behind! I feel like a narcoleptic- I fall asleep anytime, anywhere. It's scary! Sometimes there is NO way of escaping it.

At my appointment today, I had leveled out on weight gain and measurement. I know it's silly to get wrapped up in it, but I'm always worried about water weight and going pre-eclamptic again (my first, but not my 2nd). My BP was very low: 106/58 today, so that's a good thing in my book and makes transfer of care less of a fight.
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