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For me the hip pain feels like it's where my femur and pelvis connect. It's more of a ligament/muscle pain than joint pain. Last night I was more diligent about keeping a pillow between my knees (usually I start out with it but then shove it out of the way as I roll back and forth) and this morning I'm much less sore. Maybe I'll try an epsom salt bath tonight, even if it means using the tiny tub in the kids bathroom!

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THe hip pain is getting gnarly, but Im just telling you all: the cat is going in the crockpot. Now that the weather's changed he yowls to get in and out ALL NIGHT LONG and I am going to kill him. Last night he managed not only his usual yowlfest but also to step on a very noisy game and set it off at 4am... toddler-wakes= 2-3, pee-wakes= 3-4, cat-wakes= 4+. Anyone have any good chubby ginger cat recipes? :)

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Hi guys, looks like we're all having signs that the due date is coming!

I feel wonderful--seriously, I had most of the pregnancy a lower back pain, especially in the left, and since week 30 or so it is GONE. Completely gone. I sleep through the night, I can roll in the bed pretty much ok, and I got used to the big belly. Baby moves a lot but never wakes me. I feel him low sometimes, although my OB says he is high. He changed from LOA to ROA so... not that great.

I've been having mild cramps, and a few pinches down there. I guess it's the cervix changing. I'm still 2 cm dilated 50% efface, at least I was last monday.


I've been spending my days talking to my new OB (the one I got after I had to cancel my homebirth due to my hemorrhage) about birthing naturally at the hospital, and yersterday we talked to one of the midwifes, and I think I can relax now. I did everything that was in my power to do, looks like I will be able to skip the IV, they don't perform too many internals (they say bc it is too uncomfortable for a laboring woman), I can give birth vertically (they have a birthing chair that you can set up to your will), I will be allowed to catch my baby if I can, my OB is against routine epis, and that's pretty much the things that I care about the most. Especially the epi, I want to give birth and take a shower and walk and feel normal ASAP. I have heard stories from ppl I know that they couldn't sit for a week with an epi.


Today we were at the supermarket looking at baby stuff and I turned to my husband and said "we have everything we need.. the only thing missing is the baby". And that's how I feel. I want him here! Although I am sleeping SO MUCH and I know I will miss that.

Today starts my week 36, wowww we are so close!!

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In a few hours I'm going to my friend's baby shower. She's due in January. smile.gif I love that her baby is going to be named Fionn, which is the name I wanted to use if we'd had a boy. And next week is our baby party.

I feel soooo pregnant, but I don't feel like I'm almost there. I wish I did. :/
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Roisin and Whitney, I choked on my breakfast reading your posts!!! I used to love reading Garfield when I was a kid.
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good one, Whitney lol

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First slightly significant snowfall here! And my toddler decided she doesn't like her snowboots!!! I am actually feeling a bit like packing her off somewhere for a week! She is driving me nuts, just keeps squealing and crying and not using her words even though she speaks really well. Grr!

Yesterday I got baby's carseat installed, did my big Costco run ($$$), sold one of our extra carseats, and did a bunch of cooking. I passed out putting my big girl to bed wink1.gif oh, and I found a great deal on bumgenius cloth diapers, buy 6, get 2 free. I went for it, since I really like how bumgenius fits my babies, and I've never had any new ones. These are the one-size 4.0, with snaps orngbiggrin.gif

I have tomorrow off for Remembrance Day, and I plan on finishing my xmas shopping, catching up on laundry and packing my hospital bag. Almost ready for baby!

Oh, here is the view from the warmth of our kitchen smile.gif

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Wow, Lida, it's actually winter where you are! I'm still running the air conditioning during the day!
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Totally jealous, Michelle, we had to turn the heat on by the second week of October. And it will be running until next May. cold.gif The kids only get to wear sandals and summer clothes for 2-3 months of the year.
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Wow Lida, snow already? It's been un-seasonally warm (warm as in not freezing) but for the first time I'm actually happy the weather is taking a turn for the cold today. That means I don't have to finish the two big pots of soup tonight and I can be lazy & just put them outside. No way they'll fit in the fridge. Two big pots of soup to freeze. And DP hooked up the freezer in the basement! 


I'm getting anxious about the birth again. Suddenly it feels very real and my brain won't stop running scenarios of "What if...". 36 weeks, officially 37 and baby was last measuring at 39 weeks. hide.gif I'm trying to stay calm and positive (going through 2 hypnobabies tracks a day) but not-knowing when and how drives me crazy...

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We don't really have winter here. We have summer and January. :-P We've been running the heater at night, but it's mostly for the snakes - we're also running a little window unit AC in my bedroom at the same time! I've actually been trying to decide if I need to buy the baby something long-sleeved to wear home from the hospital (everything I've bought so far is short-sleeved), or if it will be good enough to put her in the wrap and put my poncho around us. Obviously she'll have a blanket in the car.
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Its really cold here, but just rainy. I hope it snows for Christmas, though. I can't believe some of you are getting so close to the big day! I dragged my arse to prenatal yoga yesterday and, man, it was hard! Made me feel way further along than 34 weeks, because I just kept getting awful BHs, out-of-breath, and just felt totally immobile and inflexible. Yuck. Maybe  (hopefully?!) its true that second babies come earlier and quicker- I just kept remember how easy yoga was practically up to 40 weeks last time, and how I had virtually no BHs contractions at all. But then, I never went into labor, haha. Maybe this time will be different! 


On another note, as much as I am starting to feel really ready to hold and see this new baby, I am viscerally dreading having to get up all night, and feeling really anxious about how its going to go with both the toddler and the new baby in my room/bed with me. Am I going to go completely insane? Am I join got have to pass V off to relatives during the day and just sleep when the new baby naps? How will this work?!

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roisin, I totally lauged out loud about putting the cat in the crock pot. Hip pain is definitely gnarly. If DH can massage my low back and hips in the morning I feel pretty good, but during work days, he doesn't have time to do that.  But the last two days it has been wonderful.


AFM, I figured my tummy had gotten bigger over the last week, which has caused my overwhelming itchy tummy, last week when I was 33 weeks I was measuring 40 weeks and this week at 34 weeks I was measuring 42 weeks. These twins are really taking up a lot of space.  The doctor said he could feel the first baby's head and that the baby was at -3 station.  We ordered our crib mattresses and sheets last night. They are supposed to be here by Friday, Nov. 15. I figure these babies won't be here for awhile yet since my cervix is still closed.

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Yeah, Roisin, thats exactly what I plan on doing, is passing my kids off to daddy and grandma as often as I need to during the day, so I can function at night. I did not do that with #2 and almost went over the edge:eyesroll

Jealous of all the big tummies...I am 33.5 weeks but measuring way smaller...stupid placenta not working properly greensad.gif
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I measured last night, and remeasured, and remeasured, and still came up with 36 cm at 33+3 weeks!  Baby is high, so I'm told, so I guess there's nothing of him in my pelvis so I'm then measuring higher.  His little foot is constantly sticking out of my belly button and it cracks me up!  The other night I was here on the computer and the drawer was out for some reason...then he kicked and moved and pushed the drawer closed a bit.  It was so funny! 


Roisin, I totally know what you mean about dreading being up all night...I seem to have another baby once my last "baby" starts to sleep real well!  I figure I've survived it before and will again, but I remember crying in the evening, dreading going to bed and dealing with the night world of a new baby.  


I'm feeling all of the sudden this week preoccupied with thinking about the birth and I feel exhausted a lot of the time, like I just want to go to bed and knit or read.  Totally introverted, which is not me.  Got my hair cut and colored today, and bought a bunch of makeup as I have NOTHING left in my puny small make up bag because I have a 12 year old daughter who's used, spilled, broken, and dried out all my makeup.  That was all fun, and going to a movie soon with a friend.  And we still have another day of weekend...have to plant all these bulbs I got.


My cousin had his first baby this morning, a girl who was 7 1/2 pounds exactly and born 4 days early after 7 hours of labor.  I must say I'm jealous of the 4 days early!  That's just totally not fair.  

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mataji, that is funny that your little one closed the desk drawer. Watching the babies inside is the most amazing thing.


AFM, My mom called me yesterday and let me know she has given away her dog so she is now free to come help me when my twins are first born. She had been contemplating getting rid of the dog for some time. That is actually a relief that she can come help. She had broken her ankle back in Sept. and is on short term disability until it heals enough for her to go back to work, which according to her will be sometime after Jan. 1 which works out perfectly for me. At least I will have someone to cook, clean, etc when all I will likely be doing is feeding my twins, changing my twins, sleeping, eating, or showering.


She isn't quite as natural minded as I thought - which I find odd since she exclusively breast fed me and my 6 siblings - she was like "you will probably need to have some formula on hand to keep up with night feedings." Um, no, formula costs money and I know if I feed my babies on demand my body will make enough milk to nourish both of the twins. She had 5 of her babies at home unassisted but was like "I know you want to have a natural birth, but you probably should get the epidural in case you need a c-section so they don't have to knock you out in an emergency situation." I guess it has been 22 some years since she had babies. Images of her giving birth to my little brother are what inspire me that I can give birth without pain medication.

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Lilac, that's great that your mom is coming...perhaps her comments are inspired by her anxiety around you having twins? It's a lot for people to even think about handling wink1.gif
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Lilac, my mom is the same way.  She had my sister and I at home in the boonies with an old revivalist Christian midwife named Beulah!  She had great birth experiences and always spoke positively of birthing at home.  When it came my turn, she was all a fluster with worry about me having a homebirth.  I think it's just different when it's your daughter- those protective mom hormones kick in and they can't help but be concerned.  She was always so relieved to get the call the baby was born and all was okay.  Even last time, she had thought we were amazing for having our last babies unassisted and was all proud, but when I got pregnant this time she said, "Tell me you're going to have a midwife there."  Moms just worry!

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The only thing I'm focused on right now is getting over this stupid cold or whatever I've had going on since Wednesday. I feel horrible and constantly coughing and sneezing while this pregnant is just not fun. I've actually lost weight in the last week because I don't really feel like eating and I really don't feel like making anything to eat. I'm just glad it's Veteran's Day and we can eat for free tonight! Saves me from having to deal with dinner. I really miss being able to take Dayquil right now!

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