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Earthwalker, wow, you could be so close!  I still feel far, if I go off of my last baby I'm still 8 weeks off.  ugh! 


"Overall, I feel my neo-cortex dimming its lights....I am entering the spiritual realm of mamahood! :meditate"


Totally!  I don't feel as sharp as usual, I'm feeling very clumsy like my hands don't work right all the time, and sleepy not like I want to go to sleep (well, sometimes that) but more like dreamy.  I'm 34 weeks today and my boy has dropped down in the last couple of days.  Now here's all the BH every time I move!  I was still sprinting up the stars a few days ago, now no way...I'm walking holding onto my belly!  haha.


My cousin had his first baby on Sunday, making my aunt a grandma for the first time, so it's been fun to see their pictures on the computer and be excited for them.  I cannot believe that in the next few weeks these December babies may well start appearing.

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Uh, yeah, the group B strep test. Tomorrow I meet the last of the doctors in the practice I have been going to and since I am 35 weeks I will "supposedly" get the group B strep test. I hope I don't have it because I am allergic to at least 3 different antibiotics (terrible rashes, vomiting, etc) and I definitely don't want to deal with that and 2 newborn boys. I feel so accomplished today - sorted through the stuff that was in the cribs so I could get it put away and laundered, if necessary. Man my laundry room is filled with adult laundry and lots of baby laundry. I definitely don't want to get behind on laundry when the babies are born. My baby boys are so active that my tummy is a ripple of activity. Five weeks or less and I will be holding these babies in my arms!

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Oh, Lilac, you bring up a good point that I hadn't considered! I've never been GBS-positive, but I'm concerned about it because it's the infection that almost killed my step-daughter. (Ironically, she contracted it from the hospital, not from her mother.) But, my husband is severely allergic to penicillin, and doctors have always been hesitant to give our kids penicillin just in case, and it's the most commonly used anti-biotic for GBS. So I guess if I came back positive, I'd need to think about that, see what other anti-biotics could be used.
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I am allergic to penicillin and they gave me something else with my first...it made my whole body super itchy so they had to reduce the dose.

My strategy for getting a negative result is to "cuddle" the night before. It worked last time...

So I had my 34 week appointment today and the midwife was pleased with my ultrasound results and said she'd be comfortable not doing any more ultrasounds. I'm not sure how I feel about that yet, but I said we could wait and see how things go. I can't believe we are getting so close! Next appointment is 36 weeks and we will have the GBS swab then. I really don't feel like I'm anywhere close to having a baby...last time around I was so miserable for the last month of work...maybe its because I'm in a job I like now, with people I like to work with. I will actually really miss it when I leave, especially as I have to go back to my old job with the people I dislike after mat leave...
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Yeah, Lida, that is what I am afraid of - don't want to be itching rashy mess during labor. Getting two babies out of my body will take concentration enough!

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Here's some inspiration, Lilac! My two year old and I have been watching this on repeat- AMAZING!!! http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=82c_1384436180

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Well, those babies obviously love each other. It seems just a little weird though since the caregiver seems to be holding them together.  My baby boys have been pushing really hard with what I think is their feet, might be a knee, I don't know into the area just below my ribs. I kept pushing back and playing with them. Doctor still says that my cervix is closed at 35 weeks so no imminent birth for us yet.

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I imagined the caregiver was holding them together because one would have to, if bathing them together? 


SO slowing down, too. My brain is not working at all. I have proofs due back to an editor today, and I cannot. think. straight. 

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Well, whatever the doctor did for the GBs swabbing has really given me pain down below. I am uncomfortable if I lay horizontal but I am in outright pain if I sit up or try to stand. Its like a really painful aftermath toa pap smear. Ugh. I took some tylenol and that seemed to take the edge off but holy cow I didn't expect this much pain from a swab 1nd cervical exam (where again I was told I am not dilated yet, even at 35 weeks with twins).
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Wow, Lilac, was it the swab or the exam do you think? I don't think I've ever had pain just from a swab. :/ Also, don't worry about not being dilated yet. I'm never more than a fingertip before I go into labor. Even then I usually dilate slowly until I get to about 6, then BAM! Baby.

Wow, I've had like 5 contractions in the past half hour or so. But they don't feel strong enough to make me think they're "real." I'm just really not used to BH like this. Somebody tell me it's normal before I get my hopes up or something!

EDIT: I'm going to take a walk and see if these either get stronger or go away. I'm not even sure which I'm hoping for!
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I am actually happy that I am not dilated because to me that means my babies are still not ready to come out. I don't know what is causing the pain, usually the cervical exam doesn't cause me too much pain, definitely not pain like this, but this was also ths first time I saw this doctor so it could be his cervical exam technique.
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So, I went on my walk and had a couple more contractions. Then they stopped for almost half an hour, and I thought that was it. Then they started up again, much stronger, and every three minutes. It's been almost an hour.

I'm feeling really tired, and having a hard time convincing myself that this is even possible (and feeling guilty if it is, because my daughters have their first music recital tomorrow), so I'm thinking of taking a nap and seeing if it wakes me.
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Keep us updated Michelle! Take a warm bath, drink lots of water and lie down.
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Meh. Solid contractions every three minutes for an hour. I took a shower, and they flat stopped. Been an hour and a half.

DH is convinced that this means the baby will come soon. I'm convinced I'm going to have the most frustrating last five or six weeks of pregnancy that I've ever had. :-/
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Hugs, Michelle. I had prodromal labor with my second baby. Daily, EIGHT hours of contractions at least 5 mins apart, in the middle of the night! For two weeks. It did get me to 5cm before labor started but I did not prefer it.
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Well sleep seems to have fixed the pain for me. I am not going to push it today though. I think I will follow Kali's advice - take a warm bath, drink lots of water, and lie down. I just got a foot massage from my brother and oh, it felt good. I have to wait a little while longer, take my breakfast blood sugar measure than I can go back to sleep.

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Wow! Contractions and water breaking! We are getting close! Lilac, do you think the doc might have stripped your membranes too? I remember having that kind of pain with my second after having my membranes stripped. Michelle: that really sucks about the contractions. Maybe it means you'll go sooner?! Hard to tell, though!

Yesterday, I went for a bikini wax because I can't see/reach down there to shave anymore and I still have 4 weeks of taking my little one in the pool for swimming lessons. The lady took all of 8 minutes to do me and even did my upper thighs for free cause I have so little hair there! (Mind you, I didn't get a brazilian, just a bikini). I am so happy I spent the 20$ joy.gif
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Lilac, glad you are feeling better. Definitely take it easy. I was wondering if your membranes were stripped, too. The swabbing shouldn't cause any pain, and I wouldn't think a normal cervical exam would cause that much discomfort.


(((HUGS))), Michelle...From what I can tell, prodromal labor = no fun at all! You are smart to shower or nap to see if that makes the contractions stop. 


The excitement is starting to pick up around here. I think we could all use a big hug!  :grouphug 

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Michelle I am having the same issue. It is going to make this last stretch awful. :( I hope it means baby is coming soon if thats what youre ready for. I do remember your like me and normally go overdue.

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I am having some uncomfortable cramping on the top of my uterus today and just generally feeling tired and yucky. I really want to take a nap but my kids are up! So we skipped swimming and are just chilling at home. A friend stopped by for coffee and I'm counting the minutes till naptime (38!)
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