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need help finding obgyn

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Hello I just found out I am pregnant about 7-8 weeks this will be my second I have a 7 yr old son. Was just married and this will be his first..... im new to grand blanc michigan area so wanted input on what hospital is best to attend to deliver n find a obgyn out of the hospital if anyone could help we would greatly appreciate it thank you
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Congratulations on your pregnancy! It looks like your post may have been missed, so I am bumping it up for attention. :bump: Anyone have a recommendation to share?

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Did you ever find a dr? I'm sure you did by now! Do you plan on delivering at genesys?
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Hello I did find a ob the hospital would of been hurley I was caught in between hurkey n mc lauren
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Hurley and mc lauren sry a typo above
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I've never heard*
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I would highly recommend a doula and check out http://www.metrodetroitdoulas.com/ lots of good info, You could also call a doula in your area and ask about local hospitals, OB, midwives and what they would recommend. I havent heard such good things about McLaren if youre looking for a more baby/mother friendly hospital.

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I have heard excellent things about Henry ford! They have midwives and will work with whatever you want to do
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Well thank you very much for the info i will deff look into it and check the website out
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Is henry ford in detroit if so im about 1 hrs 40 min from detroit
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If your in grand blanco it should only be about an hour. But that is still kind if far
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