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The Olivia factor

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We have a beautiful 18 month old daughter that was a diagnosis today with FTT.  My Wife has struggled with feeding from birth, She is 18 month and was weighed in today at 20lbs. We are looking for any help or advise on feeding, weight gain or anything what would help our little angel.



 Love the feeding tips we cant wait to try them,

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Hi there and welcome!


Can you describe what she is eating at this point?  Is she still nursing?  What was her growth like up to this point?  


I am sure others will have lots of good hints.

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Hi. This is mom. Right now Im giving her lots of pasta, potatoes, breads, butters, oils. Anything I can think of that would help her gain. Almost everything we're told not to eat if we want to lose weight. She also gets lots of fruits and veggies. I had to stop nursing when she was about 2.5 mos old because she wasn't gaining. The doctors had her on a special formula made 2x stronger than normal plus pediasure and baby cereal. This has been a very long hard fight all the while I've been telling the doctors that something isn't right. She was diagnosed with severe acid reflux when she was about 3 mos old. Help!
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Stop the grains and strictly limit the fruit. Up the eggs, try some liver, avocado is great, too. Babies that age don't eat much. I'm sorry you were lied to about needing to stop nursing.

What was the baby's birth weight? Are mom and dad bigger or smaller people? My ds1 was a tiny thing at that she and now he's a muscle-y adult. He EBF for two years and hatred solids till he was three, now he eats like a lumberjack.
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I would say lots and lots of good fat in her diet. If she has a small appetite, you want a lot of bang for your buck in each bite/sip. But honestly, my DD was 22 lbs at her 2 year and no one batted an eye. Is she very tall? Are there concerns other than just weight gain?
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Poor kiddo, with all that extra grain in her diet it's no wonder she's got digestive issues.  She is clearly having issues digesting it, so cut out the gluten and since she wasn't doing well with the formula, I'd cut dairy too.  You can always add these things back in down the road, but you need to heal her gut so she can assimilate nutrients properly.  Lots of whole foods - veggies, fruits in moderation (not fruit juice, it's just sugar without the fiber), and avoid white starchy potatoes as they will only feed bad bacteria in he gut.  Coconut oil will be your friend - not only is it a healthy fat that be used for any cooking or baking, but it will also feed the good gut bacteria while killing off the bad.


Chia seeds are good for digestion, avocadoes and flax seeds for fat.  If she will eat fish, salmon has a good fat ratio.  Eggs are a great balance of proteins and fats.  If she tolerates nuts, nut butters are another good one.  Hummus is a healthy snack for kids that like to dip and very easy to make without all the preservatives.


Even if you just cut out the grains and increase the volume of everything else you should see a change.  That said kids do sort  of plateau weight wise for a bit. Mine has been stuck at 28lbs for something like 9mos, she's 2.

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Is it possible she's allergic to something? Sometimes reflux is part of an allergic reaction. If she is allergic to something she's eating that could contribute to lack of absorption of nutrients.

You could put coconut or olive oil on as much of her food as possible to help with getting good fats.

Food and eating issues can be so challenging. Good luck!
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