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going to be an at home mom in future

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Hey I'm going to be a stay at home parent in the future. it's still awhile away yet but once my fiance has to do school n work so i can stay at home. We don't want her in daycare until she can talk very well for herself. she is only 6 n a half months old now but i would love any tips anyone has to give because we are a same-sex couple with a beautiful baby girl
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Welcome to the SAH parents forum! 

My biggest tip for SAH is meal planning! It saves money and it helps so much to know what's going to be for dinner each night ahead of time!

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Thank you, my parther she rosaline's birth mother and has been doing the main caring for her while I am trying to finish my schooling and then switching when we get to move in together so even just being a parent is very new for me because I just see them about every other weekend
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We did a similar thing-- switching off so one parent could do school/work while the other stayed home. It's not always easy but compared to the three months we had to do daycare, it felt a lot less stressful. Now, I'm planning on staying home for awhile, but who knows what curveballs life has in store.

As for tips...

1. I do better with some kind of routine.
2. Get out as much as you can to break up the day/week. A change of scenery can work wonders on the bad days.
3. Take advantage of free activities/spaces.
4. Audiobooks/NPR/adult conversation will help you feel more connected to the adult world.
5. Finding some kind of group/activity that is parent/kid friendly helps.
6. Doing chores early in the day makes evenings less crazy, when the baby is usually fussy, and probably won't let you get much done.
7. Having a good carrier makes it possible to do a lot more in and out of the house.
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Awww thank you for the tips. I'm grateful for every one of them i do not get much time with them. So some of the daily things are even new to me. i did do a lot of babysitting for a 1 and a half year-old but learning that being a parent is way different. i am a parent from a far but i help with all i can from my point.
here is our little rosaline smile.gif
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