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OT for handwriting help

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does anyone have experience with getting occupational therapy for handwriting help for a 2nd grader?

i am awaiting school's evaluation, but have some time to think ahead to next steps.

it is possible she has borderline fine motor delays.

has anyone used Handwriting Without Tears?

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Yes, it is possible to have a delay specific to fine motor processing and organization.  Google "dysgraphia" and you will be able to read a great deal about it.  The school OT,  is obligated to offer handwriting support (like handwriting without tears....it's wonderful!) and methods to strengthen her hand muscles.  Support can be using practice, hand muscle exercises, special pencil grips etc.  In the older grades, keyboarding on a laptop for taking notes and writing papers can be offered as poor handwriting can often persist and hand fatigue is common.  Good luck with the IEP process!

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Hi! I'm a special education teacher/ABA therapist, and I LOOOOOOVE Handwriting Without Tears.

I use it with all my students and I have seen some amazing before/after transformations with just 6 months of using the program, if not less.

But don't just get the workbooks. Follow the whole program - wooden pieces, chalkboards (I love the double lined one for older kids) and books/notebook paper, smaller pencils, etc. and make sure to get the teacher's instruction book.
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