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Our little surprise is here

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Saturday was a rather normal day… My brothers dad had been here visiting for a week and was leaving that day so we all went to breakfast. I came home and spent the day cleaning the house. Around 6pm I started having lots of braxton hicks that became painful. I decided to call my midwife and lay down. I had contractions until 7:30 and then they slowed down and I figured it wouldn't end up being that night. A little before 9pm I started having contractions again but this time they were around my pubic bone and wrapped around to my butt and down my thighs. I recognized this as the same pain I had felt with Carden and my midwife got here just after 9. Contractions were coming about a minute apart and were painful but I was walking around the bedroom still able to talk. Around 9:30 I got in the tub and my contractions almost stopped! They slowed to about 5 minutes or more apart and were short. It was a wonderful break but I thought I was stalling labor with it and at almost 12 days "overdue" I was hoping it was the real thing. I labored in the tub while the kids would come in to check on me worried to miss a moment. I promised them I would tell them when it was time so they went back into my room to watch a halloween movie while my husband was trying to finish up his college work on the computer. I then had a huge contraction with tons of pressure with about a 30 second break before another one hit. This happened for about 5 minutes because I was told it was 10:18 right before they started coming. Each time the pressure was increasing and I could tell my water would soon break. I was really trying to keep calm but the pain was intense. The next contraction I could feel my waters bulging and we got my husband and kids in there quick. My husbands goal was to go pro the birth and he got it going just as my water broke. I panicked for a moment because of the pain of baby crowning the moment my water broke but then slowed my breathing and got back to focusing. The next contraction I pushed out a head and with 15 seconds had another and out the baby came! The first thing I did was check to see if we had a boy or girl since it was a surprise. At 10:24pm on October 26th Isla Marie was born at 8 pounds and 20.5 inches. Rylin and Alden were both right there and Carden was sleeping. We were all shocked that it was a girl, I never thought I would have another girl so we had so many happy tears. We've held on to the same girl name for 5 years since I was pregnant with Alden so we were excited to finally be able to use it. And Im so happy we got a video of the birth along with pictures. My second homebirth was even more amazing then my first and it just makes me love homebirth even more. I felt wonderful afterwards even though I tore a little and had to be stitched. Everything about her birth was amazing!



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Congratulations! She's beautiful!
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Wow she is gorgeous!! Congrats!
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Wow! Congratulations! She's lovely!  Sounds like we had very similar birth experiences (at least length wise) except you realized it was the real deal way faster than me. Well done!

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Congrats Mama, shes gorgeous!!! Thats so wonderful that you were able to share the experience with your family! :blowkiss

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Congratulations!! She's beautiful!

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