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November chat- were there !!!!!

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We made it. Now it's time to wait and keep each other informed of the many signs, pangs and evidence a labor is started so we don't just drive our partners crazy.
Afm- very low movements and moments of strong bladder area pressure but it subsides after a moment of steady breathing. I'm not due till the 27 th though.
Kinda glad Halloween is over- I'm costumed and trick or treated out !
I've been meditating on a peaceful, quiet, gentle birth, fully getting my body out of the way for the babe to arrive when he's ready.
Good luck to everyone!
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yeah i second that we made it to novmember never thought i wold get this far along without haven her only 9 more days till my due date but been haven diarrhea and stornger contractions today  so maybe baby will be here soon

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I just had my 36 week prenatal to verify baby has indeed flipped head down finally! My due date is the 29th and I'm actually giving birth 5 hours away from where I live. I'm going to stay home for the next 3 weeks, then drive there just 1 week before my due date. My dating was done purely by u/s this time because my cycles were super messed up and I had a huge time frame in which I could have gotten pregnant, so I'm a little bit worried now. Had BH walking around on Halloween and I'm measuring 2 weeks ahead. Neither of those are surprising or concerning, but just little nuggets that make me hope really hard that nothing happens while I'm still at home.

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Hooray for November! I have been getting braxton hicks for several weeks, but nothing else yet. And my due date isn't until the 24th.

I am still working for the next two weeks. Firstly because we need the extra money right before I quit. Second, because I am a florist and it's our high schools girls preference dance next weekend. I didn't want to leave them right before one of our biggest days. I am just going to sit and make corsages and boutonnieres. :) I do wish I could just sit at home and relax now. But oh well. Our hospital is extremely close to our house and to my work, so that's nice. 


Good luck Snurfy! 5 hours is quite a ways away. 

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I am 39 weeks now and feeling so excited! Not much longer till I get to hold my baby! Looking at when my first three were born, I will probably be having this baby sometime in the week following my due date. So I have this next week to get done anything I want to get done before the baby comes. So I have a big list of things I want to clean and organize. We will see how much of it I actually get done.
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Yay everyone!!!

I am 38 weeks today! My belly has been hard all day. This morning I had some cramps/pressure that felt different from what I have been experiencing, like an elephant decided to sit on my tummy. I had no appetite and I felt like an alien—and then it stopped. My husband searched for labor-inducing methods and went out and bought a pineapple! Too cute! He sliced it up and keeps bringing me pieces to munch on. I think he is excited!!! =) My next appointment is bright and early on Wednesday.
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Haha, I have a pineapple on my counter. Going to cut it up tomorrow probably. I've bought one before all my kids, just for the excuse and they are so good. smile.gif

My ankles are swelling. I've never had any swelling in any of my pgs.
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Oh, aren't pineapples just the best??

I've been having a constantly-tight tummy for a little while now. Feeling really weird. I haven't lost my plug (just some spotting after a cervical check last week) so it can't be real labor... I don't think?... Either way, totally over here feeling like I am a big baby, telling myself to just calm down. I'm thinking about doing some late-night baking. My poor husband wants to go to a movie but I am just feeling really yicky!
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Snurfy-yay head down! Wow, 5 hrs away, that would make me a wreck on when to go stay closer.

Vaquita-that's how I feel based on the others too.

I'm 38 this week. The others came at 39, so maybe another week? I'm glad to have made it this far. Getting very anxious about labor and meeting this guy. Just want him here and safe. Bloody show in the mucus since last week, off/on strong ctx, loose stool, grumpy, tired. My lunapads should be here Wed and I really want to make inserts based off them. The mw I like is back and supposed to be on call this weekend but not sure about this week. This November thread seems like the labor thread smile.gif

What's with the pineapple, does it really work if the body is ready? Might be an excuse to buy some. I'm drinking rrl and nettle tea.

Vit k-it was last month, but I did find an article about babies and their k level vs adult, and cord clamping. I can link it when I get to laptop.
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Hippy, I'd like to read the article on vit. K. I've read pineapple is supposed to work for labor, but it just gives an excuse to buy some in my opinion.
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Ok, I was trying to find other links to the article I first read in case it gets banned, and there are a few if we google "breastmilk, stem cells and newborn blood".  

  This link has oral Vit K available, but I like it since it has quite a few articles combined on one page, complete with resources, on Vit K, why it's given and why some don't give it.  http://www.birthwithlove.com/categories/itempage.asp?prodid=vitamin+k+1+(vit+k+1+)oral+vit+k


Here is the first article I came across, if it gets bumped off, I can pm it.   The thinking is the very high dose of Vit K in the injection interferes with stem cell transfer from cord blood and breast milk.  http://www.beyondconformity.org.nz/hilarys-desk/breastmilk_stem_cells  

  I'm thinking it's going to be a toss up, in reality given all the interventions at birth and the many women who do not breastfeed, on if/when the Vit K injection would be beneficial.  

 I'm drinking nettle tea, but have no oral K on hand for baby.  I didn't do that with ds2, and pretty sure we opted out, but not positive.  I don't remember our mw or ped jabbing him that first visit, except for the pku test.


Pretty tired today. Finally have some appetite after weeks though-it's amazing.  Maybe baby dropped some and made stomach room, or my body is saying stay ready for birth :)  Really, how long can a person have bloody show/blood in mucus plug before labor? Longer than the few weeks I keep seeing?

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Hippy mum- thanks for the articles. My first two babies I gave them oral vitamin k, my 3rd I took the oral vitamin k, this time I don't plan to give it. I think there are good reasons babies don't have a lot of vitamin k for the first week of their life. I am drinking nettle infusions and plan to continue afterwards, but that i drink for so many reasons, not for vitamin k specifically.

How do I politely tell someone to leave me alone! Lol. An older woman I know is determined to come clean my house. Ok, maybe I can deal with that, but she's also determined to give us a bunch of stuff we don't want. Curtains for our living room, because ours aren't 'warm enough' (um, we live in California and our house is well insulated with double pane windows. Lined curtains aren't needed.). She came by when I wasn't home and pushed her way in and dh said she was measuring the corner of our living room where the computer is. For a 'surprise'. We don't need or want a large 'nice' desk. Our plan is to switch to a lap top in the next couple years and not have the desk at all. Ad then she was asking about our extra room, I had to stop and think about what she meant, we don't have any extra rooms. Then realized she meant the kids play room, which recently became DD's bedroom. She thought it was this way because we didn't have a bed for her and was going to buy us one. With had one, the kids just wanted to be together. She's trying to be nice, but hs completely taking over! And it's driving me nuts. Idk whether to not let her do anything or let her clean, thank her and say a very firm NO to everything else.
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Vaquitita - she sounds very old school, especially with the description of the curtains business. Winterizing was such a huge deal, and still is in some areas, especially with a pregnant woman/infant in the picture. I used to think it was silly to obsess about that stuff until I lived in an old ass house with no insulation for the last 2 winters. It cost us $200 a month to heat the place to a reasonable temperature and that was with the windows sealed in plastic and the bedrooms blocked off. We live in Washington, it doesn't get THAT cold up here. She's obviously stuck in that mindset.


I would probably tell her outright no to everything just from it sounds like, she'd probably try to move everything on in while she's cleaning even if you told her no. It's nice to assume the best of people but I regularly wonder if those who give so much are really just trying to offload their junk. My husband's family has a few of those. Got an opened package of plastic party cups for Christmas one year. The conflicting feelings are totally understandable regardless. Mothers talk so frequently of not getting enough help postpartum, but then you have people who try to help and really end up just causing more problems. But then I take issue with "It's the thought that counts" because it doesn't seem like a gift given without considering what the recipient really needs/wants had much thought behind it to begin with. If the thought was "Be grateful I thought of you at all", that's not very nice either.

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Vaquitita, what a tough situation! I guess it may depend on how you are connected to her—neighbor, family friend, co-worker, church, etc.? From what you've said, a possible *cause* of this would her motivations—what is she motivated by? From the sound of it, she may be motivated to help a family she knows as they prepare to have a baby. Could she also be motivated by wanting to get rid of items in her house? Obviously if her intention is to help, then that's a nice thing. If she's hoping to get rid of stuff, she may have come to the wrong place. Either way, her actions are almost shrouding otherwise good motivations/intentions due to the fact that she's actually making you guys super-uncomfortable.
Nobody should be pushing their way into your home to take measurements.
Perhaps the next time she comes by, tell her that it's so nice that she is offering, and that you'll let her know if you guys can use her help. One way to gently let her down. Say that you have family who are on call to help (how can she argue with that?) and some of your close girlfriends, too. If she starts to come inside the house again, maybe tell her that you're in the middle of something and need to get back to it (you don't have to tell her what). If neither of these work, a more assertive approach may be needed... And at your stage right now, who needs conflict???
I hope she doesn't try to exercise this kind of presence once the baby arrives; you guys are going to need your family time!
I guess it all depends on how you know her and how close she may actually be to you and the family. Ack, though! People need to calm down and give expecting families a break... I know some people just want to help but sometimes I wonder if people push too hard on themselves not to actually help others, but to make themselves feel better primarily.

Okay, rant over!
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I read this today after feeling disappointed after last night's mini-marathon of contractions (I had one a week ago also!). I'd like to share it so that if you're also prodromal and feeling a little bummed that this might make you feel better as it did for me =)

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Thank you, Electricalaskan!! That made me feel much better too. Excellent perspective. Well put :thumb

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omg It's my baby's birth month already!!!


And it's taking FOR-EV-ER.  :lol 


I'm really pretty torn, actually.  Obviously, I want this bieb to develop fully and wonderfully.  But part of me wants to meet him/her now because I've just waited so long already.  And another part of me wants him/her to wait until after the Hunger Games double feature on the 21st (due date is the 16th).  I swear I'm not going to selfishly put myself ahead of my child.  Whatever happens and when will be wonderful, and I will deal with it!

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Electrik-:)  Thanks for the article-I think we all needed it.  I read a blog this morning about a mom at 39wks who after a week of early labor going on started trying all the natural inductions to see if any would work.  It was the pineapple that lead me to it.  


Oh, so yeah pineapple :)  Got some yesterday-it is so yummy.  Not sure if it will work, but it's good.


Vaquita-yikes.  I second gently letting her down, if she doesn't listen-push her out.  


Ultra-lol.  I keep wondering how they're going to make the second movie, if it will be good.  I'd like baby to wait too, but not sure I want a super newborn for Thanksgiving.  


So everything I read says most of us are in early labor.  Well it's just annoying :)

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Snuffy, electricalaskan- I think she's trying to be nice, not just dumping her stuff on me. I think I need to be clear/firm with her, I've been rather vague when talking to her so far. Unsure how to say no without hurting her feelings. But I feel more prepared now to say hanks for the thinking of us, but we don't want xyz.

Some serious nesting going on here today. I decluttered some piles in my kitchen. Then cleaned my front room, moving and washing all the furniture, vacuuming under everything, washing walls and baseboards, vacuumed out my fireplace. I couldn't move the tv cabinet, but I stuck the vacuum wand back there and sucked up most of the dust. I still need to take down my curtains and wash them. Ad there is one basket next to our computer desk of papers I need to go through. Tomorrow I plan to do the bathrooms (actually did the toilet/sink/window in one of these today, so only have the floor left) and my bedroom (already decluttered and bedding recently washed, I just need to dust and vacuum under the bed). And then Wednesday I plan to tackle the kitchen/dining room. I want to declutter, clean stove, hood, fridge, cupboards and scrub floors. A friend is actually coming to help me for a few hours so it will probably all get done. the kids rooms are pretty clean, with the furniture rearranging that went on a week ago everything was wiped down and vacuumed very thoroughly. So after Wednesday my house will be cleaner then it's been in a long time! Baby will then be free to come whenever he wants! orngbiggrin.gif
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Thanks for posting that article Electricalalaskan--I've been having some frustrating prodromal labor, and I'd rather think that it is a form of progress rather than completely useless discomfort. I think in my case it may be because my baby is posterior, and the irregular contractions are often accompanied by back pain. I'm just going to try to completely ignore it from now on, because every time I think something is really happening, only to end in disappointment. 


Vaquitita, I envy your energy and drive! I've been doing a lot of napping and eating lately and not much else. I have occasional bursts of energy for a few hours ever few days...maybe I'm having prodromal nesting too lol. 

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