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I am so excited for everyone who is close, and congrats to you who have had your babies! SunnieP let us know when you decide on a name. :) That is if you want to sahre it.


Mine has definitely dropped now. It fills much better on my lungs, and my heartburn has subsided a lot. But I sure have to pee all the time and I can feel more pressure for sure. A lot more sharp cervix pains. But no contractions. . I am sure I still have plenty of time. 

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Tiffa-glad it's helping.  I can't feel my guy much lower, but he is.


Does anyone still have things to get for baby?  I do-a few things are extra, like a pail liner and wet bag, but I'd really like to have extra nursing pads and still a pump, and then infant diapers, as I don't know how soon baby will fit them.


I hope he comes soon :)  My breasts hurt this week, and the only relief is heat and no bra.  I don't even have colostrum leaking any more, but it feels like my ducts are getting full.  I think this cold effected me a different way-I was only stuffy a few days, but I have no energy, so might order some floradix, which I wanted to have for pp anyhow.  Haven't met with the new ped yet either, probably wait till baby gets here.  

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Hippy - I have one pail liner but would like another one so I can throw one in the wash and one back in the pail. I also would like a wet bag for diapers. I still don't have a bag I plan on using for diaper bag either. I have one nursing bra that might work (we'll have to see what my breasts do once my milk comes in) and 2 nursing camis but I feel way underprepared in the area of nursing wear. I really want to go thrift shopping once I decide to get out of house after baby and find some nursing friendly tops. I need a few more diapers too. I'm not too worried though, these things will come and if baby comes first we will be just fine. They are all definitely would like to haves though!


AFM - I got the flu mecry.gifBecause I wasn't already feeling uncomfortable right? I took a nap yesterday and slept almost 11 hours last night. The homeopathic flu stuff and and lots of elderberry seem to be kicking it out pretty quickly. Now I'm just feeling weak and achy and my head is a little swimmy, but I think the worst is over. Over hydrating today and laying low! Praying it doesn't pass to the rest of my family. 


DS, baby and I were just seconds away from 3 car accident on the freeway yesterday (before the flu feelings really hit). So thankful that we were able to stop and not be included in the wreck. I really don't think I could have handled having to go in for monitoring etc yesterday especially with this flu thing!

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hippy get the doc to get you a script for the pump i got one from my doc and my medicaid paid for it and it was a 400 dollar pump a really good one but then i dont know if they paid for it causes i was not able to nurse baby cause she got sick or if they always pay for it but i would try to see if your insurance will pay for it

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Hey girls - just wanted to check in briefly , had a lonely minute while baby is milk drunk to update and read what's going on. I hate this phone and I just spent 5 minuted typing all this before and lost it . So if a similar post shows up later ignore it , for some reason I also almost posted my last shopping list- kinda embarrassing . Anyway - were still in hospital - being in broken water for 27 hours prompted a blood culture which grew gram positive cocci . They started I'v antibiotics twice/ day- two different and my babe had to have an I'v in his head . First one came off / second one had a little hat rigged up and stayed in but when they went to do a draw and dose it had stopped working so he had to get I/m inj in his leg. So much for avoiding the pokes and prods . They do think its contamination issue since he had no other infect indications but will not discharge until the second draw has been clean for 48 hours which is like 1 am tonight . So I'm discharged tonight and will stay with him till he's cleared tomorrow . My milk is in and the breast is bigger than him and already hard . I've been spending tonight trying to be ready each time he's up to get him to relieve this pressure ! I can't stop just smelling and bonding and drinking him in. I don't have the finger power to reply to everyone - since I just typed all this already - or to type a birth story but wanted you all to know that I'm excited for all of you and keeping up, almost there . Name - his name ws going to be archer but he came early so because he followed water he is now River . He joins sister scout and brother hunter . I may try to post a pic now.
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Uriver-I just want a small manual pump, not electric that ins gives.  I thought she was nursing well before she got sick.  Is she nursing now and feeling better?  I think they still pay for it regardless.


Sila-oh no.  Like you need a flu bug after that cold.  The occiocillum (sp) from Boiron's always kicks any flu type virus out for us and rather quickly.  I was able to keep one of the kids from getting his sibs cold with elderberry/echinacea tea, thank goodness.  


  I have one pail liner and would like a second for the same reason-during washing.  Is that stupid?  I feel like my luck, it'd be in the wash and I'd have 3 poopy diapers.  2 wet bags-one a friend gave from her stash and I picked up a wet/dry bag, but then another friend said it's not as useful as she thought.  Once one side is full, it's tough to fill the other.  I'm basically going to use those as my diaper bags, and just toss them into one of the cloth bags I normally use for the other kids. 


  Nursing bras-hmm, I have a few, just hope they work out.  Never tried them before, but they were on clearance and wasn't passing them up.  (possibly stupid, stupid move) Have 2 each in b & c cup, 1 in d, then some l/xl sports bras.  But the nursing bras have stays on the side (since they're soft cup), and they hurt my sides.   I'm afraid if I find a way to pull them out, the bra won't have any support then.  So I may be sitting here with 4 bras I'll never wear!  

  The only pads I have are 1 wool pair and 1 that's like a cotton with pul backing.  The pul works, but I like the wool.  I leak like crazy, so nothing else works.


Sunnie-oh wow, a long labor and infection :(  At least you'll be going home soon.  Won't they let you wake him to nurse since you're breastfeeding?  You could try some hand expression, but he'd do a better job :)  He's adorable.  


Ugh-baby is pushing hard against my pelvic area.  I don't know how he's not coming out, lol.  

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Quick update- still no baby or labor. Today despite taking the dog for an hour walk and sex and spending lots of time sitting on my birth ball, I had LESS contractions than yesterday. Didn't think of it, but yesterday I tried doing acupressure points in my hands. Maybe that increased my ctx yesterday? I'm having a few more this evening, but idk... Mostly I just have this super heavy feeling in my pelvic area, especially when I first stand up, and an achey lower back. I'm 41 weeks today and right now feeling like I will never go into labor! If I'm still pregnant Monday afternoon, than this will be my longest pregnancy. I'm just in this horrible waiting zone, I don't want to go on with regular life (especially to avoid people constantly asking me when my baby is coming), but I can't hide forever. How long can I go on doing nothing but wait for my baby to come?

I actually had someone stop by my house to see if I was in labor. Really people, if I was in labor I WOULD NOT WANT TO SEE YOU! And if I'd had my baby I would have sent out a message. Sigh... Isn't it hard enough to be 41 weeks pregnant without everyone hounding me?
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Vaquita, I hear you. People started asking two weeks ago about being still pregnant. It's annoying. Of course it probably doesn't help we gave no one a specific due date smile.gif I saw acupressure is usually a 48 hr thing, for the body to react? Maybe today for you-full moon smile.gif Might sound strange but is there anything holding you back, like fear or stress about labor, delivery, pp, holidays etc?
How long are you allowed to go to before switching to obgyn or don't you have to? We have to switch by 42 but the obg doesn't induce until 42+6 as long as everything looks ok.

Only 39+4 today. Getting a few very strong ctx but they aren't a min long or timeable yet.

Sila, hope you feel a little better today.
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Sunnie - Oh I'm so sorry your little one had to get all the pokes and meds. So glad to hear you both should be going home soon! I hope that enables him to help regulate your milk and relieve your breasts! Beautiful name! One of my favs :)


Hippy - Yes, the boiron stuff is AMAZING! Once I realized I was feeling "off" I took it right away. Between that every 6hrs and double doses of elderberry it lasted 24hrs exactly. I feel fine now thank goodness. DH and DS have been doing elderberry and extra herbs so hopefully they will be okay. Today I should feel good enough to get some more cleaning done and wipe up any germs that I may have left around.


Vaquitita - Really people?!?! I would have cried. Do your best to just surrender. Trust your body, trust your baby. Is there an acupuncturist you could go to to get "induced"? It can take 2-3 days to work but has totally been effective for a lot of my clients! I know how badly you want to meet this little one.


Full moon tonight! Come on babies!


AFM - Baby feels much lower. Maybe she will finally stay down there? It's nice to be able to breathe a little better and have the pressure off my ribs. She's still so wiggly! So much more wiggly than her brother was. 10 days until my "guess date".

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I don't think I have any worries about the upcoming birth. Maybe having 3 kids in the house while in labor? But if they bug me, we do have back up for them to leave. So I don't think that is hanging me up. This isn't even my longest pregnancy quite yet. Mentally I know I will probably go into labor very soon. I don't have to have lots of prodromal or early labor stuff before hand, labor could just start quickly. But I'm having to think/plan, if I'm still pregnant Monday morning I'd better schedule another prenatal appointment for Thursday. Then I think no way I want to still be pregnant on Thursday! And what happens if I don't go into labor by 42 weeks? Typically my midwife does deliveries between 37-42 weeks, how much past that is she willing to go? If I have to go see a doctor, who? I have not seen a back up doctor, idk that the ob I went to 3 years ago would be willing to see me at 42 weeks. I mean, who would? S do I just have to show up at the hospital and take whoever is there? That's dicey. Maybe I should try the acupressure points again today. I wish I'd kept it up yesterday. Trying to look on the bright side, maybe this extra time inside will give time for the blue cohosh to get out of our systems and my baby's irregular heartbeat will resolve before birth. Peace.gif

Sorry for the totally self centered posts, it's hard for me to think about anything else right now.
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He's here!!!
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Congrats Hippy! Sounds like the full moon worked for you ;)

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Congrats Hippy! I had a feeling!

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Enjoy hippy ! Oxytocin is one hell of a drug .....
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Vaq - tried a breast pump?
Tiffs- sounds like u definitely dropped .
We're home from hospital enjoying the family . He never did have an infection. First culture was contaminated . Oh well. We're home . Happy as hell . Now that he's here - the whole pregnancy seems like a blink . It's all worth it so hang in there everyone .
He's steadily helping the engorgement. I'm so in love !
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And thanks sila and hippy .
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Congrats to all the moms who have welcomed their babies so far!  I haven't been here in a few months, been super busy, still working, and really tired!


I am 40w1d today and have an appt. this afternoon for an ultrasound and non-stress test.  This pregnancy I've had issues that I didn't have last time... 2 bladder infections, gestational diabetes, and group b strep.  I am trying not to let it worry me, but I really want to have a natural birth and a healthy baby.


At the last appt. I had asked if they would retest for the group b strep since I had started taking my probiotics again after running out a few weeks before.  But she said no if it is positive at any time they automatically do IV antibiotic when I get to the hospital.

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Congrats Hippy!!   


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