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Congrats Hippy!

Sunnie- I do have a double electric breast pump somewhere, but I haven't tried that. I did however nurse my 3yo at bedtime for 3 nights in a row. The first night it gave me major ctx that stopped as soon as he did, the other two nights it gave me no noticeable increase in ctx.nthe pump wouldn't be as strong, on the other hand maybe I could do it longer that way. Course, I hate pumping. Haven't done it hardly at all since my first baby, when I was still working part time. The 'freedom' of having someone else feed the baby was never worth pumping to me.
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vaq-When my little girl was past due and I was at my wits end with that pregnancy I pumped about an ounce from each breast, contractions started that nite and I had her the next day. Just thought maybe it's something you could try cause I'm hearing ya .
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Don't get much free time or hands, but just wanted to pop in really quick. Congrats Hippy and Sunnie! 

Vaquitita, sending positive thoughts your way--wishing you the labor and delivery that you want, and a healthy baby. 

Still adjusting here to life with two kids--it is challenging, but magical. Wasn't planning on co-sleeping, but so far it is the only way Sabella will sleep, and therefore the only way that I can sleep, so co-sleeping it is! She eats non-stop, so I haven't really figured out how to get anything else done...things are definitely piling up around here. After all I'd heard about women being so energetic and productive after natural childbirth, I guess I had high expectations of how I'd feel postpartum...I still start bleeding extra if I walk around for more than 15 minutes or so, and am still quite sore! Despite feeling guilty about not doing anything around the house, I am pretty happy anyway just to gaze at her all day--she makes me so melty! Milk is plentiful...I do need to go back to work part-time in January though, so wondering when to start pumping...??? Never did that with ds. 

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Congrats Sunnie and Hippy! I sat and watched the full moon hopefully, but nothing here. :)


I am enjoying being of work. I did all my laundry yesterday, including all the bedding. Today I am going to sit and fold it all while I watch movies. I also rotated my mattress and had my husband vacuum it off. 


My due date is in five days! I still feel pretty good, so I am trying not to be impatient. I know it could still be a week or more. But I want to meet my baby! For now I am focusing on making sure everything is ready for his coming, and making sure I am rested.


Sunkist - Don't feel guilty! Enjoy your baby and take care of yourself and you family. Housekeeping can wait. P.S Sabella is a beautiful name. I've never heard it before. 

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Tiffa - We did that to our bed/mattress on Sunday :)


My "due date" is a week away. Saw the midwife today and we both think I've probably got 2 more weeks to go. Who wants to hang out with me until December!!!??? Everything looks great. Baby is engaged and her head is very low (but it has been for a while). My weight is finally creeping up. This baby can stay in and get a little chubbier :) I'm finally mentally feeling ready to have a newborn, but my body feels no where near ready so I'll just be hanging out here for a bit...

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We'll be here sila with you.
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I might still be with you Sila... Not "due" for 1.5 wks so we will see. I usually go right on my EDD or within a day.


We blew up the pool yesterday and I picked up the last few things I needed (freezer bags for placenta, and a  thermometer) yesterday. Now I am trying new meals to put in the freezer. I already have a bunch in there but figure why not since I still have time. 

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I'm sure I'll be here, too, Sila. My MW put my due date at 11/30. I think 12/03 is more accurate.


Also curious, I just got back from an appointment and my GBS test came back positive. Anyone receive the abx for this during labor? It seems it shouldn't prevent me from attempting my (hopefully) natural birth, but I'm curious about others past experiences.

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Jess/Meks - We can be the cool still pregnant ones :)


Jess - I've had GBS+ clients have antibiotics and have no problem getting their natural birth at the hospital. Is this your first baby? I wouldn't go in right when labor starts or even if your water breaks like they tell you to. Wait until you are in full active labor. There should still be plenty of time for them to get a round of antibiotics or so in before the baby is born and hopefully they will be happy enough with that. This way you aren't getting the IV fluids for very long and can avoid the negatives of edema and swelling associated with IV fluids. If you have any other requests make sure they are known! Like if you don't want Pitocin after delivery. Often if you already have an IV they will just hang a bag of Pit and run it right after delivery because it's normal protocol. 

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Thanks, Sila. Yes, it is my first baby. My plan now is to labor at home as long as possible with husband and doula.  No one mentioned the possibility of Pitocin postpartum to me. Do they actually claim there's a reason for it in GBS+ or is it just a hospital employee with dollar signs in his eyes, hooking it up to every open IV ;) Definitely don't want that, thanks for the heads up.

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Originally Posted by jess2780 View Post

Thanks, Sila. Yes, it is my first baby. My plan now is to labor at home as long as possible with husband and doula.  No one mentioned the possibility of Pitocin postpartum to me. Do they actually claim there's a reason for it in GBS+ or is it just a hospital employee with dollar signs in his eyes, hooking it up to every open IV ;) Definitely don't want that, thanks for the heads up.

Oh good, I'm glad you have a doula! Pitocin after delivery is standard protocol in the hospitals in my area. Their reasoning is to facilitate delivery of the placenta, get your uterus to clamp down faster, and minimize bleeding. All things your body usually does just fine with out any help. Most nurses and Doctors don't understand why you DON'T want that. Just be clear that you don't want it and remind them right after the baby is out. 

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Okay. Pitocin isn't standard postpartum protocol around here. Just wasn't sure if there was some correlation between it and GBS. I'll have to talk to my midwife next week because the one thing I didn't think about was if they take water birth off the table in GBS+.

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I asked my mw what would happen if I was GBS+...whether that would affect water birth, and she said no.  So, theoretically that shouldn't matter for you, but that may depend on the hospital.  I've heard some women arrive too late to get the IV antibiotics on purpose; in fact a friend of mine did that.  She said she'd done her research, and the chance of the baby getting sick is really small...however, I don't know what I would do if I was GBS+ myself.  My mw said that it's only a small percentage of babies that get sick, but the ones that do ... get really sick.


I've had Pit after delivery, and it's not a big deal like for labor induction...not sure I have strong feelings about it one way or another.  Not even sure what they do in the hospital I'm going to deliver in.  

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Yeah. My sister arrived too late so that she wouldn't have to have antibiotics. The hospital usually makes you stay for 48 hours if you don't receive abx. I feel like I'm probably just going to opt for the penicillin. It seems like the side effects for that are as slim as the GBS side effects for baby, but I would hate if not doing something caused issues for the baby.
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Still pregnant here. I am 41w4d today. Tomorrow I have another appointment with my midwife. I'm hoping something has changed, I have had some painful twinges in the region of my cervix over the past two days and hoping something is going on. I'm hoping at least she'll be able to reach my cervix this week. If so, then I plan to have her sweep my membranes. I also have to ask her what happens when I reach 42 weeks, how long past that is she willing to go if baby is doing well? I'm worried about ending up in a hospital if I go too long. I am looking forward to hearing baby's heartbeat, really hoping that after a week of no blue cohosh that the irregularity will have gone away. Fingers crossed!

I tried some pumping this morning. I pumped for 15 minutes every hour for 4 hours. It didn't seem to do anything. Didn't seem to give me more ctx than I already had, or make them stronger. And it was pretty uncomfortable for my nipples, which have been real sensitive lately, so I gave up. In all that time I only got maybe a quarter of an ounce of milk, which surprised me because I've always been a prolific milk producer. Not worried about it though.

My mom reminded me today that her first baby was one week late, her second was two weeks late and her third was three weeks late! Thanks mom. Not that I have a pattern of that. Mine were 40w6d, 40w1d and 41w2d.

This has got to be the only time in your life when you are excited to have diarrhea. orngbiggrin.gif I'm having some this evening and it's making me hope labor will start soon! innocent.gif
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Vaquitita, have you tried going for a really long walk?  That put me in labor with #2, when I was a day away from induction (my OB for #2 would always induce at 41 weeks).  I went for a long walk in my Mom's condo building, up and down the stairs.  Driving home, I started having contractions.  I really need to start doing that here, but I can't find my camera that I want to take to the hospital, so I'm not in a super hurry yet.

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What about castor oil Vaquitita? Though I guess if you are having diarrhea on your own there really isn't a point in that. My midwife suggests that before pumping/nipple stimulation.  I'm sure your MW will strip your membranes? I'm sorry you are still waiting! I was hoping your babe had arrived since you were quiet today. My first was 41+3. I have a feeling this one will be "late" too but not quite that late. We will see.

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Lmk1- last weekend I took the dog and went for an hours' walk, but I haven't since then. Having three other kids makes it kind of hard to go for a long walk during the week. It's too dark by the time dh gets home. If I'm not in labor by the weekend then that is what I will have to spend Saturday doing. Walk, walk, walk. Though I don't have access to any stairs.

Sila- my midwife was willing to sweep my membranes last week (when I was 1 day short of 41 weeks), but couldn't reach my cervix. So I'm sure she will, if she can, tomorrow. I will ask her about the castor oil, though if I still have diarrhea there would be no point? Had sex tonight too, hoping to get things moving with oxytocin and I did get ctx for awhile, but they've died down now. With my last baby, who was also rather late, I don't remember having any prodromal labor at all. Just woke up with ctx in the middle of the night and quickly realized this was it, even though it was still hours before he was actually born. Every night when I go to bed I keep hoping that I'll be woken up by ctx. Been going to bed early most nights so as to be prepared for that. Not that I've been sleeping good. Finally went out and bought some skullcap tincture, which makes me quite sleepy, hopefully I will sleep good tonight. Well, I'd still rather go into labor, but if not, then a good nights sleep would be the next best thing.

Eta: having some ctx accompanied by sharp twinges in my cervix. Going to bed now, but really hoping something will happen tonight!
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Vaq, I hope something has or is happening for you!
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Well, I got the good nights sleep I was hoping for...
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