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Congrats Sila! 


Don't wait for me to start the thread. I kind of think I will be here until December. And I would love to read all of your birth stories, and newborn updates. It would be encouraging. 


At least I get to be at Thanksgiving dinner. I know at over 40 weeks pregnant most women would probably choose to just stay home. But Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, and I would have been sad to miss it. Anyways, I am bored and it will give me something to enjoy while I wait. I am going to make a peach pie tonight or in the morning, and I am very excited about it. :) I will just have to patiently explain to family that I am ready to let baby come when he pleases, and shun any questions or comments about why I haven't had the doctor check me. That's nobody's business. Not too concerned about it though.

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Hang in there tiffa - you'll find that you miss having your baby in your belly as as soon as they're gone . Enjoy it all! As soon as I get time to type I will start those threads if someone doesn't beat me to it.
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I know I miss having a warm little bump! Of course, I'd rather have my cutie outside here with us any day smile.gif But I still miss the bump!... I just don't miss the post-34-weeks discomfort wink1.gif
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Lucas Jonathan was born 11/26, weighing 9 lbs. 3+oz.

Baby and I are doing well. The birth did not go the way I wanted. 24 hours after my water broke I was still not in labor and baby and I were beginning to show signs of trouble. We made the decision to go to the hospital, our midwife accompanied us. I was given a low dose of pitocin to start labor, which worked, it was later turned off. After several hours I felt like I was in transition, a new doc came in to check me and said I was 6-7cm and baby was still high. This was very discouraging. Shortly after this I began feeling pushy. The nurse kept telling me not to push, my midwife told me to go ahead if I felt like it. The doctor came in and told me not to push and started talking c section. Without even checking me! My midwife asked her repeatedly to check me, she didn't want to because it was impossible! For me to be complete. My body was pushing uncontrollably by this time. I'm actually glad I was laying on my side I think, if I had been standing he would have come even faster. And it was very quick, hard to adjust to as it was. when she finally did the baby was crowning and coming fast. He did have his hand up by his head and got a little stuck when it was time for the shoulders (probably because of the arm being up), and his heart rate was dropping. So it ended with a classic tv scene of doctors yelling push! Push harder! Don't stop! Not the peaceful home water birth I wanted... His agar was 5 at birth, but was 9 at 5 minutes. He recovered quickly and is perfectly healthy. I ended up with one tiny tear on my cervix, but no stitches were needed.

This doctor I ended up with was horrible! My worst nightmare, rough painful cervix exams, loved reaching her hands up inside of me (she decided she needed to scoop the blood and clots out of the way so she could get a good look at my cervix to look for tears! I'm only amazed she didn't give me stitches just to be right about my pushing too soon), very active management of the third stage (cord traction! Can you believe it? I couldn't stop the pit they gave me, but I objected to that and she began rough uterus massaging instead) and then thought herself wonderful for being right about my losing too much blood. Which she may have been, but I think it was at the very least exaggerated by if not caused by her actions.
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I'm sorry it wasn't what you wanted but your baby is adorable !
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Aww, Vaq, I'm sorry that things went so jarringly different from what you had hoped for greensad.gif That is so distressing. I'm glad that it's over now. What a beautiful little boy smile.gif I'm so very glad that you did not require a c-section after all! I was so scared right before mine and I have been hoping and praying that none of you ladies here would have to go through that. Thank goodness your midwife was there to advocate for you. Cervical checks are absolutely no fun. Wishing you a quick recovery so that you and Baby L. can get home quickly and your family can start this new chapter smile.gif
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Oh Vaquitita I'm so sorry that it wasn't the experience you had hoped for. However, your little one is super adorable! I hope recovery goes quickly for you!


Tiffa - I 100% thought I would still be pregnant in Dec. Hang in there Momma! He will come when it is his time. God for you for refusing examinations too :)

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Aww Vaquitita he is perfetct! What an angel. I too am sorry that your birth didn't go the way you wanted it too. But it's wonderful that your body came through in the end and pushed your baby out! Also wonderful that you are both doing well. <3 I love his name too! 


Thanks Sila. We will see I guess. :p And thank you. So far I definitely don't regret the choice. I honestly don't understand why everyone thinks you need so many. Everyone kept saying "Oh, you're almost at the end. That's when you get all the fun appointments ;)." As if that's the only way for it to be. . . . Like the don't know that they are the ones who choose to do it or not. I have an OB who doesn't push it at all, so maybe that's it. 

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So I started having cramps before dinner today (yesterday), and noticed a couple hours later that they had a pattern. They have gradually gotten worse, and obviously I can't sleep through them. They are about 5-7 minutes apart. And I lost some bloody mucus the last two times I went pee.


My husband managed to get to sleep and I am glad. But I may have to wake him soon because I am starting to have a hard time coping with the pains. I am not really sure at what point I should go to the hospital, but it may be soon. Before he fell asleep he was very helpful and encouraging. He helps keep me calm. I admit I am not doing as well on my own as I had thought I would, and I am sure glad he is home with me. 


I sure hope I have a baby in my arms soon! <3

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Sounds like things are moving in an exciting direction Tiffa!!! 


Meks? - It's your EDD today/tomorrow?

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ooh. Good luck Tiffa! Hopefully you got to have some dinner before you got too uncomfortable. I feel like I still have some waiting time. I had a few cramps yesterday but there was no pattern and they didn't really last long. 

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Thank you everyone. When I posted before I was still at the hospital, I was able to be released early and went home Wednesday night. It was so stressful to me to be in the hospital. I had to jump through hoops to get here (chest X-ray for tb, ekg) but I am very glad to be home. I am exhausted. I lost 1.5 liters of blood and am now anemic, which is miserable. But beginning to feel better now that I am home and able to eat good food. I have gone through a few stages with my feelings about what happened. Anger, sadness, fear. Oops baby is waking, I will come back later.
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Vaquita, don't beat yourself up :( At 24 hrs they have to do something.,  It may help to talk things over with your mw?  Or even write a letter to the mw at the hospital expressing yoour feelings and concerns.  It may change how she  does things next time for another mom?  I'm sorry she was so rough.  Stay in bed and rest.  Do you have any floradix?


So who's moving into Dec?


afm-ok here. Trying to figure out drying wool in cooler weather.  Our little guy is just amazing.  I have some blues and never really had that with the others past a few days.  I think the anxiety I had during pregnancy carried over, I don't know.  It's not too bad but I cry at the oddest things. 

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I'll still be around for December. wave.gif

I had a few, mostly painless contractions yesterday and a bit of pressure from baby's head, but nothing else is going on yet. I'm hoping I don't last until next Friday when my doula will be out of town for a couple days. Her backup is great, but it'd still be nice to have her there.


Tiffa, sorry things didn't go as planned for you (sounds like that Dr. was a real jerk), but that is one adorable baby you've got there.

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Hippy - What did you do with your placenta? Sounds like eating it would be very beneficial to you...


Vaq - So glad you are home now. I hope you are beginning to feel better.


Jess - Things are moving in the right direction! I hope you get your doula as well :)


AFM - We are doing well. I'm feeling great. My mom leaves tomorrow morning and then it's just us. Breastfeeding is going very well. I cannot believe our little one will already be a week old tomorrow!

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Hooray for all the babies!! Huge congrats to Hippy, Sila and Meks smile.gif So sorry I've been absent from the chat since my little guy's birth. Between his champion nursing and trying to keep up with my 10 yo (who is an amazing help but also has lots of her own needs), I've not had much opportunity to be online. Much love to all of you. And wishing those waiting for their babies patience to make it through these last few days. Hugs to all!!
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Sparkle-same here :) could be my house.  I plan any trips out around baby as 1 he dislikes car and 2 he nurses pretty constant and I'd rather be home anyhow


Sila-I cut it up for smoothies.  Only made 7 days worth though.  I saved 4 days for when my inlaws get here as I know I'll be stressed out and thouht the smoothie  would be more beneficial then.  I'm sort of wishing I'd have had the caps made instead.  I think partly too, is trying to do a little housework and general meal making-dh did have to go back to work.  Been vegging out the past few days with kids watching movies to stay off my feet and relax more.


I'm with you gals.  It doesn't seem real our guy is here some days.  

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I started a new thread to make up for my lurking. I'd love to hear from everyone waiting on December babies.



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Congratulations to all the moms!  There are some cute babies here!  :)

Wow, Vaquitita, that is a rough time, I'm sorry the doctor was so horrid.  :(  Good job making it through.  And I agree with everyone else, very cute baby.  :)  Mine makes that face too. 

My baby is five weeks old today!  I suppose it's within the realm of possibility that I could still have been waiting for him - I would be 43 weeks today... oof, that would be crazy!  :)  I'm thinking of all you moms who just had your babies - you're in the tired zone now!  I spent a couple of weeks telling myself how glad I was that I'm not planning to have any more babies.  :)  But it gets easier once you recover from the birth exhaustion a bit!  I still haven't had more than three hours of sleep at a stretch since the baby was born (and usually he wakes up every hour and a half or so), but I feel pretty normal, somehow.  :)

I just finished reading The No-Cry Sleep Solution by Elizabeth Pantley - I think it's the best baby sleep book I've read.  (Maybe because it reminds me of stuff I did on my own with my older two boys.)  I recommend it when anyone gets to the stage of thinking about baby sleep - it's definitely more positive than other books I've read.  (Ferber and Hogg, I'm looking at you.)

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Congrats Sila, Meks, Hippy and Vaq! 

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