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Vaquitita, if you run out of stuff to clean you can always come do my house. smile.gif That must be nice to have that much energy to get so much done!!

Sunkist, the contractions I had a couple nights ago wrapped around into my back too.

And, went for an hour long walk last night. Thought maybe I'd wake up in labor. Nothing. Oh, well. I'm only 38 weeks today or not even 38 wks until Fri. Depending on who's date I go by.
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Idk if it was all the cleaning I did or just that baby has moved down (or the first one causing the second?) but my whole hips/pelvis region was super sore this evening. And now I'm awake at 4:30. So I may not get much done tomorrow after all. I'm not sure where the cleaning energy has come from. I've been staring at all this stuff I'd *like* to get done before the baby comes for weeks, even simple things like being caught up on the dishes, and not doing them. So idk how long this cleaning energy will last, tomorrow I may be on the couch with my knitting. I notice I didn't tackle the kitchen today, I procrastinated on that one again. With my friend coming over to help me Wednesday, at least I know some of the kitchen will get cleaned.

It's nice to feel like I accomplished something, after months of feeling like a lazy slug. Any chance that this unusual got-to-get-everything-clean-nesting thing I've got going on means baby will be here sooner? I don't remember ever having it quite like this in my previous pregnancies. I'm 39w2d, but not expecting to have my baby till the week after I hit 40w based on my previous pregnancies (40w5d, 40w1d, 41w2d). But of course I wouldn't mind holding my little one sooner!

Funny how your reaction/perspective changes in subsequent pregnancies. First pregnancy I thought about my baby all the time and felt totally bonded even before he was born. Second pregnancy was similar, but when my dd was born I just stared at her and kept thinking 'huh, she's different than ds1'. I had her at 10pm after 90 minutes of intense labor (following days of prodromal labor) and mostly just wanted to sleep. The next morning I felt similar, but at some point that morning I was staring at her and totally fell in love. My third pregnancy I was now super busy with two other kids, did not find out the sex of my baby, did not feel connected during pregnancy and worried a bit (also had lots of other worries that pregnancy related to health care and my first hospital birth) but I bonded with my second son the instant he was born. It just felt like, at that instant, I *knew* he was a boy and his name came easily. Now, fourth pregnancy, I am an even busier homeschooling mom. Again very little connection to baby during pregnancy, but this time not worried about it. Though I am worrying about picking his name, I kind of like the name my dh and kids want, but I'm kind of meh about it. And they are indifferent to the names I want. I'm not disconnected from being pregnant or a mom, just more of a this pot is simmering I'll get to know it better later kind of feeling. I know how much personality is going to be bursting out over the next few years, so a few kicks right now aren't that exciting. I guess its a btdt kind of thing? Not that I feel that way about actually having the baby... Ok, I better shut up, I am making myself sound like a horrible mother! innocent.gif
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Sunkist-hope that baby moves.  Try child pose and pelivc tilts when having back pain, it might help swing babe forward too.  It helped me.  


Vaquita-don't get too tired-that's when labor will start!  

  You're not a horrible mom.  I was off/on attached during pregnancy-all of them, especially this one.  With ds1 I was scared of doing something wrong and tried to do what we were "supposed" to do and it sort of delayed bonding, because I was fighting myself.  Ds2, busy w/ ds1, but we bonded quicker.  This time, who knows.  I think it's common during pregnancy, and even after, you're so tired and so many hormones going through you.

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100%-sounds like my due dates :)  I have a 5 day difference between lmp & latest o that ff gave me.  If I change it to the earliest, it's a 3 day difference.  So I guess this week I could be 39wks on Fri. 

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Thanks for the vit K articles Hippy. I am still trying to decide on that. I will probably just make up my mind at the time. I went to my hospitals "smart start" class last night and got all  my paperwork done, which kind of feels nice. I was all excited looking at the forms for a birth certificate and ssn. Can't fill those ones yet because I don't know his b-day, weight, and not sure on name! 

I opted out of Hep B vaccine. And it's stated on there that I do not want circumcision. Makes me feel good. 

I got a car seat for $30 too. I ended up getting a convertible. I might trade my sis-in-law who's son just outgrew his infant seat. Any thoughts about putting a newborn in a big convertible seat?


I keep waiting for that amazing nesting energy. Still nothing! Haha. I haven't felt as sluggish as before, but I am still definitely not into cleaning. It's been a busy week for me too. 


Since finding out we were having a boy, I have felt pretty bonded to my little one. I talk to him all the time, and feel like a crazy person. :D

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Originally Posted by Tiffa View Post

I got a car seat for $30 too. I ended up getting a convertible. I might trade my sis-in-law who's son just outgrew his infant seat. Any thoughts about putting a newborn in a big convertible seat?

We got a convertible for our first baby to save money, she was in it until about 20months but she grew FAST. The only problem we ran into was that it's not really suited for a newborn even though it says it is, so we ended up getting a seat cushion to keep her head from tipping all over the place and make her more comfortable. You can get one from Britax that has been crash tested and skip all the warnings about how you can't have any cushions or pillows in a seat. If my babies didn't grow so damn fast and we weren't continuously poor, I would probably actually get an infant seat for the convenience factor when they're real tiny. It is a pain in the butt crawling ni and out the back seat while holding a newborn.

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Tiffa, I like the infant seat. We have COLD winters and with the seat I don't have to climb in to take the baby out for every little stop. I just grab the seat with baby still bundled and most of the time sleeping and go.

Vaq. I don't feel bonded to this baby. I know it'll come after the birth. I just LOVE cuddling newborns. My poor other kids will probably get neglected. greensad.gif I should make a library trip to get books to read to the kids while I'm nursing.
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I am in L&D =) My water broke this morning; not much dilation but we have little choice after having broken water. So excited!!!
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How exciting, the babies are starting to come! Everyone post pictures ASAP! We want to see those sweet babies!

I was talking to dh and he says I've always done lots of cleaning and decluttering, but it's usually more spread out, not all in the last week. Which makes sense. I've just been so busy with homeschooling I haven't had the time or energy to do it till this week.
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Is anyone else having a hard time sleeping?  It's gotten cold and dry here, and my nose is stuffed up at night.  The heartburn isn't helping either...I know it all seems minor, but once I'm awake - that's it, I can't sleep anymore.  

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5 am and been up since before 4 when I needed the bathroom. greensad.gif Then I'm tired all day.
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My baby boy arrived yesterday afternoon just before 4:30pm aftet a fast and furious. labor (I went from 3-fully in minutes, he was out in 5 ctxs after that). Not much actually went as planned but we're both well and he's nursing like a champ!
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Sparkle-yay!!! I was thinking of you and if baby had come. Sounds like my lanors smile.gif

Electric, hope you're well and baby here, and you didn't have any hospital bullying.

Tiffa-Hiya smile.gif We have a convertable this time, since the kids grew out if the infant seat after 2-3 months, and we never took it out of the car so for us it didn't make sense to spend extra money. If you can switch with your sis, don't see the harm, they do fit better in the infant seat. I used the head pillow thing, I didn't know you weren't supposed to. This time I'll use rolled up baby blankets to get a better fit around the head I think.

I don't sleep well. Up at 4-5 for the bladder and can't get back to sleep after.

Afm-baby is moving a lot this morning! I think he unengaged maybe, or he's found a way to wiggle around/stretch. Will see what mw says later. More ctx today though, but not frequent. My momma cloth should be here today and I can get to work on making more inserts. Kids watched clips of Business of being Born the other day, they weren't freaked out at all. They still prefer a water birth, but at least got to see there's not a ton of blood and gore. I told them it was like a big bowel movement that was stuck then wasn't smile.gif Got them to understand the feeling at least. They are super excited and keep asking if the can hold baby right away, like we might change our minds. They even packed a baby toy with their stuff to show baby and plan on asking dh to get Birthday balloons the day he's born smile.gif
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Congrats Sparkle! Your body was so ready! I knew he would just fly out when it was time :)

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Congrats Sparkle!


lmk1 - I'm also having a harder time sleeping. Congested from the dry air. Humidifier is helping a little bit. My joints all get pretty sore by the morning, too. Especially my knuckles and fingers.


A coworkers girlfriend just went into labor almost 2 weeks early which made me realize that if I went that early, I'd be having a baby next week and I am far from prepped.:W

I need to get into high gear.

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Aww yay congrats Sparkle! Glad to hear also that breastfeeding is off to a good start--hope you are getting the rest and support that you need. And that is exciting news Electrical, hope everything went or is going well! Two other moms I know in my community (not on here) just gave birth too! One of them was actually due two days after me. Saw pictures of her with her 8lb 5oz healthy baby boy, (considering the many complications she had this pregnancy, she had a pretty easy and fast labor and that baby is as perfect as can be!) and it just made everything feel so much more real...like maybe I really won't be pregnant forever, which is how I feel lately! (Though I'm not even due till the 15th)


Going to see my chiro again today...hopefully it will help with the on and off back pain some. I don't have much hope of her flipping to anterior, since I've been doing pelvic tilts every day this pregnancy and she has stayed posterior...but I am now adding the inversion on spinning babies too, so we'll see. I have an anterior placenta and my doula says that babies like to face their placenta. In the ultrasound it looks like it is a nice pillow...it is probably comforting for her. So I can't be too miffed if she wants to continue cuddling her placenta while I endure prodromal labor and back pain lol. I know there is a lot of controversy in the natural community surrounding the safety of ultrasounds, but I do have to say that seeing her smile in utero was one of my favorite things this pregnancy, and whenever things feel rough I think about her smile and my stress level drops so much. 


Hippy, 100%Mom, lmkl--yeah, sleep is becoming more and more difficult. She has dropped low enough so that heartburn isn't too much of an issue anymore, but yesterday I was struck by one long period cramp type-pain (didn't squeeze like a contraction) at 4am and had trouble falling asleep again after that. Plus I get too hot then too cold then too hot, and of course the never-ending trips to the bathroom. I guess I make up for it by napping when I get the chance during the day. 

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Yeah sparkle !!!!!
That is fast and furious . Enjoy that baby !!!!!
Thinking of you electric ....
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Originally Posted by sunkistmoth View Post
...maybe I'm having prodromal nesting too lol. 


ooooh That could explain my almost total lack of real nesting.  I like it!


I'm starting my maternity leave on Monday whether the baby's here or not (I'll be 39+2).  I can't sit in this stupid chair any more without going insane.  I juuuust have to finish this week.  I can do it.

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Originally Posted by SparkleMaman View Post

My baby boy arrived yesterday afternoon just before 4:30pm aftet a fast and furious. labor (I went from 3-fully in minutes, he was out in 5 ctxs after that). Not much actually went as planned but we're both well and he's nursing like a champ!

 :joy Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!  Way to go, mama!

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Jess-might want to gather some things :)


Ultra-yay for maternity leave.  Perhaps baby will come then.


Appt went well.  Baby is at 0, was higher last week.  She didn't think he'd move up out of engagement at this point.  Said to drink oj and it's okay to push on him to get movement if it's been awhile.  I asked her to do a ph test-no amniotic fluid, just other stuff I guess causing damp undies.  Shrug.  I brought up that I'm not relaxed around the other mw, and since I was seeing two mw's today, they both said to just request them when I went into labor :)  Yay!  I'm thinking next week, going by the other births, or sooner.  Going to sit on my birth ball as much as possible.  

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