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Congrats Sparkle! I have been wondering when your baby would show up. :) And good luck Electric! I hope everything has gone well for you!


I have actually been sleeping pretty well. I go to bed around 10:30 or eleven, and sometimes don't even get up to pee! I still get some back pain, but have been trying to use a pillow for more support. No it isn't back labor. It's all up high, and gets worse with bad posture. As for dry weather, we always have that so I am used to it. I sleep with a fan on too, to circulate the air and create background noise. And my heartburn has settled down a bit.. 


I decided to keep my convertible car seat. I had my husband install it today. It's pretty bulky. We won't be able to recline our seats as long as it's rear-facing. It will probably kind of be a pain sometimes, but I am always broke, and this way when he gets bigger I won't have to go buy a new one. I want to try and get used to using a sling, and now I will have to. I think with the little bucket seats it would be pretty tempting to just keep him in there all the time, which I know is not healthy, and can be dangerous. And heavy. I'll make sure I warm the car up before putting him in it, and I'll use receiving blankets for propping his head up, or see if the manufacturer makes something for that.  

It kind of makes me happy looking in the back seat and seeing it there. :D

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Anterior placenta is in the front? Fir some reason I was thinking that meant it was in the back. Because baby being anterior is they face the back, that's probably why. But it refers to which way the baby's back is. I was told I have an anterior placenta at my us, which makes sense because I have very little feeling of my baby moving. I can feel it with my hand, but not my belly iykwim.

Car seat- if you get an infant car seat that goes up to 30lbs then you can use it a lot longer. My big babies outgrow the typical 20lb weight limit ones quickly, but they slow down a lot after the first 6 months. My last baby was 18lbs at 3 months, but went on to use that same infant car seat till almost 2yo. His weight was still under 30lbs then, but I was switching him to front facing. I don't like my kids being in those plastic buckets, unless driving they are not in there. But that said, some babies wake if taken out and put in a sling, my last baby was this way. With my other two I would take baby out when they were sleeping when I was running errands, but with him that disturbed his sleeping -not good. So I did leave him in the seat when napping and shopping. Also by third baby I did really appreciate having a place to set him when we were in a restaurant. If he was sleeping or merely I wanted two hands to eat, even just 10 minutes for me to be able to eat when my food was hot was so great. He would be in arms before and after that. It is also nice being able to put a young baby in a warm car seat in the winter. Just my 2cents.

Sleep- I'm not sleeping great either. I'm too hot, too cold, too hot, too cold. My hips ache when I lay on one side too long, so I wake up a lot to roll over. And rolling over is work, so I have to wake up enough to be able to do it. And then of course I wake up at 4-5 am to pee and often don't go back to sleep. Then I am so tired all day. No napping here though. With 3 kids that's tough anyway, but mostly I just have so much I'm trying to get done before baby comes.

Cleaning my kitchen today. If my friend wasn't here I'd have given up long ago. But she's still at it. She is a treasure!

Woohoo, my kitchen is SO clean. The stove and the hood scrubbed, the cupboards and oven and dishwasher all wiped down, the fridge completely washed inside and out, window and sliding door washed (even the track is spotless!), floor scrubbed (wow, I only now realize how dirty the floor was. Yuck! The last of the scotch tape got cleaned off the floor too, yay!), walls wiped down. It's amazingly clean. We were in there cleaning for 7 hours. Though I pooped out after 5, after that it was mostly her. I did putter around some after that, putting stuff away. But also did a lot of sitting. My 6yo dd was a real great helper today too, I couldn't believe it, she kept at it for 6 hours only stopping for lunch and a snack. Actually only quit when my friend started scrubbing the floor and she couldn't help. I can't thank my friend enough.
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Anyone feeling baby drop?

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Oh my gosh... After 36 hours of labor... Our baby girl is here. It is so surreal.

I walked in with the hopes of doing a natural labor, but with an open mind in case there was an emergency.

My water broke Tuesday morning along with losing my mucus plug. Went to the hospital and was admitted. My OB had just gone home after a long shift—he and I had talked at 5am. Had a great midwife on staff. Admitted 11am Tuesday—contractions were string but I was 90% effaced, no dilation. Because I had ruptured membranes, I knew time was of the essence. I let labor carry on naturally... Made it to 3cm in four hours (no progress in effacement, lost a ton of amniotic fluid). My husband was perfect. I strived to remain cheerful. We made it fun.

On Tuesday afternoon, there was very little progress. At 1am Wednesday morning, I had made it to 5/6cm. I was in so much pain. I was delirious and starting to hallucinate. I had done self-hypnosis and "flowed" through contractions all day long. I knew I had been up almost 24 hours straight and needed strength.

I went for an epidural at 1:30am and finally got some rest. It wasn't in my plan, but I knew I needed strength for when it came time to push.

I was a little frustrated with myself at first, but after catching some sleep I felt I made the right decision for our little girl. Her heart rate remained stable. It was hard to not be able to walk, but seeing her stability was worth it. There was still dull pain, but only during transition. (Imagine getting a paper cut instead of your hand getting chopped off!)

We let labor continue. She made it to 8cm by 9am. We finally made it to 10cm around 2pm. She was only at +1 station! We decided to push around 4. I pushed on my side and with a squat bar on the edge of the bed, with my legs spread. Pushing felt so good. I was so encouraged!

She only made it to 0 station after 2 hours. It turned out that my pelvis was too narrow to let her out. We could see a peek of her head trying to bust through and everything! (I had a low dosage of the epidural medication so that I could control my knees and be somewhat mobile in bed, and so I could push.)

There was only one thing we could do to get our poor baby out: a c-section.

I cried and cried and cried. Almost 36 hours of hard, intense labor and I felt like I was a failure. I could not believe it.

But I had to keep positive—this was going to get our daughter out. And her heart rate was still so good. She had worked so hard to try to align herself with my pelvis. We could see the top of her little head and everything! It occurred to me that everything I went through was one thing, but what she went through was another thing... She had hung in there, working hard to put her poor little head in position. I knew I had to step up and do the c-section, as this was turning out to not only be a physical impossibility for the two of us, but also the risk of infection after ruptured membranes could have hurt both her and I.

I did it. I cried in the hallway, but when we got into the operating room I knew that she would be here soon.

And she came. She was beautiful. And she is next to me now. The experience was not at all what I had envisioned, but my body wasn't going to let it happen the way I had wanted. But she is here. I'd do it all over again for her. Her head is a little sore from all the work she did trying to twist out of that pelvis.

And the most interesting part? She weighs 5 lb, 15 oz, at 38 weeks and 3 days. I can't believe my pelvis was too narrow! We pushed and made no progress at all.

Anyway... That's what happened. My mom loves natural birth and she was so sweet about it. Everyone has been so kind. It completely crushed me that, in the end, my body did not allow me to have the experience I wanted... But in the end I had to do what would get this sweet girl out.

I can't believe I went from 1 to 10 in that time. It was an experience in of itself... But reflecting on it now, I feel like I can do anything. I went 1-6 before the effects of 24-hour-awake exhaustion threatened to hurt my chances of having any strength to bring her into the world safely.

I am rooting for you ladies who are going natural! You are rockstars. It's powerful!

I was devastated but now I see that this is just one of those things. I will not let it mar or cover the fact that my husband and I just greeted this sweet girl. Life throws us curveballs and we get to figure out how we are going to catch them.

Anyway, long post, but I am so appreciative if you mamas who have opened your hearts, minds, and experiences on this forum. You helped make my pregnancy a very positive experience!!!
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Congrats on your baby girl still wait for my girl to get here after my water breaking at 10 pm on the 6th
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Thank you =)

You got this =) You're going to do a great job!!!
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Electrical and sparkle, congratulations!!
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Hey electric - all that matters is you are next to her and you are both ok. Enjoy !!!!!!!
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Congratulations on your baby girl Electric! Thank you for sharing your birth story with us!

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Sleep- I'm not sleeping great either. I'm too hot, too cold, too hot, too cold. My hips ache when I lay on one side too long, so I wake up a lot to roll over. And rolling over is work, so I have to wake up enough to be able to do it.


Holey cow this is my night to a T.  Every.dang.night.

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Electric, in this case I think the end definitely justifies the means!  You did your absolute best and have a little sweetie pie to show for it!  Can't wait for pictures!!

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Congrats on your healthy baby Electrical! Your birth story made me tear up a bit--thanks so much for sharing your experience! Very powerful stuff. I admire your courage, fortitude, and outlook. Sorry that it didn't all go as planned, but it sounds like you made the most of a challenging situation. Go Mama! 

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Congrats to Sparkle and Electric! Thrilled that you are holding your sweet babies.
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CONGRATS Sparkle and Electrical!!!!!!

SO happy for you both!!!!!
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Congratulation, Sparkle & Electric!

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joy.gif CONGRATULATIONS!!! Sparkle and Electric! joy.gif

My EDD is Saturday... Every night I go to bed hoping this will be *the* night. Can't wait to hold my sweet baby. I am so excited, it almost feels like my first. The days (or hours!) till I hold my baby are counting down! Tomorrow morning I have an appointment with my midwife, hoping this will be my last prenatal visit...
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So must have been hit by the nesting urge for an hour or so today. Set up the changing table and swing finally where I want them. They were just in the wrong spots and I bought new baskets for the changing table
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CONGRATS to SPARKLE AND ELECTRIC!! YAY for being able to hold your babes! :joy

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AFM I have 36wk (36+6) home visit today.  Everything is going according to plan and I will be 37 wks tmro! SO I get to have my HB for sure (as long as I go by 42 wks which I know I will. 

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Meks - I've been wondering if any other end of the month mommas were going to check in ;) Because nothing is really going on with me yet and I feel like one of the only ones!


37+2 and I can officially have my HB at any time. Though I expect it not to be for a quite a while still. Call me crazy but I still want her to stay in until Dec. 


We had sex last night and I'm still feeling crampy ugh...

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